Meri Bhabhi 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kunal’s entry in Shraddha’s house. Kiitu and Kunal shares a good bonding. Kunal praises her looks and asks about her mum in law. Mummyji asks Kiitu to speak with her bro and asks Jaya to prepare tea. Papaji comes and sees Kunal. Kunal says Kittu always talk about you. Kittu says your clothes are stained, why. Kunal says he had a fight with someone while coming. He gives them sweets, Papaji wonders why he is doing like his mum. Kunal says he speaks sweet and eat sweet. Kittu asks him to wash his hand and have lunch. Kunal says he didn’t talk to his mum and needs to go home. He asks Kittu to pack the baigan ka raita. He asks Kittu to let him leave or else mum will get angry. Mummji says she can understand Kaminiji feelings. Kunal says nothing is big than motherly

emotions. Kittu agrees. Kunal bids her bye.

Kunal says he will come some other time. Kittu agrees. She asks Jaya’s name. Kunal tells Papaji that he will convey his regard to his mum. As Kunal is leaving, Shraddha comes in an auto but both of them doesn’t see each other. Kittu asks Shraddha where were you. Shradhha says she messed with someone and speaks about some mad guy who snatched her bad. Kiitu says her brother came and went without having lunch. Kittu gives sweets to Shraddha. she says Papaji likes Kunal and had jokes with him. Anand asks whether Kunal felt bad that they didn’t go to the airport to receive them. Kittu says we were busy naa. Anand says whatever happened in the police station. Kittu says everything will be good as she saw the spark in Shraddha’s eyes.

Kunal’s parents talk to him. Kunal tells his dad that Kittu hug him. He speaks about Kittu’s father in law and says he is a good personality and says her mother in law is cute. Mummyji speaks about Shraddha and says Kittu is suffering after she came in her life. She is never happy after she enter the house. Kunal’s dad tells him that Shraddha’s husband left her and Anand brought her home.

Kittu tells Anand that she have an idea to spend sometime with each other and plans to to vegetable market. Anand says he won’t go as she will bargain in the market and it would be bad. Kittu says she will go with Shraddha and will romance with him after coming back.

Kunal’s mum talks about the marriage proposal for him. She says she will show some photos of the girls. Kunal jokes that he got married already and cooks up some story much to her mum shock. His dad laughs. Mum says not to joke with her. Kunal says he will select the girl for sure this time.

Jaspreet calls Anand and says she got the date for Shraddha’s divorce. Anand thanks her and says he wants to save Shraddha from Bobby. He tells Kittu that Monday is Shraddha’s divorce case hearing.

Kittu calls Kunal and invites him over lunch, She says she wants him to meet Shraddha. Kunal agrees. Anand repairs the frame, Kittu gets happy and thanks him. She hugs him and says whenever you are angry, I feel bad. She says I love you. She asks for her gift. Anand gifts her earrings while the song ranjana plays. Kittu gets happy.

Shraddha bumps into Kunal again in an restaurant. She forgets her wallet and calls Kiitu for help. Meanwhile Kunal sees her distressed and comes to help her. But Shraddha says she don’t want his help as her bhabhi is coming for her.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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