Meri Bhabhi 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand scolding Kittu for making Shraddha and Kunal talk. Kittu says they love each other. He says your mum always insults Shraddha and you want Shraddha to get married there, her life will be hell, I don’t want to talk about his. Kittu says what about Kunal. Anand says think about us, our respect. Kittu says its my family too. Anand says fine, then, understand why we want to keep Shraddha away from Kunal. He says I spoke to Shraddha about Rohit and she agreed. He says Rohit and his mum are coming to see Shraddha. Don’t take Kunal’s name in this house again. Kittu is shocked.

She gets Kunal’s call. He says they are not discharging me. He asks how is Shraddha. Kittu says she is fine, he asks is everything fine. Kittu says someone is coming to see Shraddha.

Kunal is shocked. Mummy asks Kittu why are you looking so tired. She asks Kittu to have some rest. Kittu says I m fine. Ishaan brings the items for the guests. Anand says they came, I m going to take them. jaya says go and see Shraddha, maybe she will say no. Anand says it won’t happen.

Mummy asks Kittu to bring Shraddha. Anand says hurry up. Shraddha comes there and Papa sees her. He says come down. He says we are doing this for your good future. He says trust your dad. Rohit and his mum come and Papa asks Shraddha to come and meet them. Kunal comes there and everyone are shocked to see him. Rohit greets Kunal. Kittu says Kunal, you should have not come here. Kunal says it was necessary. Papa talks to Kunal and asks what are you doing here. Kunal looks at Shraddha and says please, don’t do this. Papa says what. Kunal says Shraddha won’t be happy.

He requests Papa politely. Kittu asks Kunal to leave. Papa says go from here. Kunal says I want to talk to you now. Anand asks Kunal to come with him in his room. Kunal looks at Shraddha and leaves. Shraddha cries. Anand scolds Kunal for coming here. Kunal says listen to me. Anand says why did you come. Kunal says I had to come. Anand says who are you to interfere in my house. Kittu says Kunal is not well, don’t scold him. Anand says then why did he come here. Kunal says I came here for Shraddha.

Anand says I m warning you, don’t take Shraddha’s name. Kittu says atleast listen to him. Anand says enough. jaya asks about Kunal infront of the guests. Rohit’s mum asks why did Kunal come here as he is not well after meeting with an accident and what was he saying about Shraddha. They hear Anand and Kunal arguing. Kunal says Kittu, this is our talk. He says I came here for Shraddha. Rohit says if you are busy, I will come other day. Papa says Rohit is right, it would be good that we meet some other day. Rohit’s mum gets annoyed.

They leave. jaya smiles and says they understood why Kunal came here. Mummy and Papa go to Kunal. Kamini looks out for Kunal at her house. jaya calls her and gives her the updates that Kunal is with them in their house. She says Rohit came with his mum and Kunal stopped them. Kamini gets angry. jaya says Kunal is with Anand. She asks Kamini to come there. Kamini says I can’t, Papa asked me not to come there. jaya says I will go and see whats going on, then I will tell you.

Kunal talks about his marriage with Shraddha. Everyone come to Anand’s room and hears him. Kunal requests Papa and says I will keep Shraddha happy, please don’t do this with her. He says even she loves me. Anand says Kunal…. Kunal says ask Shraddha. Ishaan warns Kunal. Mummy stops Ishaana and asks him to leave. Kunal says atleast once, see in her eyes, you will know whats in her heart. Anand says so you are saying us that we don’t know her. Kunal says I know the truth. He says we are made for each other.

Shraddha looks at him and cries. Papa says go away from here. Kunal says understand me please, I love her. Kunal requests Mummy to think about them once. Mummy says we are not Shraddha’s enemy. She says we want to see Shraddha happy, we know that she won’t be happy with your mum. Mummy says I know Kamini well, she says it won’t be easy for you post marriage, what about Dhruv, will your mum accept him.

Mummy says I can see many complications in your relation. She says you have fulfill your wish after marrying, but you won’t get anything. So, understand what we are saying once. Anand says lets end it here now, if you don’t understand, then I will have to kick you out of the house. Kittu asks Kunal to leave. She requests him. Kunal looks at her and leaves. Everyone look at him.

Kittu talks to Shraddha and says I will fight for you with everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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