Meri Bhabhi 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal leaving the home with anger. Shraddha cries in her room thinking about Mummy and Papa’s words. Kittu asks her to open the door. Shraddha opens the door and Kittu comes to her and sees her crying. Kittu talks to her. Shraddha says what should I do. She says I stopped myself a lot, I did not want this to happen, but Dhruv loves Kunal. And Kunal also loves him, I made the decision only for Dhruv. Kittu asks really, only for Dhruv, or do you love Kunal. Shraddha looks on and says I only care about Dhruv. Dhruv comes home and talks to Shraddha.

Shraddha smiles talking to him. She says go and have water, then we will do homework. Kittu leaves. Shraddha is upset. Anand asks Mummy what did you get by not telling us. Mummy says I did not want to create an issue,

I did not think that Shraddha….. Papa says I think we should think about her marriage seriously. Anand says you are right. jaya says it means you will make her marry to Kunal. Papa says Kamini will not keep her happy. Mummy says we don’t even need Rohit’s proposal. Papa says I wish she had nothing to do with it. I liked Rohit and even Shraddha would have liked him.

Kittu says but if Shraddha loves Kunal, then….. Everyone looks at her. Anand says are you mad to say this. Kittu says if we talk to my mum and explain her. Anand says don’t you know your mum, she always taunts Shraddha. Papa says Shraddha is our daughter, and we will think about her. Kittu says I was telling this for her happiness. Mummy says Shraddha won’t be happy in that house, never. Mummy leaves.

Papa says Shraddha won’t be happy there, so I asked your family not to come here, and I m asking you not to go there. Kittu is shocked. jaya smiles. Everyone looks on. Papa says I know its tough for you, but you have to choose one family between two and I leave the decision on you. Kittu cries. Papa leaves angrily. Purshottam tries calling Kunal and is worried. Kunal is thinking about Kamini’s words and driving the car angrily. Purshottam says he might do anything wrong. Kamini says I will burn myself if he marries Shraddha. Purshottam says I don’t know what you want, I m afraid about Kunal.

Kunal is driving the car in high speed. Kunal says sorry Shraddha, you have to bear all this because of me. He says I will come to you, don’t know how you are. Shraddha is crying in her room. She gets Kunal’s call. Kunal says please Shraddha, pick it up. Kunal meets up with an accident as a truck hits his car. Shraddha looks at the pendant he gifted her and cries. The inspector calls Shraddha and says Kunal met with an accident. She is shocked to know this. He says we are taking him to the hospital, you come there.

Shraddha tells everyone that Kunal met with an accident and cries. Kittu gets worried. Shraddha says a truck has hit him. Kittu asks Papa to allow her to go and see Kunal. Papa says yes, you go, we will come. Mummy stops Shraddha from going. She says Kamini will be there, if she sees you there…. Shraddha says but Kunal…. Mummy says do as you wish and leaves. Papa asks Kittu and Anand to go. jaya goes to inform Kamini. Purshottam is trying to explain Kamini and says what do you think you did right. He is worried about Kunal, jaya calls Kamini and Kamini does not want to talk to her. jaya calls again. Purshottam talks to her. jaya says Kunal met with an accident. Purshottam is shocked.

Kamini asks what happened. Purshottam says its because of you, Kunal met with an accident. Kamini is shocked and says what……. Kittu and Anand come to the hospital and sees Kunal with all the blood over his face and body. Kittu cries seeing him. Anand asks is he serious. The doctor says we need blood for him. Kittu says take my blood, I m his sister. Kittu goes to give him blood. Kamini and Purshottam come and asks where is Kunal. Anand says don’t worry, Kittu is here and she is giving him blood. Kamini cries.

Shraddha sees Kunal’s missed calls in her phone and picks the pendant he gifted her. She holds it and cries. Shraddha calls Kittu and asks how is Kunal. Kittu gives her the updates. Shraddha asks will he be fine. Kittu cries and says he is not fine. Shraddha is worried knowing Kunal is serious. Dhruv wakes up and sees Shraddha crying. He asks why are you crying. Shraddha hugs him. Kunal is in the ICU battling his life.

Shraddha comes to the hospital to see Kunal. Someone stops her from meeting Kunal.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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