Meri Bhabhi 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal sending Dhruv as he needs to talk to Shraddha alone. Shraddha and Kunal talk about Anand and Kittu. Shraddha says did Anand change really for Kittu or his feelins changed only thinking about the baby. They are sitting in a restaurant and Anand comes there. Kunal and Shraddha are still having the discussion. Kunal says Anand is not understanding his true feelings for Kittu in anger, don’t take so much tension. Shraddha looks at Kunal. Kunal says don’t worry, many misunderstandings vanish when people stay together. Dhruv comes to them and Shraddha says you go and play, we are still talking.

Anand is behind them and does not see them as someone comes in between. Dhruv sees Anand. Shraddha and Kunal hide their faces seeing Anand. Anand walks past them and meets his client. Kunal and Shraddha leave their table and hide in the restaurant’s kitchen. Kunal tries to call Dhruv and make him come to them. Shraddha says Anand will hear you, stop. Anand goes to the washroom and on the way does not see Dhruv eating icecream. Shraddha and Kunal are watching this and are shocked. Dhruv hides seeing Anand. Shraddha and Kunal smile. Kunal says see he is smart like me. Shraddha says we are caught because of you. She says lets go and take Dhruv and leave.

Anand comes back and Dhruv is saved yet again. Shraddha falls on Kunal and her hair tangles in his coat. Music plays………….. as they have an eyelock. Kunal removes the tangled hair and looks at her. He says Dhruv……… She says yes and goes to see him. Papa and Mummy come to talk to Kittu. Kittu jokes and they have a laugh. Mummy says its very good that you are here in this house. Papa says thank us too. Mummy says the Lord has done all this, and now Kittu will do something. Mummy says we have always heard this that you have to discover your relation.

Papa says try to understand you and Anand. Mummy says Papa is saying right. Papa says there is lots of difference between men and women. Anand walks towards the kitchen. Shraddha and Kunal are worried. Anand sees Dhruv and is shocked seeing him alone. Dhruv gets tensed. Anand asks what are you doing here. Dhruv is quiet. Shraddha and Kunal look o.

Kittu cleans Anand’s room and Ranjhana…………. plays………… She sees the clock and says its stopped, he did not even change its battery, its like him, I will remove the bad time from here. She changes the clock’s battery but it falls and its glass breaks. She says it broke, what should I do now. Anand asks Dhruv who is with you. Shraddha comes and says you here. Shraddha says we came here to have icecream. Anand says fine if he is with you, I was worried seeing him alone. He says I came here for meeting. Kunal reacts hearing this.

The waiter serves food for Kunal. Anand asks Shraddha who is with you. Kunal says its me, your jija. The waiter hears this and laughs. Shraddha is tensed. She says Dhruv ordered that food. Dhruv smiles. Anand gets a call and gets busy. Kittu calls him and says there is a problem, a clock broke by me. I m so sorry, I was changing the battery. Anand cares for her worried hearing she stood on the stool. He asks he to take care. Kittu smiles. He says don’t worry about the clock, take rest. He says I will finish my meeting and then we will go home.

Kunal says my date, got awful, but Kittu’s life is looking set, thank you. Kittu is happy talking to Anand and smiles. Intezaaron me chupi thi…………… plays…………………

Shraddha tells Anand that Kittu needs his support. Anand looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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