Meri Bhabhi 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 6th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand and Shraddha sharing a scene. They talk about his anniversary plans. Shraddha asks what are you buying for Kittu. Anand says you tell me what should I gift her. Shraddha says a diamond ring. Anand says I don’t have that much money. She says I know your money went in my loans. Anand says don’t talk like this, I will buy whatever you say for Kittu as a surprise gift. Kittu asks for Anand and Shraddha. Ishaan says relax, and says they will come soon. Ishaan says I will taste the dish, Didi went with Anand. Ishaan teases Kittu. Kittu asks where did they go. Ishaan tastes the dish and asks for more. He says Anand went to buy a surprise gift for you. Kittu becomes happy and says how can you tell about the surprise. jaya says Shraddha is shopping for you. Kittu says you are very sharp. jaya says Anand can buy it himself, why did Shraddha go with him. Kittu says I m happy they went together.

Anand and Shraddha are in a shopping mall. Anand says its very costly. Shraddha says buy it. Anand agrees. Kamini calls Shraddha and tells her that she is doing the party arrangements, even her son Kunal is coming in the party, I wanted an idea from you. Shraddha asks about people. Kamini says few people, thats all. We cannot call guests. Shraddha says we should call the guests, there must be double celebrations. Kamini says Kittu’s dad said no because of you. Shraddha asks why. Kamini says the guests will question about you and say ill about you, Shraddha gets hurt. Kamini says your Papa will feel bad, how will we stop the society, so we thought to make a private affair. Kamini says Kittu did not celebrate her first anniversary and even this year too.. Kunal wants me to call our relatives but we cannot. If you were not coming, we would have called the society. Shraddha says if I don’t come in the party then… She says I want Kittu to be happy celebrating the party, if I m the reason, then I won’t come. Anand hears this. Shraddha is shocked. Anand asks where will you not go, with whom are you talking.

Kamini says don’t tell Anand that you are talking to me. Shraddha lies to him. Kamini cuts the call. Shraddha gets upset. Kamini is happy that Shraddha won’t come. Anand talks to Shraddha and says Kittu will be very happy getting the gift. They talk about Kittu. Anand says don’t tell to Kittu, let it be a surprise. Shraddha thinks about Kamini’s words and feels sad.

Rest Coming soon..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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