Meri Bhabhi 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal telling Shraddha that they are from same college and would be going together. Shraddha is shocked. Kunal gifts her a bouquet and says happy reunion. He leaves. A woman Mrs. Mehta come to Kamini and tells her about her son’s wedding fixed. Kamini is worried listening her talk. The women invites her for the marriage. Kamini asks what happens in the reunion. She tells everyone party together, dance and sing along. She says send Kunal to some party, he will like some girl. Kamini says no way. Mrs. Mehta leaves. Kamini is worried. Purshottam comes after the shopping and asks Kamini what happened. Kamini tells him about Kunal and Shraddha going together to the same college reunion.

She says do something, think and stop Kunal from going there. Papa and Mummy come back from shopping and show their choices of clothes for Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha has to decide. Mummy brings a black gown. Papa brings a beautiful saree. Kittu looks at both of them and says she likes the both costumes. She says Shraddha will be confused seeing this. Papa and Mummy say Shraddha will be back happily, this is good.

Kamini says I won’t let Kunal go and unpacks his bag. Kunal comes and says what are you doing. Kamini says you won’t go anywhere, if anything happens to you, I will die. Kunal asks what happened. She tells him about the bad signs she got. Kunal says it happens, this is superstitions. Kamini says try to understand, I won’t let you go. Kunal says I can’t cancel the plan. Purshottam says it started again. Kamini says he is not listening to me. Kunal says what happened to mum, first she was after me asking me to go and now she is stopping me.

He says I m going, pack my bag. Purshottam laughs. Kamini is annoyed. Anand comes home and asks whats going on. Kittu says yes, how did you come so soon. He says my meeting got cancelled. Mummy says see what she shopped for her. Papa asks for tea. Anand jokes and Kittu leaves. Anand asks did Shraddha come. Mummy says no, its a surprise for her. Mummy says Anand, will Shraddha be happy going there. Anand says yes. Mummy says I mean she will meet her friends, even they will be married, and they will talk about their husbands, what will Shraddha tell them, will she get sad. Papa says don’t worry, they will meet and recollect old memories. Mummy says but she is going alone.

Anand says she studied there, and now she won’t go alone, Kunal will be with her. Mummy is shocked. Papa asks is Kunal going there. Anand says they are from same college. Papa says is it so. Kittu says even I did not know this, but now Kunal is going with her, so don’t worry.

Kamini calls Kunal. Kunal is talking to his friends and laughs. He says I m coming for sure. Kamini hears him talking. Kunal is happy. Kunal asks Kamini what do you want. He asks what does this drama mean. She is annoyed. He says I love you a lot, and respect you, taste this food, its your fav. Kamini says I won’t eat anything till you listen to me. She says you won’t go for reunion. He says leyt me have food first. She says no one cares about me, she leaves. Kunal thinks she got serious and goes to her room. He says mum open the door. She says I m your mum and I m adamant like you.

Mummy asks does Shraddha know this, Kittu says no. Papa says Mummy has done the diwali shopping. Mummy is tensed. Kittu sees her and asks what happened. Ashish comes and says eveb i need tea. Kittu goes to bring it. Papa jokes. Kittu says jaya is coming today as its her first diwali with us. Mummy says I need rest, I got tired. Anand sees Mummy tensed and thinks. Ashish tells Papa that I will go to pick jaya. Papa says how will I go. Ashish says your car. Papa jokes. Kittu laughs. Ashish says you started before she came. Kittu asks Anand what is the matter. Anand says make tea for Mummy, I will go and give her.

Mummy comes to her room and thinks of Kunal going with Shraddha. She gets unhappy and sees Shraddha’s photos and hugs the album. She calls Kamini and talks to her. She asks Kamini did you know about Kunal going with Shraddha. Kamini says yes. Mummy requests her to tell Kunal to be away from Shraddha and not meet her. Kamini is angry and says what do you mean, my son….. Mummy says its Kunal who is after Shraddha, I can stop Shraddha but why, she should go and meet her friends. Kamini says but… Mummy says I don’t want anyone to talk about my daughter, stop your son and keep him away from my daughter. Mummy ends the call. She turns and sees someone. Mummy is shocked.


jaya asks Kunal why are you going to the reunion. Kunal asks Shraddha and she says I m not going.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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