Meri Bhabhi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal and Shraddha talking online. Shraddha says we have lied and what if everyone knows about it. He says we have brought Kittu and Anand closer. What would we have done if not this. Kittu flirts with Shraddha and asks her to come close to the screen as he wants to touch her. Anand comes there and says Shraddha. Shraddha is shocked seeing him. Anand asks with whom are you talking. Shraddha says with my college friends. Anand believes her and asks why are you so tensed, continue your chat, I will come later. Shraddha says no, I ended the chat, tell me what is it. Anand says I m going Jaipur for office work, take care of Kittu.

Shraddha says don’t worry, we all will take care of her. He says I enjoyed with Dhruv a lot. I can’t believe I will have a baby in few days. He is excited about it. Shraddha says yes. Anand says you have to take care of him, as I don’t know anything about babies. Shraddha thinks she did not do this right by fooling Anand and asks him are you happy only about the baby or did your feelings changed for Kittu, do you care for her only because she is pregnant. She asks Anand again. She says if its only about baby, its a problem, a mother can take care of the baby well, what do you want. Anand leaves without answering her.

Anand comes to his room and is happy seeing the flowers. Ranjhana…………. plays………… Kittu is in her room and says do you miss me or not. She imagines Anand who says I miss you a lot, come to my room and make it ours. She says why don’t you call me then. Should I say sorry everytime. Can’t you bend once for me and our relation. She says you have to say. Anand also imagines Kittu and says what should I say Kittu, do I love you and our coming baby. He says will this new relation make us connected, what should I answer to Shraddha.

He sees Kittu is not really there. Kittu smiles and writes Anand on the glass. Anand sees her writing his name and smiles. He hides when she turns to see him. Anand is happy seeing his name and smiles happily.

Mummy, Kittu and Shraddha talk about Anand and does not let Kittu do any work as its Anand’s orders. Dhruv sees jaya and shouts ghost. everyone laughs. Dhruv comes to Ishaan and says I want to play with you. Ishaan is cleaning his room. Papa asks did Kittu not make any food today. Shraddha says we have not let her cook. Papa asks why. Kittu says I don’t know. Shraddha says its Anand’s orders. Papa asks where is Anand. Mummy says he is getting ready to leave. Kittu says I will play with Dhruv today.

Kunal sees Shraddha in mirror and smiles. Kamini comes to him and asks him to come for breakfast. Kunal says coming. Kamini talks to Purshottam and says these days Kunal look very happy, is it he is after Shraddha again. He says ask him if you have any doubt. She says I won’t. She asks about that girl. Kunal comes and asks which girl. Purshottam lies to him that he is seeing a girl for his friend’s son. Kunal laughs. He says your choice is good and looks at Kamini. Kamini smiles.

Kittu is playing hide and seek with Dhruv. He asks her to hide where he can’t find her. She hides in Anand’d car’s dicky. Anand looks out for Kittu. Shraddha asks whom are you looking for. Anand says no, I m leaving. Papa says go, you are getting late. Anand says I will drive myself. Mummy says we won’t take any work by Kittu and laughs. Shraddha says happy journey and hugs him. Anand greets Mummy and Papa and still waits for Kittu. Dhruv comes and says you are looking for Kittu right, even me. Anand says no, I will leave, bye.

Anand says I wish I could meet Kittu once before leaving, I should go now. He does not keep his bag in dicky and does not see Kittu. He starts the car and Kittu is sitll in the dicky.

Kittu shouts seeing Anand drive the car. She says stop the car Anand, I m here. Anand does not hear her..

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