Meri Bhabhi 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand arguing with Mummy about Shraddha. Anand says how can you trust Bobby, even you feel he is innocent. Mummy says I m trusting Shraddha, not Bobby. Kittu listens. Mummy says this time we will see if Shraddha is happy with Bobby or not. We will tell Bobby that Shraddha is not alone, we are with her. Mummy says Shraddha and Dhruv are very happy, we should support them. Anand is still having a doubt about Bobby. He says ok, as you all wish, I will not do anything which hurt Shraddha or Papa. Anand leaves. Mummy gets worried about Anand. Kittu looks on.

Kittu’s mum is talking on phone. Her husband comes and they have a funny discussion. She tells him that Kittu came today, she had some work. He asks is everything fine. He tells him that Anand wanted some money. He gets shocked. She tells him everything. He says what did you do, Anand will not take money fro himself. He says I will talk to Kittu about this. She says no one will know about this. She says I have given the money, now you don’t do anything.

Anand is talking to his friend and tries to find about Bobby. Kittu hears this. She asks Anand what is this, what happened to you that you are finding out about Bobby. Anand says I don’t trust him. Kittu says why not, he is sorry now. We did not do anything for Shraddha. Bobby was right, we would have supported Shraddha earlier. Anand says what did we do wrong. Kittu says what have we done in the last year, we did not tell her that we are with her. Even we are her culprits. Papa is happy too, that Bobby will take Shraddha. Let him be peaceful. Kittu says everyone are happy, support Mummy atleast. She says today is the last day for Shraddha in this house, you are her brother, let her go from here without any burden on her heart. Kittu leaves saying this. Kittu hears Bobby and Shraddha talking. They plan for Dhruv. Kittu smiles seeing them. Kittu says dinner is ready, are you guys hungry or not. Bobby says I m very much hungry. Kittu says lets go. All of them have a laugh. Bobby says I got it now what I missed in all these years, He promises Kittu that he will always value this relations.

Anand comes there and looks at Bobby. Kittu tries to take Anand with her. Anand says let me talk to bobby in private. Kittu gets tensed. Anand asks Bobby to come on the terrace and leaves. Bobby goes to meet Anand. Kittu and Shraddha follow him. Papa is talking on phone and asks Kittu’s dad to meet Bobby. Anand and Bobby are having a talk on the terrace. Anand pushes Bobby off the terrace and holds his hand. Kittu and Shraddha are shocked.

Anand says Bobby shall I push you. Bobby is hanging. Shraddha says take Bobby up. She requests to Anand. Bobby kicks Anand and comes up. Bobby says enough, its too much, I m annoyed with you. What should I do, should I say sorry to you daily. Listen Anand, Shraddha is my wife and Dhruv is my son, they will live with me. Shraddha asks Bobby to keep quiet. Bobby shouts on Anand. It rains. Bobby says what should I do to win Anand’s trust. Kittu and Shraddha requests Anand. Bobby asks for only one chance. Anand looks at Shraddha and her pleads. Anand says ok. Bobby smiles. Shraddha and Kittu get happy. Anand says never hurt my sister, else I won’t spare you. Bobby says ok, got it.

jaya comes to Ashish and tells him that Anand is sitting with Bobby on the terrace. Ashish says whats the big deal. Anand is ahead than you. Ashish says when shall we go to Mumbai. jaya plans to meet the filmstars. Shraddha and Kittu get happy that anand accepted Bobby. She says now I m relieved. Kittu hugs Shraddha. Kittu says the bad phase is over. now there will be only happiness. Kittu cries with happiness. She says we were thinking that Bobby should come somehow, now we are thinking that you will leave us and go tomorrow. Shraddha says I m tensed, I m happy but I am afraid. Kittu says don’t keep any fears.

Mummy tells Papa that Shraddha will go tomorrow. Papa says you wish to hug Shraddha. Everyone have a good family time with Shraddha.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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