Meri Bhabhi 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal telling everyone lets play truth or dare. They start playing and the bottle points to Chaya. Chaya says truth. Someone asks Chaya about her husband. Chaya says she loves only her husband. They say tell us only the truth. Chaya says yes, Iiked someone. Kunal says who is he. Shraddha says only one question. Shraddha asks who was he. Chaya names someone. Shraddha says you are mad. The bottle stops at Kunal. Suzanne asks him about the girl he mentioned in his speech. Everyone look at Kunal. Kunal says shall I say. He looks at Shraddha and says I will tell the truth. Everyone insists. Kunal says Suzanne. Suzanne is shocked and happy. Suzanne says liar, I won’t believe this.

Kunal draws her closer and says if lie is so beautiful, then why to care for truth. Suzanne does not believe him. The bottle stops at Shraddha. Shraddha says I don’t want to play. Everyone calls her cheater. Shraddha says truth. Kunal asks him does you feel anything. She says this is rubbish, I don’t want to play. Chaya says answer him. Shraddha says dare…. Chaya says drink a cold drink, ten glasses without stopping. Shraddha starts drinking. Kunal claps for her. Kunal gets someone’s call and he rejects it. Shraddha wins. Kunal looks at her shocked.

Kamini says Kunal is rejecting my call. She is shopping for saree and meets her friend. She is happy to see her and they have a talk. They exchange their numbers. Kamini comes to know her bahu has taken divorce. Kamini says she had a daughter. She says yes, she lives with Rohit. She says I m sad for my son. Kamini gets an idea for fixing the proposal of Rohit with Shraddha. Shraddha is drunk. Kunal talks to her. He says true love does not hide and it erases the pain. Shraddha says its rubbish. She says I understand it more than you.

Kittu talks to Anand saying please talk to me. Anand says I m talking. She asks are you annoyed with me. He says no. She says then tell me anything. He says let it go. She says I m your wife. He says only to say. Kittu asks what do you mean. Anand says for what, for giving me food, did you spend some time with me. He says you don’t have time for me. Kittu says we talk. Anand is angry on her and says when did we talk about ourselves. He says we have to show the love to each other, he says I see work in your eyes, I did not see any feelings for me in your eyes. Kittu gets upset.

Kittu tells Anand I did not know you had this complain with me. He says this is not a complain. Kittu says but. He says but you don’t want to change. He says tell me, look at Mummy and Papa, they do everything so freely. Kittu says I don’t understand where I m doing the mistake. Anand says its not your mistake, its my mistake also, the truth is we are living together but did not come closer. He says I m only a brother and son and you, a bahu and bhabhi.

Shraddha tells Kunal how much can love ruin someone. Kunal says did you drink beer. Everyohe look at Shraddha. Shraddha tells him about her college times. Kunal smiles. She tells him about Bobby. She says don’t know what I saw in him, I was mad about him. I was a fool. She laughs and blames herself. Kunal says forget the past and holds her. He says even today, the guys fall in love with you. He says love can happen again. Shraddha laughs and says I m not a fool. Shraddha hugs Kunal as she is not in her senses.

Kunal tries to wake her up. Everyone come to them. The next morning, Kunal’s friend takes Kamini’s call and says Kunal went out with Shraddha. Kamini is annoyed. Kittu tells everyone that Dhruv is having fun in his trip, he is fine and happy. Papa says its good, Dhruv and Shraddha are happy. Kamini comes to them and greets everyone. Kittu hugs her. Kamini asks Kittu about her hand. Mummy welcomes her for breakfast. Kamini says I had breakfast, I will have tea. Kamini asks Mummy is Shraddha happy there. Everyone look at her.

Kamini says I don’t have any bad feelings for Shraddha, I want her to be happy. Kittu smiles. Kamini apologizes to everyone. Kamini tells them about the proposal she brought for Shraddha. Everyone are shocked. Kamini smiles.

Shraddha talks to Chaya and Chaya tells her that you hugged Kunal. Chaya says you were drunk. Shraddha is tensed seeing Kunal..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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