Meri Bhabhi 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhavna telling Shraddha that now you cannot run, Anand same to know about everything. Mummy ji and Papa ji are thinking about their kids, about Anand. He says Anand’s company should send Anand every month to Mumbai. Mummy ji says you can go alone too. Papaji says yes, I will go and meet her. Mummy ji says you become happy when you hear Shraddha’s name. Kittu hears them talking. Kittu is talking to Anand, she tells him to bring Shraddha home. Kittu says don’t worry about Papa ji, I will take care. Kittu cries.

Shraddha comes home and Anand sees her crying. Anand comes to her and she says sorry. Anand says I feel like slapping you but.. he hugs her. She cries. Kittu hears Papaji shouting on someone. Papa ji is seeing Shraddha’s belongings and says he always kept her belongings safe. He says these items are beautiful memories of Shraddha. Kittu cries and comes to them. Papa ji is tensed to see Kittu crying. Kittu tells him that you used to walk slowly so that Shraddha wins, but now she is tired, hold her. Papaji asks what does this mean. Mummy asks her why she is crying. Kittu says Shraddha was running till now, but now she cannot. Hold her, Papa ji says she is happy in her world, Bobby kept her very happy. Mummy ji asks why are you worried. Kittu says whatever we heard about Shraddha was all a lie, Mummy ji and Papa ji says what are you saying, we spoke to her two days ago. Kittu tells them that Bobby left her, she is in much pain, and she tells about Anand’s call and what he said. Papa ji is shocked.

Scene shifts to Shraddha:

Anand asks Shraddha why did you hide everything from us, she says what could I say, I left my family for Bobby, and he left me and went far, Papa ji would not take this easily. She says its my life, and I have to bear the pain, I don’t want to hurt anyone. Anand says I’m your brother. He says we are going to Delhi, you pack your belongings. Shraddha says why don’t you understand, I cannot face papa. He says he is your dad, he loves you the most. Anand gets Papa ji’s call and he asks for Shraddha. Papa ji tells Shraddha to speak anything. Shraddha cries. She says papa. He says speak I m listening. She says I’m sorry papa. He says don’t cry, take Dhruv and come to your dad, I’m alive. He says I got your old cycle, do you remember how you used to drive it in the house.

He says please come to me. She cries. Anand comes to her and says Papaji that I’m bringing her and Dhruv. Papaji is worried about Shraddha, he says she was crying a lot. Mummy ji says maybe because she heard your voice after so many days. Papa ji thinks I could not feel her sadness. He tells everyone to welcome Shraddha with an open heart and happiness. Kittu says yes, we will give her immense happiness so that she forgets her pain. Papa ji says Shraddha is not a guest, she will live her as Shraddha Shergill, she will live in our room.

Anand asks Bhavna about Shraddha. Bhavna says she is fine, take care of Shraddha. Anand comes to Shraddha and says you are looking good, like before. She says if Bobby comes, he says so much happened, and you are still thinking about Bobby, if you care about papa, then come with me to Delhi. He says come fast, I m waiting.
Everyone are doing the arrangements for Shraddha. Kittu thinks Papa ji is looking very happy, Mummy ji says I m worried how he will react after seeing Shraddha.

Shraddha hugs papa ji, they bring her home.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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