Meri Bhabhi 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jaya telling Kamini that Kunal will be staying in their house now. Kunal and Shraddha wait outside the room. Kunal tells Shraddha they will stay apart. She says how will your mum stay away from you. She says we can’t hurt her. Kunal says even I don’t want to, but she will understand and accept Dhruv soon. She holds his hand and says thanks for supporting her always. Kunal says as I have always loved you, now we are officially together. She says I m worried about Kittu, she is very emotional, its not good to give her stress. Kittu and Jaya arranges the room. Kittu leaves them inside the room and locks them. Kittu says lets go now. Jaya says how will Kamini make them separate now. Shraddha and Kunal see the room decorated.

They have an eyelock. Kunal says perfect, Kittu does the right thing. He holds her hand and gets closer to her. Kunal kisses her and she smiles being shy. Kunal holds her face and they kiss. Kamini does puja being worried. Nani and Dadi talk about her. Kamini says I m worried about Kittu, she will not take care, don’t know how is she. She says I can take care of her, she will be thinking only about Shraddha. Dadi says fine, keep a puja for her. Kamini says I want to go there and see is my daughter fine. She says I know Kittu does not want to meet me, but I m her mum, explain her. Dadi scolds her for being selfish.

Dadi says I did not tell anything thinking you will understand, you will not go to Kittu, we will go to meet her. She says Kunal also left home, till Purshottam comes, you stay at home. They leave. Papa and Mummy have a talk about Kittu’s child. Ishaan comes and says I will ask Kunal if he needs anything. Papa says yes go. Mummy says what will we tell the society about Kunal staying with us. Papa says don’t worry about people. Mummy feels bad for Kamini.

Kunal talks to Purshottam. He tells Shraddha that he was saying I did not do right by leaving the house. He says I m happy he did not get annoyed with me. Kunal says I need your suggestion, dad wants us to shift in my new flat. Shraddha agrees. Kunal says fine, its for few days, then mom will agree. Shraddha makes tea for him. He says come, we will have tea together. They are happy. Kunal asks her are you happy. She says yes. He says I know there are many problems going on. She says till I have you with me, I will be happy always.

Ishaan sees the fruits list and says is there any puja at home. Kittu comes doing work. Mummy asks her not to work as she is weak. Mummy asks Jaya to work. Everyone laughs. Ashish helps her in work. Ishaan asks Ashish to grow up. Ishaan says Jaya will cook. Jaya says when did I say. Everyone laughs. Kittu beats Ishaan and he runs. Everyone stop Kittu. Kittu goes to bring Anand’s file. Kittu slips and everyone get scared. Kittu says I m fine. Papa says I get worried for her. Mummy says we will shift her in our room. Kunal greets Kittu good morning. Ishaan teases Kittu again and Kittu falls off the stairs.

Everyone are shocked to see her fall. Kunal runs to hold Kittu but she falls. Anand shouts Kittu and everyone gets tensed. Kittu holds her stomach and cries. Everyone rush to her and Papa asks them to call the doctor. They take her to the room. Jaya informs Kamini that Kittu fell off the stairs. The doctor comes to check Kittu. Kamini is shocked.


The doctor says we will see the report and say. Papa scolds Ishaan. Mummy takes Ishaan’s side. Papa gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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