meri duniya tu hi re — Rikara SS (shot 1)

note: all you need to know is that all couples are on good terms with one another. shivika has a 14 months old daughter called shivanya a.k.a anya. rudy is with somu.

it is kinda similar to the pari track but with a twist. also the pari track never happened here.

living room:
dadi was flicking through some photo albums with the entire family (expect gauri), anya on her laps.

anya: dadi, yeh kaun hai?

dadi: that is my little anya.

anya: me? arre mera teeth kaha hai?!

dadi: you didn’t have any then.

anya: really?

dadi: haan.

anika: accha guys, have anyone seen where gauri is?

om: last i checked, she was taking a shower.

anika: for that long?

om: do you want me to check again?

anika: yeah. family time is nothing without her.

om: ok i’ll check then.

om stood up and went upstairs.

rikara’s room:

gauri was on the bed along with a wooden chest. she took some teddies out of there and smiled seeing them. tears stung her tears as she kept the teddies aside and took some baby clothes out. they were baby pink with little bunnies and butterflies on them. she kissed them. the tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face. she felt the muscles of her chin tremble like a small child.

gauri: i could write a million letters, each one the same as the last in sentiment and cadence. they stay the same, only the word arrangement changes. it boils down to one thing, i miss you. you should be here. ultimately, no one knows if that is selfish or not and even if it is, to hell with the rest of the world and their opinions. you should be here. i miss you baby girl. i miss you meri jaan. i can’t believe…ki…ki i never got to see you.

om came to the door and saw gauri crying. he then saw her holding the baby clothes and ran to her, hugging her tight. she sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his jacket. he held her in silence, rocking him slowly as her tears soaked his chest. a tiny lapse let her pull away, blinking lashes heavy with tears.

om: shh! shh! put them away ok? even i miss her too. i wish i could have seen her once.

gauri: me too. i wasn’t with everyone else kyunki…kyunki most of anya’s pictures were during my pregnancy.

she cried again, om wiped her tears, holding back his own. he kissed her forehead and tried to get the baby clothes from gauri but her grip was too strong.

om: you need to let you gauri. we can plan for another child, you know that right? the doctors said that you can get pregnant again.

gauri: i carried her….i carried her for seven months and the result? my heart…my heart is missing an integral piece, a part that keeps it from working correctly. how can i let go? i know that she is alive. she has to be alive! i heard her cry! I HEARD HER CRY MR OMKARA SINGH OBEROI!

she grabbed his jacket tight, anger and grief so visible on her face and in her eyes.

om: shh..

he stroked her hair, calming her down and made her lie down. she slowly managed to sleep and om took the clothes from her and packed it along with the teddies in the chest and kept the chest on the top shelf in their cupboard.

their baby daughter…they were so excited for the arrival of their little princess. they created a little room for her, surrounded by teddies and it was painted pastel pink decorated with white bunnies. they brought so many baby clothes for her and every night, when gauri was pregnant, om would take time to talk to his little princess in gauri’s womb about the rules of boys. gauri was early for the delivery. it has been 6 months since that fateful day when the baby died as soon as gauri gave birth to it. they were not even allowed to see their baby’s dead body. ever since that day, gauri constantly blames herself for the baby’s death when it was never her fault, and to rub salt into her wounds tej and pinky would mention the dead baby one too many times in front of gauri. om was deeply upset with the loss of their symbol of love, but he promised himself that he wouldn’t break down in front of gauri. he had to keep strong in front of her because her mental health was deeply affected. there had been times when she attempted to commit suicide, but luckily om or anika saved her from it. gauri had turn into a lifeless soul. she doesn’t even watch salman khan anymore. it takes hours to make her eat one bite. they tried to get a therapist for her but that backfired. now om was taking care of his wife with some help from his family.

he looked at his wife sleeping and wiped his tears rolling from his eyes.

om: how long do i have to stay strong? i really want to break down and cry but…but i can’t. i have to stay strong for my princess and gauri at least.

he sat on the chair, got a sketchbook out and a pencil, starting to sketch something out as he kept an eye on gauri. just then anika came up and said: om, what happened? you looked more stressed than before.

om: it’s gauri’s health bhabhi. i am really scared for her. gauri….she is in so much pain. her eyes have frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth. she’s in there, i know it, but it’s like she just took a huge step back from life. i want to reach in and tell her it isn’t hopeless, but she won’t believe me. i want to rekindle her heat but her insides are too damp with uncried tears. i always knew she had pain inside, but now its visible on her face and I wish it would go away. i know that’s a selfish want, people have a right to their pain, they don’t ask for it – it just arrives like the gift you never wanted.

he hugged anika crying and anika said: i know how much you want her to heal. i also know that you are breaking down inside but you are keeping strong for gauri at least. just remember one thing om, w hen the darkness overpowers you, hold on to the last of the light and know that when it is gone you held on. you can survive in the dark. when you burn, rise from the ashes;  then you have done what no one else will and through the pain you can stand up when others stay down.

om didn’t say anything, just hugged anika since he was so upset. anika was too upset for her little sister. she was madly affected by the tragedy. anika knew that it would affect her the most since she was the one who carried the baby, but she never thought it would affect her so much that it would come to self harm. she, like the others, were hoping for a miracle.

what she didn’t know, a miracle was about to happen.

the next day:

the doorbell rang, the obros, somu and anika went to get the door only to find no one till rudy looked down and said: hey guys, there is a basket with a….a baby?!

everyone else: what?!

somu: what new nonsense are you on about? you watch too many movies.

rudy: no i am serious look down.

shivay: guys let’s just look down and prove him wrong.

somu: good idea.

they all looked down and were shocked. a basket tied with a pink ribbon and in there, was a pink blanket and on that pink blanket was the most cutest thing you have ever seen in your life:

she wasn’t wearing anything but a nappy and was putting her fingers in her mouth as she cluelessly looked around.

everyone: awww.

omru bent down, om picked the baby up whilst rudy picked a white note up.

as om held the baby,  the baby looked at him and gave a very small smile that warmed his heart. her eyes were rich chocolatey brown, her skin was the colour of an ice-cream wafer. she was so light and om’s soul warmed up seeing the baby.

anika: rudy what does it say in the note? you have been staring at it for ages.

rudy: it says ‘this baby’s father is one of the obros’.

shivom: WHAT?!

rudy: haan!

anika and somu: kya?!

rudy: that’s what it says na.

anika: shivay! we already have a daughter, how could you go and find another woman to have a baby with?! huh?!

shivay: anika, i swear on my life darling. the only woman i ever got pregnant was you. i mean it. i swear on anya’s life.

anika: fine i believe you and don’t you dare swear on anya!

shivay: ok chill.

somu: this baby looks around about 6-7 months, rudy 7 months ago you were with romi right? so obviously it is your daughter with that witch romi!

rudy: somu i swear it isn’t my baby. i am too young to be a dad. it’s my age to party, not to change diapers.

somu: oh please! we all know you so well! only you can have a mystery baby.

he fake cried and everyone said: shut up rudra.

well all expect om.

anika: om, what happened? you look really shocked.

om: call a doctor.

somu: kya?

om: guys call a doctor, this baby has a fever!

all: what?!

om: enough with ‘what’! call a doctor right now!

shivay: ok we will. meanwhile change her into some clothes.

om nods and goes upstairs with the baby in his arms and went into his and gauri’s room where gauri was sitting on the bed, looking so lifeless. but the minute she saw om carrying a baby, she said: omkaraji, a baby? where from?

om: she was at our doorstep. that’s all i can say at the moment, please can you hold her for two minutes whilst i get a dress for her?

gauri nods and om gave her the baby. at first gauri nearly dropped the baby because the grief of losing hers was so strong, but then she kept a firm yet soft grip on the baby. the baby smiled at her. the baby’s smile just seemed so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through gauri. for the first time in 6 months, gauri gave a small smile. small but a smile nevertheless. as soon as she smiled, om turned facing her and the baby. he was so surprised yet happy seeing his wife smiling after so long. he went towards the bed and asked: please may i change the baby into this dress?

gauri: i…i want to do it please.

om: fine but careful.

gauri: i will be.

she took the dress from him and gently dressed the baby in a stripy baby blue and white dress. she looked so cute in it. just then the doctor came along with everyone in the family.

pinky: shivay, anika whos baby is this?

anika: right now we don’t know, but we will find out soon.

pinky: oh ok.

the doctor checked the baby and then said: this baby looks as if it hasn’t been cared for, hence she has a fever. thanks goodness you called me before it got worse. she will be fine, just feed her and keep a cold pad on her head.

om: of course doctor. um how old is she?

doctor: six months.

om: accha theek hai. thank you doctor.

doctor: i will go now.

somu: i’ll escort you to the door.

the doctor nods and they both go, whilst everyone surrounded the baby who was still in gauri’s arms. gauri was smiling looking at the baby sleeping in her arms.

pinky: oh my mata! shivay, take baby from her! she has no experience with a baby, you and anika do.

shivay: mum, listen. let gauri and om spend time with the baby.

pinky: kyu?

shivay took her to the corner and said: look mum, gauri has been in a terrible state for ages. for the first time in six months, we are seeing her smile. yes it may be small but she is still smiling. let her experience some happiness because maybe someone related to the baby will come back to take the baby from her. for now, let her be happy.

pinky: fines, but i still think she incapable of taking care of a child.

shivay: leave her alone mum.

pinky: fines!

a little while later, everyone was told to leave leaving rikara and the little baby.

gauri: omkaraji…six months…six months we were…we were told that our baby is dead. but…but i heard a baby cry that day.

om: gauri, i told you it was your imagination. the baby unfortunately passed away.

gauri: but i heard her cry omkaraji!

om: gauri, right now you are not in a proper state of mind. take medicine and sleep!

gauri: but i heard her cry, i mean it! i heard her cry…could this baby be….her?


gauri looked at him, upset and om kept his hand on his mouth guilty and shocked by what he said. the baby started to cry.

om: let me handle her.

gauri: don’t you dare! just stay away from me and her! fine she is not my daughter but what was the need to say this?! just get out!

om knew that her anger was justified so silently he left the room, holding back his tears. she was really heartbroken and he made it worse with his outburst.

that night:

gauri was sleeping and the baby was sleeping next to her. gauri had her hand around the baby and the little baby was smiling in her sleep. om entered to see two beautiful angels sleeping. he went closer to them and caressed gauri’s face and saw the baby smiling.

om: you must be having beautiful dreams right? that’s why you are smiling. maybe you have seen a fairy? baby, i am sorry for yelling at gauri. you know that lady who had you in her arms for ages. i am sorry. i know you are probably angry at me like she is. i don’t yell usually, very rarely i do and unfortunately today was one of those days. all i just want to say is sorry.

he kisses her forehead and then kisses gauri’s forehead.

precap: shot 2 final

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