Meri Bhabhi 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand and Bobby having a discussion. Anand says I care for Shraddha, I want to see her happy. Bobby promises him that he will keep her happy. Kittu calls them for dinner. Mummy and Papa get emotional about Shraddha. Mummy says you can hug her, I cannot even hug her. Papa says you wish it right, Mummy says I wish Shraddha could listen to my heart. Papa says things will change, one day Shraddha will come to you. Mummy says she should be happy. Everyone come and think of enjoying whole night. All of them have dinner. They play LUDO games. Mummy and Papa think that the youngsters are having fun alone leaving me. Papa and Mummy come to them. Bobby supports Shraddha. They look at each other and smile. Shraddha and Bobby win the game. Mummy and Papa are happy seeing Shraddha smile. Mummy asks Bobby to promise that he will keep Shraddha happy. Bobby promises. Papa says I did not do Kanyadaan last time, but this time I will do it.

Kittu says we will do it, with many guests. Papa says I will do it infront of the society. Shraddha hugs Papa. Ishaan says you have made us emotional. They think of playing another game. Papa says we too want to involve. Bobby asks Papa to sing a song. He says Shraddha told me that you sing well. Ashish says don’t sing a sad song. Ishaan says we will get bored. Mummy says songs of her times. Papa says lets show them what we can do. Papa sings Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche har zabaan par…. Mummy dances. Everyone whistle for Mummy and Papa. Everyone are happy and dance around Mummy and Papa.

Everyone are having a laugh. Ishaan says now Ashish and jaya will tell their story. Anand sees Shraddha happy. Shraddha thanks Anand. Kittu is making tea for everyone. Bobby comes to her and thanks her. Shraddha thanks Anand for accepting Bobby. Kittu asks Bobby to keep Shraddha happy. Anand says this time if anything happens, then you will tell me. He hugs her. Bobby says I will try to return your money, Kittu says don’t tell it to Shraddha. Bobby says you are really nice. Kittu says I m good because of this family. Kittu says I did not see this family happy like this before, its because of you.

Kittu’s mum comes to their house and sees everyone sleeping in the hall. She wakes up jaya. She shouts Kittu, are you fine. Everyone wake up. Kamini says oh you all are alive. She jokes. She says I came to meet Shraddha and Bobby. Papa jokes with her. Shraddha and Bobby come. They greet her. She introduces herself. She says you did not come in Kittu’s marriage. She brings sweets again. Anand says why do you bring this when we don’t like it. Kamini says she brought it for Shraddha. Papa leaves annoyed. She gives sweets to Shraddha. Shraddha says its her blessings. Kamini says Shraddha speaks like her Mummy. Shraddha looks on.

Kittu stops her mum from saying anything. Kamini asks jaya to make tea for her. jaya takes Ashish with her. Mummy asks her to sit. Bobby says we have to do packing and leaves. Anand says I have some work, I will just come. Anand hears Kamini talk about money. He asks her. Kittu is shocked. Kamini changes the topic. Anand leaves. Kittu says don’t talk about money here.

Papa hugs Shraddha. Everyone are waiting for Bobby.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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