Meri Bhabhi 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal joking with Shraddha. Papa gets Kamini’s call and asks Kittu to attend the call. Kamini tells Kittu that you can meet Rohit today. Kittu tells this to Papa. Kittu says fine, tell me the place and time, I will bring Papa and Mummy. Kamini says don’t tell this to your Mummy as she is against it. Kittu says its nothing like that. Kittu asks Papa can we not tell this to Mummy now. Papa agrees and says we will go and see the guy, if he is good, we will tell her else not. Kittu says what if Mummy feels bad. Papa says I will take care. Kittu hopes for the best. Papa says if life gives a chance, we should accept it.

Kunal is happy as Shraddha cares for him. Kunal stares at her. Shraddha looks at him. Kunal says i m impressing someone. He says I was selecting a dance partner for me. Suzanne says you would have asked me, I m ready. He pulls her cheeks and annoys her. Chaya tells Shraddha that things don’t hide, the guy is cute, anyone would like him. Shraddha smiles.

Kittu and Papa meets Rohit and his daughter. Kamini arranges the meeting. Laxmi praises her son Rohit. Rohit talks well and says you should not ask a mum about her son, as a mum always praises her son. He says I m a financial advisor in a big company. He says I m a divorcee and I have a daughter. Papa smiles. Rohit says my daughter is everything to me, she is my best friend, she meets her mum often so I always meet my wife sometimes. Kamini says it does not mean he will meet her after marriage. Rohit says why not, I m not against her, she is still my friend, she is better human being than me. He says I will always be there for her if she needs my help.

Mummy is at home and calls Kittu. jaya comes and shows her dress saying my mum gave this. Mummy asks where is Kittu. jaya says Kittu went with Papa, did she not tell you. Mummy says fine, you help me. jaya says I m busy and leaves. Mummy thinks where might Kittu and Papa go. Papa asks Rohit why do you want to marry again. Kamini says how is this question. Rohit says let him ask me, its about his daughter. He says I did not wish to marry as someone expects a lot from me, but I want to marry for my daughter’s sake. He says I want a complete family that is complete for everyone. Kittu smiles.

Shraddha comes in a black gown in the dance party. Kunal looks at her and stares for a while. Shraddha comes to him and smiles. He sees the flower which he gave her and says the flower is beautiful. He says where did you get it. She laughs. He gives his hand to her asking her for dance. He says don’t think much, else Suzanne will come. She smiles and holds his hand. Music plays….. Kunal gives her the chain and pendant he bought on the way and says I m giving it to her for whom I bought it. Shraddha smiles. Its Kunal’s imagination. Suzanne comes in between. Kunal tells her that I can’t be your partner, I can’t dance with you as I have my partner. Suzanne gets angry and says shut up Kunal. She says I came to ask you where is Viraj. She says everyone knows that you like Shraddha. Shraddha looks on. Kunal says will you dance with me tonight.

He says I won’t force you, I will be back. Shraddha stops him and says you can’t leave me alone. Kunal smiles. Kittu and Papa come home. Mummy asks where did you go. Papa says Rohit is a good guy, we went to meet that guy. Mummy says you did not tell me about it. Papa says I will tell you everything. Mummy says Kamini can’t bring a good proposal. Papa says even I worry about Shraddha. Mummy says take Shraddha’s opinion. Anand says yes, ask Shraddha first. Anand tells Kittu why did you not tell me. Mummy says I would have stopped you if you told me.

Papa says I know Kamini has hurt us, but this proposal is really good, meet the guy then you will know. Anand says lets wait for Shraddha to come. Papa says I will call Shraddha and ask her, don’t worry. Shraddha says thanks to Kunal. He jokes. Shraddha says thanks for making this reunion memorable for me. Kunal says really. She says yes and laughs. He says I always want to see you happy and can go to any extend for this. Shraddha smiles. Kunal gets a call from Kamini.

Kamini talks to Kunal and says have fun there, this is the age to enjoy. Kunal says whats the matter, that you are so happy. Shraddha gets a call from Papa. Papa tells her that Kamini brought a proposal for her. Shraddha misunderstands and thinks Kamini brought Kunal’s proposal and gets happy. Shraddha looks at Kunal and talks to Papa. Kamini asks Kunal how is Shraddha. Kunal signs Shraddha that his mum is talking about her. Shraddha is much happy. Shraddha looks at the gift and says yes to Papa.

Kunal and Shraddha spend some time together. Kunal proposes to Shraddha and says I love you Shraddha, will you merry me. She smiles with happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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