Meri Bhabhi 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 17th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying Papa that Mummy is not my mother. Bobby comes and asks what happened. jaya tells him everything. Shraddha says Mummy was talking against you. Bobby says please lets go. Shraddha says you did the same thing last time. Shraddha speaks against Mummy. Mummy is hurt and cries. Shraddha leaves. Mummy thinks about her words and faints. Papa asks Ashish to bring water. Kittu and Bobby pacifies Shraddha. Bobby says Mummy is worried about you. Kittu says I have seen Mummy fighting with papa for you, she loves you. Kittu says you are crying because you are feeling bad arguing with Mummy. Kittu cools Shraddha. Kittu says even you don’t know Bobby changed or not. Even you have the same question as others.

Bobby says yes, Kittu is right. What did Mummy say about me, did I do anything good for you or Dhruv, so that I win other’s trust. Then Mummy is right on her stand. Kittu says be patient, everything will be fine. Bobby says don’t spoil anything, I want to go from here with respect. Bobby says I think you should live here. First, I will win everyone’s trust, then I will take you. Shraddha cries and says please Bobby, take me with you. Bobby hugs Shraddha and asks her not to cry. He explains her that he is already in much tension, I want to take you with me, but I don’t have money to pay the rent of the flat. Kittu hears this. Bobby tells Shraddha about his financial problem. He asks Shraddha some time so that he can prove himself. He wipes her tears. Ishaan says Mummy what was the need to speak against Bobby. jaya says they were leaving, and you.. Ashish says what did you see that Bobby is wrong. You made Shraddha cry. Papa scolds them and asks them to leave the room. They all leave.

Mummy cries. Papa says don’t take their words seriously. Kittu comes to Mummy. Papa pacifies Mummy and asks her to talk with him. Mummy says what shall I say. She says Shraddha told Dhurv that I m not a cheater, so I felt I did not gave birth to Shraddha, but I became her mum, but today Shraddha said I m not her mum. Papa says I m at fault, I have supported you everytime, but not in Shraddha’s matter. I cannot bridge the difference between you and Shraddha. My silence supported Shraddha. Kittu cries.

He says I could not tell Shraddha that you have given her multiple births. I could not make her realize how much you did for her. He cries. He says I could not tell her how much you care for her. He says its my mistake. Papa holds her hand and says I became a father but not a good husband. Please forgive me. Mummy says you are crying, I cannot see you cry, so please don’t cry. Mummy smiles and says see I m not crying, I m smiling. She says you used to say that my smile gives you life, so is there no value of my smile. Papa says I will not let your smile’s value fall down. I want this smile always. Mummy promises him. Papa thanks her. Kittu smiles seeing their togetherness.

Anand comes home, unaware of today’s drama at home. He talks to Kittu. Kittu says today I have seen a good form of love. Anand says don’t talk about Bobby. She says I m talking about Mummy Papa. I have seen them as Lords do. They have trust in each other, and they love each other a lot. Anand says yes. Dhruv comes and says talk to my dad, he is not taking us with him. Anand says did Papa said no or its Bobby’s decision.
Kittu sends Dhruv. Anand thinks what might be the reason that Bobby changed his mind.
Anand asks what happened, Bobby said no, I knew it. Kittu says can we help Bobby with money. Anand says oh so Bobby asked you for financial help. Anand misunderstands. Kittu says nothing like that. Anand says Bobby told his sad story and spoke sweetly, and asked money from you. Kittu says I heard him talking with Shraddha. Anand does not believe this. Anand says Bobby is smart. Kittu says ok, don’t help, but don’t say like this. Anand thinks Papa might have given him money, he will tell papa. Kittu stops Anand and tells him not to talk with Mummy Papa. Anand asks what happened, Kittu tells him everything. Anand is shocked.
Kittu asks him to sit with Mummy for sometime.

Anand tells Shraddha that Mummy is our mum. Bobby asks Kittu about money. Mummy tries to talk to Shraddha,

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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