Meri Durga 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay shocks Yashpal

Meri Durga 13th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay talking to Aarti’s dad and telling him that he will vacate Yashpal’s plot. Durga prepares milk with badam and ghee. Gayatri stops her from drinking the milk and asks her to be on salad and water. Durga says I have been on that diet for one day, let me have this now. Gayatri says you can have food once you make bhog, you have one hour to do this. Durga thanks her to give this responsibility to her. Gayatri goes. Durga doesn’t find any kirana and thinks Gayatri has done this intentionally. She goes to her room.

Sanjay throws the brick and breaks a water pot. He comes inside the house and tells Yashpal that he got a gift for him, its same brick which he has given him, but today he will need this to make a new house. Yashpal asks what nonsense, are you drunk. Sanjay says no, you may need to drink to digest this truth, you gave me a brick, and I will take each brick of your house. He shows the plan passed by zilla parishad, a river will pass this area, your plot will be taken for this plan, its a sad thing, just vacate this house, I will fix a tent for you on any road. Yashpal asks what nonsense, did you go mad.

Sanjay says no, maybe you will go mad, I will read it, you all won’t know english. Durga finds grains in her dupatta. She smells and checks if its fine. She says dada’s blessing, this rice was given to me in kanyadaan, it will help me in making bhog. She smiles and goes. Anjana looks on. Yashpal raises hand on Sanjay. Annapurna stops him and says Sanjay is our son in law. Yashpal asks what shall I do then. He scolds Sanjay.

He says I don’t believe all these papers. He burns the papers. He asks Sanjay to do anything he wants. Durga starts cooking halwa by the rice. Anjana hides and looks on. Durga checks the gas. She says gas got over. She worries seeing the time. Yashpal asks Sanjay what will he do. Sanjay says the project got permission, no one can stop this now. Yashpal asks him to do anything. Annapurna asks Sanjay how can he be so stone hearted. She requests him to forget the fights. Sanjay asks what shall I forget, I can’t forget what he did with my family, he will get punished, just two days, you have to vacate this house, else bulldozer will run on it anyway. They all get shocked.

Pandit asks Gayatri to get bhog. Anjana acts and stops Durga. Durga helps him. The govt officers come and check the house. They ask Yashpal to vacate the house, they will be starting the work soon. Yashpal gets angry on them. Annapurna gets pushed away and falls. Anjana asks Durga why did you get me here. Durga says Gayatri will take care of you. Pandit says time is passing. Gayatri says you have 15 mins, I hope you have made the halwa. Durga says yes. She thinks how to make halwa without gas. She sees Lord idol. She goes to pray and get help to make bhog. She says show me some way….

yashpal says I feel something terrible is going to happen. Sanjay writes parents… He says I have shot an arrow at your parents, bulldozer will run over your house. Durga gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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