Meri Bhabhi 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Kunal reaching their college. They get much happy and dance with the cheerleaders. Kunal sticks to Shraddha. He says listen to me. Kunal meets his friends. They ask him when did he come back from America. He says last month. His friends call Shraddha Bhabhi ji. Kunal says she is not Bhabhi ji, she is Kittu’s Nanand. Shraddha meets everyone. Kunal says she is our junior. Shraddha meets her friends. Kunal also meets them. He says I m her senior. Shraddha says shall we go and talk now. Kunal says sure, give me the car’s keys, I will park it. Kunal’s friends say Kunal won’t change.

Papa is waiting for Shraddha’s call. Kittu says I spoke to her but Kunal took my call. They are fine. jaya says how come, they went separately. Ishaan also asks her. Mummy says Kunal’s car broke up and Shraddha gave him lift. Mummy tells Ishaan its fine as they were going to the same place. Anand says its good, they can help each other. jaya says I knew it that they will go together. Everyone look at her and she says its good. Papa says how did Kunal’s car broke up.

Kunal unpacks his bag and is very happy. He tells his college mates to enjoy the college days as they will be missing it later. Kunal is happy seeing his college. She sees Shraddha by the camera and stares at her. Shraddha gets hurt by a thorn and Kunal comes to her and removes the thorn from her feet. Shraddha looks at him and smiles. Kunal touches her face and they have an eyelock. She smiles and he stops her calling her name. He opens his arms and she comes and hugs him. He says give all your sufferings to me. Its Kunal’s imagination. He looks at Shraddha standing there and gets a call.

Its Kamini’s call. She says did you meet Shraddha, is she with you. He says mom, please. She says stay away from her. He says I m far, I m in boy’s hostel and she is in girl’s hostel, its impossible to meet her. He ends the call saying I can’t hear you. Kamini says its good that they are not meeting. Purshottam asks Kamini to go shopping and decorate the house. He gives her some money and leaves.

She gets jaya’s call and comes to know that Kunal went with Shraddha. Kamini is shocked. jaya laughs knowing Kamini trusted Kunal’s lie. jaya says they are together, he will lie to you, there is no one to stop them. Kamini says I will talk to Kunal now. Kamini is angry as Kunal lied to her because of Shraddha. He tries calling Kunal but his phone is off. Shraddha sees some kids playing and misses Dhruv. Ishaan teases jaya. Shraddha calls Kittu and Kittu talks to her and asks did you reach safely. Shraddha says we reached safely, I met my friends also. Kittu says so you are having fun. Sharddha says yes but I m missing Dhruv.

Kittu says don’t worry about him, he is fine. Shraddha says how is your hand, is Anand taking care. Kittu says is my brother taking care of you. Shraddha says yes. Kunal comes and everyone hear Kunal’s voice. Kunal talks to Shraddha and everyone hear it as its on speaker. Chaya takes Shraddha’s phone and teases her. Shraddha takes the phone and says I will call later, bye. Kittu says Kunal is always like this. Kunal says hi to Shraddha. Shraddha’s friend praises Shraddha and says Shraddha was a good student. Kunal’s friends praise Kunal.

Kunal’s friends ask Shraddha to be away from Kunal. They say Kunal is still searching true love. Shraddha looks on. Kunal talks to his friends. They tell Shraddha about Kunal’s ex girlfriends. Shraddha’s friends say Shraddha got the best dancer award. Kunal challenges her for dance. Shraddha says lets see tonight in the function. Shraddha is with her friend Chaya and they talk about her divorce. Shraddha says I have moved ahead. Chaya says Bobby does not deserve you but Kunal is a good guy, he always look at you. Shraddha says I have a son and he is my life. Chaya says what about you. Shraddha says my life is good, I don’t want anyone.

Chaya says if anyone loves you, you can’t let him go because of your bad experience. Chaya says its life, not a punishment. Shraddha thinks about it.

Kunal talks to Shraddha and gives her his hand and says lets go. She holds his hand but someone comes in between and hugs Kunal. Shraddha looks at Kunal.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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