Meri Bhabhi 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 9th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu asking Shraddha not to feel bad by anyone’s words. Shraddha looks sad and says why are you saying this. Kittu says I know why you decided to go Delhi. Kittu says you are not wrong, and no one is thinking you are wrong. She explains her the condition and says everyone worry about you, they love you. She says don’t let your patience break. Shraddha nods yes. Kittu says Shraddha’s earring is missing. Shraddha says maybe it felt on the road. Kunal is playing with the earring. Kamini does his aarti and says you should be safe from the signal girl. Kunal hides the earring and takes the Aarti. Kamini leaves. Kittu asks Shraddha what she is thinking. She says I m going with Kunal and mum to see a girl for him. Shraddha smiles. Kittu says we know everything about the girl but we fear that Kunal can do any mischief. Shraddha asks more about Kunal. Kittu tells her about Kunal. She calls Kunal. Kunal takes up her call and asks whats up. Kittu warns him about tomorrow.

Shraddha laughs. Kunal says you guys are jealous and talk about my marriage. Kittu saus behave well infront of the girl. Shraddha says think about the girl. Kunal hears her and says he want to talk. Shraddha talks to him. Kunal listens to her voice and thinks about the signal girl. Papa looks at Anand and asks him are you doing important work. They discuss about the court case and hearing. Anand says we will reply Bobby well but I request you not to come to the court with us. Papa says how can I. Anand says this case is strong, you won’t be able to bear Bobby’s comments. Mummy comes and hears this. She says Anand is right. She thinks we will hurt by Bobby. Anand requests him again. Papa agrees. Kunal is talking with Shraddha and praises her guts and asks her not to leave Bobby and teach him a lesson. Shraddha smiles.

Shraddha thanks him. Kunal says I m speaking like a friend, so don’t thank me. Kunal jokes. Shraddha asks him what can I do for you. Kunal says tell my sister that don’t push me in the marriage matter. Shraddha asks why. Kunal says for the sake of friendship. Shraddha asks him why is he running away from marriage. Kunal does not answer her. Shraddha says sorry. Kunal jokes. Kittu smiles. Shraddha wishes him all the best for tomorrow. They end their talk. Kunal thinks he has heard Shraddha’s voice somewhere. Shraddha tells Kittu that she heard Kunal’s voice before. Kittu asks why.
The next morning, everyone reach the court. Kamini calls Kittu and says I called you to remind you that you have come in the evening. jasmeet takes Anand with her to discuss the case. Anand calls Kittu. Kittu tells Kamini I m busy at the court. Kamini gets worried about her. The hearing starts. The judge asks Shraddha what is your take on the case. Shraddha says I can’t trust Bobby, he lied to me many times. Bobby speaks against Shraddha’s character and syas she got me beaten by her boyfriend as she is having an affair with him. Shraddha cries. Bobby’s lawyer says we have proof.

She got Bobby beaten by her brothers also. They give the hospital bill and FIR as the proof. Shraddha looks at Bobby. Bobby tells a fake story to everyone and calls Shraddha an ill character woman. Everyone are shocked. Anand asks jasmeet to say everything. jasmeet interrupts and says Bobby is breaking his limits. Bobby says ask Shraddha who was that man. The judge asks Shraddha is Bobby right. Shraddha cries and says I don’t want to say anything. Bobby’s aunt makes faces. Shraddha says I want freedom from this devil. Bobby laughs seeing her.
Kamini asks Kunal where he is going. He jokes. Kamini says you can’t cheat me by joking and asks him to come with her. Kunal says I m coming, I m going to Kittu’s house to pick her up. We will reach there together. He leaves. Everyone come home. jaya taunts Shraddha. Papa asks jaya to be quiet. Papa asks who is he. Shraddha says I don’t know him, yesterday I was running away from Bobby and he saved me from Bobby. She says is he did not come on time, something would have happened. She says he is a stranger who helped me. Anand says why did you not tell this in court, did he met you before. Shraddha says I met him thrice. Papa is shocked. Kittu asks Shraddha is he the same man who met you again and again. Papa asks Kittu did you know about this man. Kittu says yes.

Shraddha makes tea for Papa and he does not like it. Shraddha asks where id Dhruv. Kittu says he left for school..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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