Meri Bhabhi 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand calling Kittu. He asks her where did you go. Kittu lies to him saying we went to shopping. Anand says I will meet you at the picnic spot directly. Kamini is anxious to talk to Kittu. Everyone are ready to leave for the picnic. Ishaan takes the guitar, Mummy says your songs are a torture to us. Mummy sees Zor tensed. She comes to him and asks him not to be sad. She asks him to be happy for Shraddha’s sake. He says ok. Everyone welcome Shraddha calling her princess. They ask Shraddha to smile. Kittu says lets leave now. Papa says lets take a family photo before leaving. Papa asks Shradhha to smile. Papa asks Ashish to drive the car. Ashish gets happy. Mummy says its great. Papa says if I can hand over my business to him, then whats in a car. Shraddha says she will sit first in the car. Kittu welcomes the princess Shraddha.

They leave for the picnic. Papa shows Shraddha few monuments. Papa asks Ashish to drive slowly. He gives so many instructions that Ashish cannot follow. Ashish says let me drive cool. They have a laugh on the way. The car stops. Papa asks Ashish what happened. Ashish says I don’t know I will look. Ashish asks them to push the car, the battery is gone. Papa gets angry on Ishaan. Papa and Ashish push the car and Kittu sits in the driver’s seat. The car starts. Kittu drives the car and leaves Papa and Ashish. They follow the car. Papa says Kittu thats not good. Shraddha says this was my idea.

They reach the picnic spot. Anand and Ishaan are already present there. Anand asks where did Mummy and Papa go with Kittu in the morning. Ishaan says I don’t know. Shraddha hears Anand and Papa’s talk about the lawyer and gets sad.

Kittu announces that Shraddha will decide what they will do. Papa praises Kittu. They have a good family time. Anand runs after Shraddha. Dhruv and everyone laugh on them. Dhruv asks Papa to play badminton with him. Papa says ok, lets play. Papa and Dhruv play and everyone cheer for them. Mummy says Zor you cannot beat Dhruv in the game. Papa says everyone are cheering for Dhruv, someone support me. Shraddha cheers for Papa, Dhruv asks her to cheer for him. Mummy sees Shraddha laugh and feels happy. Anand and Kittu also see her and get happy. Dhruv wins the game and Papa hugs him. They play hide and seek. Everyone hide and Ashish has to find them. Anand and Kittu are together. They smile seeing each other. Sweet music plays in the background.

Ashish is looking for them and he catches his wife. His wife gets Kamini’s call. Kamini asks for Kittu, and comes to know that they are on the picnic spot. Kamini is happy. Kamini’s husband does not listen to her. Papa is still hiding. Ashish finds him out and laughs. Papa says don’t find Shraddha. Mummy comes out herself. Anand asks Kittu where did she go with Mummy and Papa, and is she hiding anything. Kittu lies to Anand. She says what will I hide from you.

Papa and everyone are looking for Shraddha. Kittu is with Shraddha and asks her to wish something with a flower. Shraddha gets Bobby’s call. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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