Meri Bhabhi 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy and Papa talking about Kamini. Purshottam asks Papa to play cards with him and talks to him about Kamini. He says I understood what you said, we parents are at that sgate in life where we want our kids to be happy, so we are afraid that we don’t do any mistake that our kids has to bear. Papa calls Kittu and says its good that you said this. Purshottam says I don’t understand. Papa talks about Shraddha and says we can’t see her hurt. Kittu comes and Papa holds her hand and hugs her. Papa says Kittu is my daughter like Shraddha. He says this house is because of the, they made his house a home. if anyone see them, they will have to face it. He says I don’t want to tell this, but I have learnt this from my life. Purshottam folds his hand and Kittu smiles.

Shraddha sees the crackers standing at the terrace. Her dupatta was catching fire and Kunal saves her. He gives her dupatta back. She says your mum might be looking out for you, you should go. He says I m not a kid to get lost. He says why are you not going for the reunion. She says everyone are waiting for you, go. he says I m waiting for your yes. She says what do you have to do with this, why should I answer you. He says I told you already, I tried to tell but you did not listen. He says I will be happy if you come, as my happiness is from you, I like seeing you happy, I like you and your family. He admits his feelings and says I felt I want your support always, I like you, maybe this is love. He says I love you Shraddha and sees her keeping a hand on her ears to avoid the crackers sound. She shouts Ishaan, stop this. She leaves without hearing. Kunal says the timing is wrong again.

Ishaan asks Ashish to light the crackers. jaya calls Ashish and scolds him. Ishaan laughs. Ashish goes to her. Shraddha asks Ishaan what are you doing, making so much noise. She says keep the crackers away. Kunal comes and Ishaan leaves angrily. Kunal tries to talk to Shraddha but she leaves. Kunal goes after her and jaya sees him going. jaya goes after them. Shraddha is about to fall and Kunal holds her. She makes distance from him and says what are you doing here. He jokes and says I saved you else you would have fallen. She says I can take care of myself. She says enough. He stops her saying what happened to you, I m your friend, we can talk, you are like running from my shadow, why, tell me.

He says I don’t like to be after you, but what to do, you are like punishing me, what did I do. Shraddha says you are right, I m angry and running, I m not a fool not to understand, the problem is you are not understanding. He says what. She says what you want can’t happen. He asks what do I want, tell me. Shraddha looks at him and says stop it Kunal, please, end this game. Kunal says this is not a game, I get hurt, I m not a kid. Shraddha says you think whatever you want, I m rude but I m like this, the situation has made me this, but you won’t understand this, because you did not live your life like I did. Kunal says lives unite. Shraddha says no, lives don’t unite, it changes. Kunal stops her and says why are you running. She says leave my way. jaya comes and sees them together and close.

Kunal moves seeing jaya. jaya says sorry for disturbing you. Shraddha leaves, jaya asks Kunal why was Shraddha angry. Kunal says shall I tell you, you would need the info to inform my mum. He leaves.
jaya gets angry on Kamini and tells her about Kunal and Shraddha. Kamini gets angry and talks to Shraddha about this. She taunts her for meeting Kunal. Shraddha too gets angry and says what do you think I m. She says enough, you are Kittu’s mum, I respect Kittu, so I did not tell you anything, how can you tell anything to me and anyone in our family. Kamini scolds her. Papa sees them talking and comes and asks whats going on. Shraddha says Kunal is after me, I m not. Shraddha is silent and looks on. Kamini gets tensed. Kamini changes the topic and says Shraddha made the right decision for not going to the reunion. Everyone comes seeing Kamini taunting Shraddha.

Papa scolds Kamini and see you did not see my daughter right. He supports Shraddha. He says she always stopped whats wrong, so she gave divorce to her husband. Mummy also supports Shraddha and taunts Kamini. Papa asks Kamini to remember that they are with Shraddha always. He says she will go to the reunion. Shraddha says yes, I will go in the reunion. Kittu says yes. Shraddha smiles with them. Shraddha says its my life and my decision.

Kittu gets hurt by the crackers. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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