Meri Bhabhi 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Mummy about her pain. Mummy says I felt through this pain which you are going through now, I was afraid for you because of this. She says you had Anand with you, but I had no one to support me. I had only you dad Zor. Shraddha is shocked to know about Mummy’s past. Mummy says my brother kicked me out from his life. Shradhha gets emotionally connected with Mummy. Papa comes in the room and sees Mummy with Shraddha. Papa asks Mummy where do you want to send your rakhis this year. Mummy laughs and says I m not crying, you send the rakhis. Papa hugs Mummy. Shraddha looks on and smiles. Mummy says why did you bring the rakhis late. Papa says sorry for this mistake. Shraddha leaves from their room.

Ishaan and Ashish have a talk about Rakshabandhan. jaya says its necessary to gift your sister, when did I stop it. She asks Ashish to gift chocolates to Shraddha. Ishaan reacts to this. jaya says yes. Anand says no jaya, we are celebrating rakshabandhan after six years and I will give her something special. Kittu comes and says Anand will gift her next year. Anand says did I not give you a gift. Kittu says ask everyone. They all agree with Kittu. Ishaan says we all will give a united gift. Ishaan says Kittu will bring it. Kittu says ok.

Ashish says we will contribute money. Kittu says yes, its decided now. Anand says I will give the money from all of you. Kittu asks everyone to give money. Ashish gives all the money he had. Kittu says we will buy the gift for Shraddha. The next morning, Kunal is getting ready. Kamini calls him handsome. They have a funny talk. Kunal’s dad asks him where he is going. Kunal says I m going to Kittu’s house as its rakshabandhan today. Kamini asks him whata re you gifting her. Kunal says Rs. 10. Its a game which Kittu and I used to play. Kamini says don’t insult Kittu there. Kamini gives him Rs. 10000 and asks him to give it to Kittu. Kunal says whats this, I will give her Rs. 100 only, but before that Rs. 10. Kamini says things change after marriage, she lives with her in laws, you should give her enough money that she can be proud of. Kunal says I m going to give Kittu a shock.

Papa comes and asks is everyone ready. Shraddha comes there with the rakhis. Everyone looks at her and smiles. Papa blesses Shraddha and asks everyone to
welcome her. Her brothers call her princess and welcome her. Kittu and jaya come home after shopping for Shraddha and they tell this to Mummy. Shraddha says gifts for me. Kittu asks jaya to bring cake. Papa says nowadays cake is being cut on every occasion. Anand tells Shraddha that yesterday you told you lost your six years, today we want to give you those years back. Anand says these gifts are for every year from your three brothers.

Everyone laughs. Papa says tie them six rakhis each. Shraddha ties the rakhis. Kittu is waiting for Kunal. Mummy says we are seeing this after so many years. Papa agrees and smiles. Kittu says Kunal did not come till now. Mummy says he will come soon. Shraddha cuts the cake and everyone celebrate. Kunal comes there with a horror mask. Kunal scares Shraddha and Anand. They are shocked to see him. Kunal asks where is Kittu. Shraddha does not see him.

Shraddha and Kunal are about to meet..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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