Meri Bhabhi 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 19th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu and Mummy talking to Shraddha and Papa. Mummy talks in favor of Kittu. She says Dhruv is getting affected, this time won’t come back. She tells him about her divorce. Papa gets emotional. Shraddha says I don’t want such freedom that hurts my family. Kittu says what about Dhruv. She says think about others, think about us. We can buy your happiness by giving money to Bobby. Mummy says we will get money again, but not this time. Mummy says what will you choose, Bobby’s punishment or Shraddha’s happiness, Kittu is right. Shraddha says Kittu is wrong and scolds Kittu. Kittu cries. Papa looks on. Shraddha too cries. |

Kunal and his dad come home. His dad asks him not to tell Kamini about this as she is create problems for

Kittu’s family. Kunal says don’t worry, I won’t tell anything. Kamini enters and says I came to know everything. She says I got the news from jaya. Kunal says you are over reacting. Kamini says how can Papa tell Kittu to leave the house. She asks them why they did not tell anything. Kunal says Papa was tensed so he said. But Mummy took care of everything. Kunal says we left everything on Mummy, if anything happens, we will take you there.

Kunal leaves. Kamini says I won’t let anything happen, I will go and talk to Papa. Her husband says its Kittu’s mistake, and its a personal thing. We should not interfere. He explains her. jaya says its good that Kittu did not go from this house. Ashish laughs. She says I m not Kittu’s enemy. She says Kittu takes care of the house very well. Ashish thinks about it. HE says I m getting late and leaves. He tells jaya that he was thinking that Kittu’s idea ia good, if we pay Bobby to get rid of him, whats bad in it. jaya says yes, but who will pay Bobby. jaya gets Kamini’s call and talks to her. Kamini asks how is Kittu as I m worried about Kittu. jaya says I m like your daughter, so I will take care of Kittu. She says I spoke to Papa and told him that Kittu should not go anywhere. Kamini thanks jaya.

jaya says Shraddha did magic on Kittu, but she always think about Shraddha. Dhruv comes to Kittu and Kittu smiles and asks him what happened. Dhruv asks when do stars break in the sky. Kittu says why. He says I want to make a wish that I don’t want to meet my dad ever, he says he does not love me, he wants money, not me. He says I will never miss him, never. Kittu hugs him and says you don’t have to worry, you focus on your studies and come first in your class. She says promise me that you won’t think about this. Dhruv promises. Kittu sends him inside the house.

Mummy comes to talk to Shraddha. She says Papa always worry about you. She asks Shraddha will she listen to her. Shraddha asks what. Mummy says do the out of court settlement. Shraddha says no, I won’t compromise with Bobby giving him Rs. 20 lakh. She says I won’t Bobby toi face this, I have suffered for one year in Mumbai, why should I give him money, so that he can be happy. Mummy says we are worried about you, this is why Kittu went to meet Bobby. Shraddha says do you know what will be the result. Bobby will take advantage of this thinking we are weak. Mummy says we came to know about Bobby’s motive, he wants money. He will not try to take Dhruv if he gets money. Mummy says only this way will work now, don’t be angry on Kittu. Dhruv comes and says Kittu is sad. Mummy says we will talk to her and make her happy.

Mummy comes to Kittu and asks her to have food. Shraddha also comes. Mummy asks Kittu to eat something. Kittu says I m not hungry. Kittu says sorry to Shraddha. She says I should have asked you before meeting Bobby, please forgive me. Shraddha hugs her and says its ok. She says but we are very different, we can’t think the same. Mummy says you both are right. Kittu asks Shraddha to become ready to pay the money to Bobby. Shraddha is tensed.

Anand thinks what Kittu did. He thinks about jasmeet’s suggestion. He comes to Papa and says I have thought a lot, I think Kittu is right, we should give the money to Bobby. He says if we give Bobby money, things will be easy for us. Mummy says Shraddha is ready for out of court settlement. Kittu tells Papa that we should agree for this, as we will can be happy after this ends. Kittu asks Papa to agree for this. Papa thinks about this and goes to Shraddha. He asks her do you also want this. Shraddha says yes. Papa says ok, we will give money to Bobby. He says thats a cheap man, if we get rid of him, it will be good. jaya asks from where will the money come. Everyone look at jaya.

Papa says I will sell the land. jaya says its Ashish and Ishaan’s land. Papa says its my land. Papa blames Ashish. Ashish gets angry and argues with Papa.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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