Meri Bhabhi 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Kunal to avoid flirting with her as she does not like it. Kunal asks why. She says enough Kunal. Kunal leaves with his friend. Purshottam talks to Kamini.. She gets jaya’s call. She talks to jaya and says tell me what you news you have. jaya says everyone insulted you, no one thanked you. Kamini says its fine. jaya says you did this for Kunal, right. jaya says Mummy did not do right. I told Kittu to support you. She says Kittu was very upset, I think she will fight with everyone today. Kamini says my daughter won’t support me. she says I will not talk to them again. Kamini gets Kittu’s call. Kamini says Kittu wants to fight with me. jaya says take her call.

Kamini talks to Kittu. Kamini says no one will understand me, I brought the proposal for Shraddha, what will I get in it. Everyone feels I m their enemy. Kittu says I know you wanted to settle Shraddha. Kittu says I called you to ask how is Rohit. Kamini asks why. Kittu says tell me. Anand sees Kittu thinking and asks what are you thinking. Kittu says I will make tea for you. He says I don’t want. She says whatever you told was right. She says its good that you spoke your heart out. She says I will try that you don’t have any complains with me. Anand says sorry as he did not wish to hurt her. Kittu says I know, I m not worried about this. She says what did my mum do, she brought a proposal for Shraddha, why did Mummy get so much angry.

Anand says Mummy is right, we will decide about Shraddha, I was shocked to know this. He says why is your mum getting into this. Kittu says she is worried about Shraddha. Anand says I don’t want to argue on this.

Kittu serves everyone at dinner. jaya says you look upset. Ishaan says don’t take her name, let us eat peacefully. Kittu asks why can’t you talk about her. Ishaan says leave it. Kittu says tell me whats the problem. Anand says Ishaan gets angry soon, he is young. Kittu says yes, he has not grown up to tell anything about elders. Mummy says Kittu is right. Papa asks Ishaan to be silent. Ishaan says I don’t want to have food and leaves with anger. Kittu asks Mummy why did you overreact to my mum, do you have any complains against her. Papa says we don’t like few things, but Kamini keeps repeating it.

Kittu says I know and I asked her not to interfere in our house, but I don’t think she was wrong today. Kittu says she brought a proposal, what was wrong in it. Kittu says sorry to Mummy and says I don’t understand. Anand says she did not tell us anything and she argued with Papa. He says Shraddha’s decision matters to us, even I got angry. Kittu takes her mum’s side. Kittu says my mum was not wrong, she wanted to settle Shraddha. Kittu says I want to know Mummy what were you so angry on her. Mummy says I don’t want to say. Kittu says you can’t hurt anyone, but why you got so much angry on her. Mummy says if you trust me, leave this topic, we can’t tell you. Mummy leaves. Anand scolds Kittu for asking Mummy. Papa takes Kittu’s side. Anand gets angry and leaves.

jaya says Kamini always get insulted here, don’t know why she comes her. Papa talks to Kittu and says sit here. He says I think it became an issue, I m sorry on everyone’s behalf. Kittu says I don’t feel bad, you all are misunderstanding me, I m saying maybe my mum really brought a good proposal. I know Rohit, maybe he is a good guy and can keep Shraddha happy. Ashish says but he is a divorcee and has a daughter. Kittu says so what, he can be a good life partner. Kittu says see Mummy and Papa, they are still together and for life. She says they are an example for us. She says whats wrong in meeting the guy once, we can tell him no. Papa says you are right Kittu, but we can’t decide in hurry. We will meet the guy. Kittu smiles.

Shraddha is looking at some flowers and smiling. Kunal sees her staring at the flowers. Chaya comes to Shraddha and says what are you wearing in dance party. Shraddha says not yet decided. Everyone shouts Kunal, what are you doing. Kunal goes to bring those flowers for Shraddha. Shraddha runs to him. She says come down, what are you doing. He climbs up the tree and slips. Everyone shouts. Nikhil gets the flowers. Chaya says he is mad. Shraddha looks at him while Kunal smiles seeing her.

Kunal jumps down and comes to Shraddha. Shraddha goes away. Purshottam tells Kamini not to do anything and be careful with Kittu’s family. Kunal gives the flowers to Shraddha. Shraddha scolds him and says you would have fell, you crossed the limit. He says I brought the flowers for you and you are thanking me like this, smile please. Kunal jokes and makes Shraddha smile. She sits on his knees and says I can die for your smile.

Kunal dances with Shraddha in the dance party. He says I bought this for you adn gives her a chain and pendent set with S written on it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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