Meri Bhabhi 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 6th November 2013 Written Update

Meri Bhabhi 6th November 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kittu teasing Anand. Anand asks her what happened in the puja, why were Mummy and Shraddha so upset. She says maybe they were thinking about the old life. Kamini scolds Kunal and says why did you come there. Kunal says don’t start again. I love going there, I love spending time with Dhruv. She says Dhruv or his mum. Kunal argues with Kamini and says you don’t understand me. He says listen to me for once and all, I will do what I want. Purshottam looks on. He says I will go and meet everyone there. Kamini says you like to roam around Shraddha, I have seen what you were doing there, I had to listen a lot because of you.

Purshottam asks what happened. Kunal says you also told something to Mummy so she is not allowing me in her house. Kittu also wanted to know this. Kunal says mum won’t say anything about her mistake. Purshottam asks what is the matter. Kamini and Kunal argue. Kunal says get free from me. He shouts on her and says if I m so bad so don’t call me your son. Purshottam says what are you saying Kunal, is this the way to talk to your mum. Kunal says I try to control but she makes me angry. He says its my mistake, so its fine, I will correct it, I will go from here back to America, then there be any problem.

Kamini says I will go from this house, no one needs me. Kunal says enough mum. He says sorry dad, I can’t handle this anymore. He goes to his room. Kamini says see he is ready to leave this house for Shraddha. She cries after the heated argument ends. Ashish and Ishaan are playing chess. Ishaan loses. Ashish taunts him and Ishaan leaves the game. Papa says Ashish…. Mummy says don’t end the game like this, continue it. Mummy says you can still win over me. Mummy says you can, play it. Ashish laughs. Mummy encourages him. Papa says yes, Mummy is saying right, fight back, you will win.

Papa says think about yourself, play. Ishaan thinks how to win and plays. Ashish says you won’t win. Ishaan says I will win. Mummy helps Ishaan and he wins. Papa says Mummy told it, you can do anything if you are firm. Purshottam sees Kamini is not in the room and thinks where she went. He thinks did she leave the house. He sees her in the hall worried. He goes to her and says we will talk to Kunal tomorrow morning. She says will you listen to me. He says yes. She tells him about one way, she says we will send him to some other city. She says you are not understanding. He says you are saying this, did you forget, how much you waited for him when he was in America. Kamini says yes, even now its same, but I get see his life getting ruined.

He says I can’t do this, it will look you are doing this in anger. She says what should I do now. He says trust Kunal, he told me that there is nothing in between him and Shraddha. Kamini says I know. Purshottam says Shraddha is a nice girl, Kunal is only helping her. He says trust me if you can’t trust Kunal. She says I know Kunal more than you.

Shraddha talks to Dhruv. He says sorry. She says its not good to say sorry and continue mistakes. He says I won’t play video games without having food, he promises. She makes him sleep. He says I had fun, I made Ishaan lose. She asks him to sleep. He says Papa gets much happy when Kunal comes, do you also get happy. She says sleep now. Dhruv sleeps. Shraddha gets Kunal’s call and she rejects the call. He calls again. She receives the call. He says listen to me once. He says I can’t avoid you, don’t stop me. She says enough. He says I m talking about my feelings that are for you. She keeps the phone aside. He says she has cut my call again. She tries to sleep and he says I love you Shraddha, I love you a lot. Kunal smiles and thinks about her while she slept.

Everyone are ready in the morning going for work. Shraddha gets a letter and Papa tells about the reunion in her college. Shraddha is happy and thinks it will be fun knowing what her friends are doing now. She thinks of her best friends, Papa says it will be fun. Shraddha says I don’t know whether to go or not. Kamini asks Kunal to go out of city. He says I don’t want to go. She asks why. Kunal says I don’t want to. Shraddha says its diwali coming, and Dhruv is also going for the school trip, I don’t have leaves at school.

Papa says enjoy yourself. Kunal argues with Kamini. Purshottam comes and asks whats going on. She says Kunal is not listening to me. Purshottam says its good if Kunal goes out for some days. Kunal tells dad, you know why she wants to send me. Purshottam says stop Kamini. Kunal says I won’t go, thats final. Shraddha agrees to go in the reunion party.

Kittu talks to Kunal about the reunion. She says Shraddha is from your college and she is going in the reunion. Kunal agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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