Meri Bhabhi 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 29th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying its not done, we can’t be in same room. Kunal says don’t overreact, what will happen if we stay together. He gets angry and says don’t make me a villain, what are you thinking about me. She says what will people think. He says don’t care about people, you tell me that you are afraid. He holds her hand and asks the reason for her fears. She looks at him shocked. He leaves her hand and says if you really have any problem, tell me, I don’t have any other option though, what could I do, these people give rooms only to married couples. Shraddha says fine. She says what did you tell the manager. He asks about what. She asks what did you tell to take this room.

Kunal says that we are married. Shraddha says what, Kunal……. Kunal says then what should I say, that we are siblings, I can’t lie that much, try to understand. She says I won’t stay here. He asks her to adjust for his sake. He sits on his knees and requests her to stay. He smiles looking at her. Ishaan tells Mummy that Anand is reaching. Papa is worried. Mummy says they will come soon, don’t panic. They switch on the tv. Anand and Kittu come home. Everyone care for Kittu. Papa asks Anand why did you leave Kittu alone. Mummy says let them breathe first. Dhruv comes and asks where is mum. Anand says she will be reaching soon. Papa asks what do you mean, is she not with you, where is she.

Anand says I thought I will bring Kittu and Shraddha insisted she will come. Papa scolds Anand for leaving Shraddha alone at the highway. Mummy gets worried too. Anand says don’t worry, Shraddha will come. Everyone are shocked to know about the accident on the highway. They get worried about Shraddha. Papa calls Shraddha and asks about the accident. Shraddha says I m fine, we are at a lodge. jaya asks who we. Shraddha is shocked.

Kunal hides behind Shraddha. Shraddha lies to Papa. Mummy asks Shraddha to come home. Anand talks to Shraddha. Shraddha says you reached home? Kittu says yes, we reached. Papa asks in which lodge you are. Shraddha does not tell them and says I will come. Anand says I will come to take you but Shraddha says no. Papa scolds Anand for not bringing Shraddha with him.

Shraddha asks the hotel man for food and quilt. He says we don’t have. Kunal says some shayari and jokes. Shraddha says you are impossible. Kunal says you stay here, I will get something to eat. She says let it be. Kunal says its fine, I will be back soon. He leaves. Anand says you are coming with me in our room Kittu. She says no, its your room. He says its our room. Kittu jokes. Anand says you have to come with me, things have changed. She asks what changed. He says everything. He says our life is going to change. Ranjhana…………. plays………………..

She asks Anand what is it. Anand tells indirectly about the baby and says you did not tell me, I m waiting for the moment when you tell me. She says I will stay in this room. Anand says I will tell you with me. Shraddha is waiting for Kunal. Shraddha shouts the hotel man and asks him to change her room. He says we have only one room, she says I will pay more money. He says we can’t. She says fine, I will leave, tell him that I m in the car. He says stop, if you want, you can stay where the guys stay. She asks where is it. He says you can stay alone there. She says show me. He says I will clean it.

Kunal comes back. He comes to know that Shraddha changes her room. Papa sees Anand taking Kittu with him and smiles. Papa asks Mummy to come with him and he will show her s miracle. They see Anand lifting Kittu in his arms and taking her to their room. Mummy and Papa smile. Ranjhana…………… plays…………….

There is police raid in the lodge and Kunal and Shraddha get worried hearing about it. .

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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