Meri Bhabhi 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu asking Shraddha to make a wish, Shraddha gets sad. Kittu says try to make a wish and maybe it will come true. Shraddha wishes she gets Bobby back. Kittu says hope for the best. Shraddha gets Bobby’s call and she is shocked. Bobby says are you listening to me, its me Bobby. Shraddha says Bobby, Kittu is happy to hear this and smiles. Kittu goes to Mummy and Papa and tells everyone that Bobby called. Everyone are shocked. Dhruv says he wants to talk to his father. Bobby says I m missing you a lot Shraddha, I know you are annoyed with me. I called Mumbai and came to know you are with your family, I m really sorry for everything. He says I want to come to you, please talk to me, I m in much pain. Shraddha cries. Anand asks what is he saying. Papa says call him here. Shraddha speaks and the call gets disconnected.

She cries. Anand takes her phone and rings Bobby. Bobby cuts the call. Kittu asks him to try again. Anand calls Bobby again. Shraddha says Bobby will come soon. Kamini is discussing about Shraddha with her husband. Mummy and everyone are happy. Anand says lets wait, Bobby will not come. Papa says why would he call then, be positive. Papa says Shraddha is happy and pray that she remains happy always. Anand says his number is not connecting, it might be a new drama all again. Papa says speak well, what is this. Papa explains him the situation. Anand says its waste to talk to you all. Papa hopes that everything will be fine. Mummy says we cannot come to nay conclusion. Kittu says maybe Bobby’s aunty told him that we went to meet her. Anand hears this and is shocked to know that Kittu went with his parents to find out about Bobby.

Kittu says we have succeeded. Anand recollects Kittu’s lie. Anand gets angry and looks at Kittu. Shraddha is happy and is waiting for Bobby’s call. Papa comes to her and asks her did the phone connect to Bobby, she says no. Papa says Anand is being negative. Bobby will call again. Shraddha asks Papa will everything be fine again. Papa says yes, we will talk to Bobby. Shraddha smiles. Papa says his one call made you smile, I will forgive him. Papa cries and hugs Shraddha.
Dhruv comes to Shraddha and says I will talk to my dad first. She asks him to have food then we will talk. Shraddha takes Dhruv and leaves.

Kittu brings tea for Anand. Anand is angry and says when did I lie to you. He asks her about her lie that she went for shopping. He asks why did you lie to me. Kittu is speechless. Anand says say something, tell me why you lied to me. Kittu says don’t be angry, Papa told me not to tell you. Anand says you are lying again, everyone hides something from me, even Papa has hidden that he messaged Bobby. You all lied to me, I don’t want to hear anything. He says you know, like you lied to me today, you have lost my trust. Anand leaves and Kittu cries.

Shraddha and Dhruv sees Mummy in her room. Mummy says I will not come in your room again, if you feel bad. Dhruv says I will get ready but you close your eyes and don’t cheat. Shraddha says mummy never cheats. Mummy closes her eyes and listen this. Mummy feels happy. Mummy says do you really think this. Mummy asks did Bobby call again, Shraddha says no. Anand is annoyed with Kittu. Anand is trying to talk to Bobby. Anand asks Kittu to leave him alone. Kittu says why are you so angry, what have I done. I have hidden that fact because Papa told me. Anand says I know why you did this, because you think Papa is right and I m wrong. He says I don’t matter to you. Kittu says its not like that. Anand says whatever I’m doing is for Shraddha’s happiness, so let me handle this. He says he will erase Bobby from Shraddha’s life. Kittu gets tensed.

Shraddha talks to Bobby, Bobby says I m coming to take you and Dhruv. Everyone are happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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