Meri Bhabhi 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Mummy and Papa why did Kittu not come with you. Mummy says its not in our hands and leaves. Ashish tells Ishaan what will happen now. jaya taunts Shraddha. Ashish takes her with him and leaves. Kittu is upset sitting in her room. Shraddha calls her and says its because of me, what would I do. She says Anand is angry, I did not know he would do this. Kittu says don’t blame yourself. Shraddha says why not, what we thought and what happened. She says you might be annoyed with me. Kittu says yes, why you did not marry Kunal. Shraddha says what could I do, I could not. Kittu says why, you could not go against Mummy and Papa, but I went against everyone.

She says I did not care about anyone. Kittu says I did not see anything except Kunal’s love

for you, I thought after your marriage, I will manage everything, but nothing happened. She says here I m today. She cries. Shraddha says I m really sorry Kittu, this is my mistake, I felt weak at that moment, I should have get punished, please come back home. Kittu says no, let it be, this should have not happened, you should have not left Kunal like that. She says maybe you had some reason, you did not wish to hurt Mummy and Papa, I will try to understand this, but how Anand talked to me, how he dropped me here, I could not believe it.

He told me so easily that he does not want to keep any relation with me. She says I m sad that he did not understand me. She says till Anand realizes his mistake, I won’t come back home. She says he has hurt me a lot, I won’t come. Kunal hears all this and sees Kittu crying. Shraddha ends the call and cries. Anand comes to his room and misses Kittu. Mummy and Papa come to Anand and asks him to bring Kittu back. Anand says don’t force me and leaves.

Purshottam sees Kunal watching Kittu cry and takes him to the hall. Kunal says what did I do. Purshottam says I was afraid of all this. Kunal says sorry, I could not understand, but why is Anand taking revenge hurting his wife, what will he get, I will go to him and ask him what does he want. Purshottam says you won’t go there now. Kunal says why not, they think I m weak, I won’t bear this seeing Kittu like this, not this time. Purshottam says you went once, did he come to take Kittu, no. Kunal says I can’t see Kittu like this.

Purshottam says Anand loves Kittu, he can’t hurt her, he will come to take Kittu in two days, he is angry right now, if we talk to him now, his ego will be hurt, so cool down, everything will be fine. They look at Kittu and says its important for us to keep Kittu happy by diverting her mind. He says you control your anger infront of him. Kunal says shall I take her out, she will find a change, else mum will be after her at home, she will be depressed at home. Purshottam says yes, take her, talk to her and make her ready.

jaya is cooking at Ashish’s request. Kunal brings Kittu somewhere out and reminds her about their childhood. She laughs. Kittu meets jasmeet there and they have a talk. jasmeet tells Kunal that she wants to talk to Kittu alone, if you don’t mind. Kunal says fine. jasmeet asks where is Anand. Kittu says I came with Kunal. jasmeet says I know everything. Kittu asks did Anand tell you. jasmeet says I tried to explain Anand that it was wrong, but it was your mistake too, you should have shared with him. Kittu says he does not understand why I did this.

Kittu says maybe she does not understand love. jasmeet says Anand is a reserved man, he does not understand emotions. She says he obeys his parents and this is why he is angry with you. jasmeet says you should have understood him. Kittu says I m thinking were you and Anand loved each other. jasmeet is shocked and does not answer her. Kittu says tell me. jasmeet says why are you asking me. Kittu says you both have perfect understanding. jasmeet says I know him since college days, I liked him but I don’t know. Kittu says maybe he married me being helpless.

jasmeet says its not like that. She says its good you met me here, I worry for you, tell Anand that you also have a stand. She says don’t feel guilty. Kunal sees Kittu crying again. He asks did your talk finished. jasmeet says yes. Kittu says we will leave now. Kunal says bye to jasmeet and takes Kittu. They leave. Ashish asks Ishaan to have food. They talk about Kittu and says its Kittu’s mistake. Shraddha hears them.

Ashish says Anand should have not done this. Ishaan says now Kamini will understand what is it like when a daughter stays at home. Shraddha gets Kunal’s call and she leaves hearing them. She comes to her room and closes the door. She misses the call and Kunal throws his phone. He says what do you want Shraddha, you don’t care about Kittu’s life. He says I will not forgive you for Kittu, never.

Anand and Kittu meet at a Gurudwara. Kitu sees Anand and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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