Meri Bhabhi 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha gettin insulted by Kamini at her house. Anand is on the way thinking about everyone’s words that he should bring Kittu back. He thinks about Kittu’s words and cries. He says what did I do. Anand is coming to Kittu’s house to take Kittu. Kamini is insulting Shraddha and Dhruv. Purshottam comes and stops Kamini. Shraddha says i came here to take Kittu. Kamini says I know yu, you came here to meet Kunal. Kamini says did you forget what Anand did with Kittu and threw her at our door. She says now they will see how I make Shraddha out of this house.

Purshottam stops Kamini and says are you mad, leave her hand. Kamini says I m not afraid of everyone. She taunts Shraddha badly and Shraddha cries. Kittu calls Kunal and tells him that Shraddha came

to meet me and Kamini is insulting her. Kunal is shocked and says I m coming there. Kittu asks Kamini to go inside. Dhruv takes Shraddha’s side. Kamini says Shraddha is using Dhruv to trap my son Kunal. Kunal is coming home. Kamini says Dhruv is also clever.

Purshottam gets angry on Kamini and says don’t forget Shraddha is someone’s daughter. Kamini says Kittu is here because of Shraddha, her life is getting ruined. She says Shraddha is using Kittu. Purshottam takes Kamini with him. Drhuv says I m feeling scared. I want to go home. Kittu cries. Shraddha removes Kittu’s hand and looks at her.

Shraddha leaves with Dhruv. Kunal comes and looks at Shraddha. He sees Dhruv and they leave. Kunal says Shraddha….. He comes to Kittu and asks what happened. Kittu cries. Anand tells everyone that he will bring Kittu back. Everyone are happy. Papa says we wanted this. Anand says I think I overreacted. Papa says forget everything, everything will be fine now. Shraddha and Dhruv come home. Shraddha cries saying Bhai. Everyone are shocked to see her. Dhruv says don’t tell anything to my mum and hugs Shraddha.

Everyone ask what happened. Shraddha says he has fever. Everyone ask Dhruv what happened. Dhruv says don’t tell anything to my mum and cries. Anand asks Shraddha what is the matter. They ask what is Dhruv saying. Shraddha says take him to the hospital. Anand asks what happened. Shraddha cries. Kittu tells Kunal what is Dhruv’s mistake. Kunal worries about Dhruv. Kamini says you both worry about Snhraddha and Dhruv, but don’t worry. Kunal says I will talk to Shraddha but Kittu says you don’t call, I will talk to her.

Anand says did Kittu not stop her mum. Anand gets Kittu’s call and he says its the limit. he says why were you silent. Kittu says I tried to stop her. Anand sayd Dhruv got fever. Kittu says I know but listen to me. Anand says everyone were asking me to bring you back and I also thought to bring you back and forget everything, but what did you do with Shraddha and Dhruv.

Anand says you all are after Shraddha, I m regretting here thinking about you, now I think my decision was right, I won’t come there to take you, tell this to your mum. He says I will never bring you back home. Anand scolds Kittu and ends the call.

Kittu tells this to Kamini ad says see what you did, I won’t be able to go to Anand ever. Kamini says I m not like your Papa. She says I will ruin their family image. Kunal says please stop all this. Kittu says ask me once whether I want to go there or not. She says it will be my decision, not yours. She says no one cares about me, no one wants to keep me at their home. Purshottam says this house is yours. Kamini says no, this is not her house.

Kittu says Anand have made me away from his heart. Kamini says what are you saying about love. You have to be with Anand. Kittu argues with Kamini. Kittu says I don’t want such relation which does not ave love and trust. She says I want to be free from this relation forever. Everyone are shocked. Kamini says what do you mean, you want to get the divorce. Kittu is silent. Kunal says try to understand mum. Kamini says the society matters to me, if you stay at our house, everyone will laugh on you. Kittu says I won’t go back where I m not getting any respect.

Kittu says Anand have told me he won’t call me back ever, why should I go there. Kamini says Anand is angry now. Kittu says if you want me to go there, as you have a problem with me staying here. Kamini says yes, I feel bad seeing you here, as you are my daughter. Kittu says I will go, but somewhere else. She says I don’t want to hurt anyone and be a burden on anyone. She says I m educated that I won’e be dependent on anyone. Purshottam stops Kamini and says don’t dare to tell anything to Kittu now. Kamini says don’t support Kittu, else you will regret.

Purshottam talks to Kittu and says I m not like your mum, I don’t care about the society, you know I love my children, I want to tell you that don’t decide at this moment as Anand is very angry now. He says we will decide later. Kittu says I m thinking how Anand made me away from him. She cries. She says its as if its only Anand’s house, not mine, I m a stranger for him, it shows how much important I m to him, he told me he won’t come to take me ever, what about my love and relation, it ended all of a sudden. She says if Anand wants this, then let it be. She says I have to do something now. Kunal says this is not the solution, there has to be some way. Kittu says no, I will not go back in that house, this is my final decision. Kamini is shocked.

Kunal comes to meet Anand and his family and says about Kittu’s state. He says I can’t bear this. He says I will take her with me to America. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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