Meri Bhabhi 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu talking to Kunal. She tells him that Anand is taking good care of her. Kunal asks her about Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha left. Mummy hears all this. Kunal is shocked to know this. Kittu says she went alone as she drives very well. Kunal says Ok, I will call you later. Kunal says no one told me. Kunal thinks of an idea. He hits a tree and stops his car. His car gets damaged and he is happy about it. Someone comes and says can I help you. Kunal says no thanks. Shraddha is on the way and bumps into Kunal. He sees her car and is happy. He asks her to stop. She hits Kunal while he was trying to stop her car. She says Kunal…. and applies the brake but Kunal lies on the ground.

Shraddha is shocked to see him on the ground and shouts Kunal….. She says please get up. She tries ti take help from others. She says please open your eyes. He opens his eyes and laughs saying hi. She says you were joking, this is the limit. She says are you mad. He says no, you were about to hit me. They argue on the road. He says my car met with an accident, see there. Shraddha looks at the car and says now. He says you give me lift now. She is annoyed and says take taxi and go back. He says I have to go to the reunion as my girlfriend is going there.

Shraddha asks Kunal to let her meet his girlfriend. he shows her the mirror and says see. She says what. He comes to her with his bag. He jokes and she says shut up. He says my girlfriend is so hot that I can’t live without her. Anand cares for Kittu’;s burnt hand. He says Shraddha asked me to take care of you. Kittu smiles. She sees Anand sad and asks what happened. Anand says nothing. He says did your mum called. Kittu says no. He says did she feel bad that we did not talk to her yesterday. She says yes, even I felt bad, she did not tell me before leaving and even I did not talk to her, don’t know why she is against Shraddha.

Anand asks Kittu to talk to her mum. He says we can’t be angry with mum. He says I will call her, you talk to her. He says I m hungry, I will have some food and come back. Purshottam tells Kamini its Kittu’s call. Kamini says you talk to her. He says she wants to talk to you, you are her mum, don’t be adamant. He talks to Kittu and asks how is your hand now. Kittu says I m fine. Kittu asks about Kamini not taking her call. He says your mum is worried about you, she wanted to talk to you. He asks about Shraddha. Kittu says yes, she left alone. He says did she drive on her own. He says you take rest, I will make your mum call you later. He tells Kamini Kitut was asking about you, she might have felt bad. He says Shraddha and Kunal did not go together.

Kamini says they will meet there. He throws the phone and leaves. Kunal praises his girlfriend while Shraddha is annoyed. She says enough, I understood your girlfriend is very beautiful. He says are you jealous. She says why, why will I be jealous. He says you drive very well. She says thanks. He says I will play music. she says no. He says I m senior. She says this is my car, you have to agree to what I say, Kunal sits quietly and looks cute. She smiles seeing him. Kunal looks at her while she drives.

Kittu tells Mummy I will call Shraddha. Mummy says she might be driving. Kittu says I m worried about her. Kunal takes Kittu’s call. Mummy is shocked to know that Kunal is with Shraddha. Kittu asks him how come you are with Shraddha. He tells her about his car’s accident and he got lift by Shraddha. Kittu tells this to Mummy. Mummy is worried. Kunal says I will take care of her as she is my junior. He asks her about coffee. Kittu tells him she has sent coffee.

Kunal drinks coffee. Shraddha says whats this Kunal. He says Kittu makes good coffee. He says don’t look at me, drive the car. He jokes again. Papa comes to Mummy and sees her standing on the high stool. He asks what are you looking for. She says I used to write a diary and I m looking for it. He says i have kept it and goes to bring it. He gives it to Mummy. Mummy thanks him and he says you write so well, how can I leave it. She says I recollected many things how we met, how our journey started. Kunal is having snacks. Shraddha looks at him and says no thanks.

They stop at the signal. Someone comes selling chains. Shraddha does not like it but buys one. She says I m buying it for your girlfriend, gift her. She asks Kunal to pay for it. He says why me. She says why will I pay for your girlfriend.

Precap: Kunal removes a thorn from Shraddha’s feet. She smiles seeing him and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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