Meri Durga 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay apologizes to Durga

Meri Durga 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga getting angry. Sanjay apologizes to her and smiles. She thinks what does he want. He shows the crackers lighting the sky. She sees I am sorry Durga written. He holds her ears. Yashpal and Annapurna wake up by the sound. Yashpal asks did Diwali come, who is lighting crackers at night. Sanjay shows more crackers to Durga. Durga asks him to go. She signs no, wait. She says if he really burns crackers, everyone will get awake. She signs him to wait. He thinks I will convince you. She comes to him and asks what is it. He asks did you forgive. She says in your dreams.

He says I did all this, I need your forgiveness, I said sorry. He holds her close when cracker blasts. They hug. Main tenu samjhawan ki….plays…. They have an eyelock. Amrita calls out Durga and looks for her. Durga says I have to go. Sanjay says okay, you go now, but I will take my forgiveness tomorrow, I promise. She goes. Aarti looks on and thinks not done, SP and Durga are getting close and Rana Sir is missing.

Its morning, Rajveer recalls Durga and screams. Doctor gives him injection. He says he lost his memory by his head injury, he just remembers some incidents, he has temporary memory loss, let him rest now. Durga and Yashpal worry for Rajveer.

Aarti meets someone. The man says he has busy schedule, but got time for you. She meets someone and says I need your help, that girl came back, I want you to make that girl away from SP’s life, I know only you can help me. Durga does workout. She gets a toy plane and thinks its SP. Umang comes and says Amrita gave the plane. He goes. She says I won’t waste time thinking of him.

Durga comes to college and sees big medal. She reads Durga is a champion on it and asks SP what is all this. Sanjay comes as Charlie Chaplin. He sings Main koi aisa geet gaun…. and tries to make her smile. She goes to Sam. Sam holds her. Durga signs what and gets away. Sam signs its not me. Sanjay comes there. He dances around her. He steps on a pot. They both fall down. They have an eyelock. She gets up. He asks her to help him. His foot gets stuck inside a pot. She smiles. He walks with the pot on. She asks someone to help him.

Teacher comes and asks Sanjay how did this happen. Sanjay says its because of this Durga, the champion, I was going to gift her, she made me fall. Teacher says that’s so cute, Durga he is trying so much, this is not fair, come on help him. Sanjay holds Durga, while everyone try to remove the pot from his foot. Sanjay falls over Durga. Everyone laughs. Teacher asks everyone to leave, this is stuck badly, we have to cut this. She asks Durga to take Sanjay to welder and ask him to cut the pot by any tool. Sanjay thanks teacher. Durga takes Sanjay to welder and says cut this pot. She asks Sanjay to end this soon. Sanjay gets scared and holds her hand. He asks the man to stop. The man asks him not to move. Sanjay says I have two legs, I can’t afford to lose a leg. Sanjay holds Durga close. They have an eyelock.

Sanjay says you always break Matki, I challenge you. Durga asks him to stop breaking. Sanjay says you have to forgive me. Rajveer sees aarti diya and recalls something.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow.what a nice episode was today.awesone episode.sp was so quiet and sweet.Kya style tha durga ko manane ka pehle uske ghar ke neeche then charlie chaplin at college so romantic and please durga tum aab maaf kardo aab usse ho rha galti ka ehsaas aur kitni koshish kar rha hai tujhe manane ki please forgive him aur sp ko jaldi pata chal jaae sach ka

    1. Oh plz remember without knowing the truth a person who insults other should not get forgiven soon.its the matter of time she will forgive him.but fir now she has to take time

    2. Chill out ?‍♂️?

  2. Aarti32

    I’m living Durga’s dressing style..she looked gorgeous in dat skirt!!
    D episode was quite fun..n d last part was too funny??
    D teacher was overacting.. Durga darling!!

  3. I hope he see arti face while recalling the incident n thank god so believes Durga now

  4. Agree with #Zeah. Durga shouldn’t forgive SP so soon. SP called her cheater. But what about him?? Five years before he locked her so that she can’t run. Even now to make her out of college he did cheating.

  5. #Aarti32…. she called her Durga darling since childhood. And she had a huge crush on Rana Sir.

    1. Aarti32

      Ohh..dis teacher is gone case ?

  6. Mithila Farzana

    Loved the epi and sp was cute..srishti was looking pretty in that skirt..durga should not forgive him so soon..

  7. I believe forgiveness is for one’s own good. She should forgive him but not accept to be his friend so soon. He should earn her trust and work harder for the friendship.

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