Meri Bhabhi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha talking to Dhruv and caring for her. Dhruv gets angry and confronts Shraddha for lying to him about the promise she made to Kamini. He says you promised Kamini that you will never take me along. Dhruv says everyone lied to me. Shraddha asks Kittu what is Dhruv saying. Kittu tells Shraddha the truth that Kamini did not remove the condition. Shraddha and Papa are shocked. Shraddha is angry on Mummy and Kittu for lying to her. Shraddha asks Papa how can he lie to her. Shraddha cries and says you all know I can never leave Dhruv, I can’t leave without him. Papa asks Mummy why did he lie to him. Shraddha says Mummy told me that I should leave Dhruv for few days and I can take him.

Mummy says we did as Kunal said. Kittu says don’t know what Kamini told Dhruv. Ashish says what did Kamini tell him. Shraddha says I will talk to Kamini, what might be Dhruv thinking, he got so much hurt. She calls Kamini. Shraddha tells her why did she tell Dhruv she won’t bring Dhruv. Kamini says as you agreed to the condition. Shraddha says I did not agree. Kamini says don’t lie, Dhruv won’t come in this house. Shraddha says fine, I will also not come there. Everyone are shocked. Kamini says fine, don’t come. Kamini taunts her. Kunal comes and looks at Kamini. Kamini gets tensed.

Kamini tells Kunal that see what Shraddha is saying. Kunal talks to Shraddha and asks what is the matter. Shraddha says come here and see Dhruv, he is heart broken, how can you think I will leave Dhruv, you will have to accept me and DDhruv, else this marriage is nothing to me. Kunal is shocked. Dhruv hears this. Shraddha says why did Kamini tell him that I won’t take him. Kunal looks at Kamini angrily. Dhruv looks at Shraddha. Shraddha says I will never leave you. Kamini says see what she is saying, I told you this girl won’t keep relations, she left her husband and came to Papa’s house.

Now she left you and went to her son. Dadi scolds Kamini and asks Kunal what did Shraddha say. Kunal confronts Kamini asking why did she tell Dhruv. Kamini says yes, as it was my condition. Kunal says who will keep Dhruv. Kamini says he has everyone with him. Kamini says Shraddha is our bahu and your wife, now we are her responsibilities. Kunal says yes, you are right, Dhruv is my son, I m her husband, I should take care of her. He says I should be with them. I m going to them to stay with them. He says only you and your conditions can stay in this house. Kamini says what is this nonsense, are you mad, will you leave your parents.

Kunal says you are also separating Dhruv from his parents, think about him. Kunal leaves. Dadi scolds Kamini. Mummy tells Papa that Kunal said he will manage everything, we did not know when did Kamini called Dhruv and filled his ears. Papa says now I can’t bear her, I am going to police station to report against her. Kittu faints and Papa stops. Kunal packs his bag. Kamini tries to stop her and says Shraddha does not deserve you. Kunal says enough. Kamini asks Nani and Dadi to explain her. Dadi says Kunal is right, go. Kamini says I will call Purshottam. Nani says don’t call him, he is out of city. Kamini says you can’t leave your mum. Kunal says you are making me do this.

He says I will not bear this anymore. He says think about 7 year old Dhruv. He says try to understand Shraddha’s pain. He greets Nani and Dadi and leaves. Kamini shouts asking him to stop. Dhruv asks Ashish why did everyone take Kittu to the doctor, why did she faint. Kunal comes with his bag. He meets Dhruv. Dhruv is annoyed and turns. Kunal says sorry to Dhruv. He says you can punish me but talk to me, don’t be quiet. Kunal asks him to hug him and opens his arms. Dhruv looks at him and hugs him. Kunal smiles.

Dhruv says promise me you will never leave me. Kunal promises him. He says you are my life, we can’t live without you. Dhruv sees his bag and asks will you stay here. Kunal asks where are everyone. Dhruv says Kittu faint and she is taken to the hospital. Kunal is shocked and asks what happened to Kittu. Ashish says calm down, relax. Anand looks at Kittu in the hospital room and is tensed. Shraddha consoles him. Everyone wait outside. Ishaan says if Kamini knows, she will make a scene here. Anand gets a call from Dadi who asks him how is Kittu. Anand say she fainted, don’t worry. He says we are here with her. Dadi says we are coming there. Kunal also comes to the hospital. Kunal asks Anand about Kittu. Kunal looks at Shraddha. Papa says come here, talk to me, what did you do. Kunal gets tensed.

The doctor tells everyone that Kittu is pregnant. Everyone are happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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