Meri Bhabhi 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 25th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand saying everyone that Bobby was a cheat. Shraddha is shocked. Mummy goes to her and cries. Shraddha runs away from the hall. Everyone look at her. Dhruv asks about Bobby and what happened to Shraddha. Papa is hurt thinking about Bobby and what his wife told him He realizes that his wife was right about Bobby and that Bobby made false promises. He thinks of Anand’s warning against Bobby. Papa is disheartened and gets a heart ache. Anand holds him. Anand says don’t worry, I will bring Bobby back. Papa says such a big cheat, he ruined our love and trust. Kittu cries. Papa says Bobby did not think about Shraddha, not even once.

Papa says what did Bobby get doing this. Shraddha is in her room, thinking how Bobby won her trust and how he broke it. She thinks about Bobby’s words. She still trusts Bobby and thinks of the situation. Dhruv comes to her, and says call my dad, I want to go to Mumbai. He asks Shraddha to call Bobby. Ashish says don’t talk to your mum for some time. Dhruv asks her to come and meet Bobby. Shraddha scolds him. Dhruv becomes silent and runs outside the rooom. Dhruv ghugs Anand. Anand says why are you shouting on Dhruv. Shraddha says can’t he see his dad left us alone and run away. Shraddha is hurt. Anand says whats Dhruv’s mistake, you trusted him against my doubt on him, you wanted to go with him, what did Dhruv do. Anand scolds Shraddha and Ashish.

Anand says no one trusted me. Ashish says don’t be angry on Shraddha. Anand sends Dhruv with Ashish and Ishaan. Kittu comes there. Anand asks Shraddha that he does not understand why Bobby did this, why he came here, what did he get from here. Kittu told about Bobby’s financial problem. Shraddha says I don’t know. Anand asks did he take money from anyone. Shraddha says yes, 1 lakh from Papa. Kittu thinks that she gave me 2 lakhs. Kittu is speechless. Anand says did anyone else also give. Shraddha says his friend gave him 2 lakhs. Anand hugs Shraddha. Kittu fears and runs downstairs. She falls on the stairs and cries. She thinks how Bobby framed her and fooled her by winning her trust.

Kittu’s dad sees Kittu crying. She hugs her dad. He says stop crying. He says Shraddha needs you, go to her. He says if you do like this, who will take care of Shraddha. He says I m proud of you. Mummy comes there and wipes Kittu’s tears, she says go to Shraddha, she is hurt the most. She says Papa is fine. Kittu says what do you think, Bobby really run away. Mummy says he came here for money. Bobby has broken everyone’s trust, he played with our emotions for just 1 lakh rs. Kittu says not 1 lakh, 3 lakhs. Mummy says what are you saying, Kittu hugs her crying. Kittu says I have given him 2 lakhs. Mummy does not understand and asks her how you gave him money. Kittu says yes, I gave him. Mummy is shocked and says tell me in detail, how you arranged money. Kittu says Bobby wanted to take Shraddha with her, he did not had the money for flat deposit so I took money from my mum and gave him.

Ishaan says Bobby had cancelled his train ticket too. jaya says we would have known it. Dhruv talks in favor of Bobby. Ishaan scolds him. Kittu tells Mummy that she felt she should help him, please don’t misunderstand me, I wanted to help Shraddha and see her happy. Mummy says I know you did this for Shraddha, she asks does your mum know about Bobby. Kitts says no, I lied to her. Mummy says what have you done, you should have asked me, when Papa or Anand know about this, they will create a big issue. Kittu cries. Mummy asks her not to tell this to Anand and hugs her. She says you did thinking for a positive thing. I will return your mum’s money but no one should know about it, not even Anand. Kittu agrees.

Anand says I know someone gave money to Bobby. He asks Kittu did you gave him money. Kittu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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