Meri Bhabhi 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu teasing Shraddha after knowing that the guy paid her bill. Papa is playing chess alone from both the sides. jaya asks how do you play alone. Papa says its more fun. Mummy comes and talks to Papa. Papa and Mummy have a sweet scene together. Kittu gets Kunal’s call and asks him where she is. He says you should have met me. Kittu says I should complain to you, I waited for you for two hours. Kittu says I am a good sister, but Shraddha was in problem. Kunal says now I understand why mum is irritated by Shraddha. Kittu asks him to come and meet her on Rakshabandhan day. Kunal agrees. Shraddha says I m feeling bad, you are unable to meet your brother because of me. Kittu says nothing like that, he is cool. Kittu and Shraddha have a laugh. Kittu says lets go and buy

Rakhis for our brothers.

Ashish comes and Papa is busy playing chess. Mummy says you called me to talk about Dhruv’s fees. Papa talks to Ashish about Dhruv’s fees saying there are so many expenses and Anand cannot bear it alone. Mummy says if we contribute, then it will not be a burden on Anand. jaya gets worried. Papa says you take the responsibility of Dhruv’s fees. Ashish agrees happily. Kittu and Shraddha shop Rakhis. Shraddha gets a call from Bobby. Kittu asks her to talk to him for the last time. Shraddha receives the call. jaya asks Ashish will you pay Dhruv’s fees, do you know how much is his fees. Ashish says how long will Anand bear the expenses, we can divide the expenses and pay it. Ishaan comes and takes Papa’s side. jaya argues with Ishaan. Ashish says I don’t understand. She says think about me. Ishaan says why are you reacting like this.

Ishaan scolds jaya. She overreacts. Ashish asks Ishaan to leave. jaya gets angry. Bobby talks to Shraddha and says you could have spoke to me once, what will Dhruv feel. Shraddha says you have died for us. Bobby says don’t come in Anand’s talks, take back the notice. Shraddha says I have made the decision. Bobby says I will ruin your image in the court. Kittu talks to Bobby and asks what do you want. Kittu asks him not to call again else they will go to police. Bobby says is it a crime to talk to my wife. Kittu says you should be ashamed. Kittu scolds him and warns him. Shraddha worries thinking Bobby maybe close to her.
Shraddha looks at the kids as they come out of the school. She gets worried not finding Dhruv. Dhruv comes atlast. Shraddha gets happy and hugs him. He says this school is very good. he says I made friends today. Kittu says lets go now. Ishaan shows the Rakhis and gets happy. Anand says what will happen if we see it. Papa says you all should be patient. Papa praises their choice. Mummy says Kittu will be celebrating Rakshabandhan after 3 years, Shraddha says and I will be celebrating after 6 years. Shraddha gets emotional. Anand says wven we have missed you. Papa scolds them and says you all have to gift Shraddha. Everyone agrees and laughs. Dhruv says who will tie me the Rakhi. Mummy says we will tell Kittu to bring a sister for you. Kittu becomes shy. Everyone teases Anand. jaya asks why did you bring so many rakhis. Mummy ties the rakhi to everyone. jaya asks why do you do this. Mummy leaves. Shraddha goes after her.

Shraddha comes to Mummy and asks why did you come like this. Mummy says I m fine. Shraddha realizes her pain. Mummy tries to hide it from her. Shraddha asks her what happened, tell me. Shraddha hugs her and says I did not try to know your pain all these years. Mummy says its Rakshabandhan today, I thought about my brother. Shraddha is shocked to know that she has a brother. Mummy says I did not see him since many years, when I married your Papa, my relations broke. She says I left my husband and married your Papa. Shraddha is shocked.

Kunal says he is going to meet Kittu. Everyone are celebrating Rakshabandhan.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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