Meri Bhabhi 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 15th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand getting worried about Shraddha because of Bobby. Mummy tells him Shraddha is happy with Bobby. Anand says this is wrong. Mummy says then whats right, tell me. Bobby comes with Papa. Everyone welcome them for the breakfast. Papa tells jaya do you have any problem if Shraddha and Bobby stay here. jaya says we have less rooms. Papa says place should be in heart. Kittu agrees. Papa says Bobby wants to take Shraddha and Dhruv with him. Shraddha and everyone becomes happy, except Anand. Mummy says really, Bobby says yes, I want to start a new life with my Shraddha and Dhruv. I want to take them to Mumbai. Dhruv is excited. Bobby tells Papa that last time he did not get their blessings, but this time he needs them. Anand says never. Everyone look at Anand.

Anand says Shraddha and Dhruv won’t go with you. Shraddha becomes sad. Bobby asks Dhruv to go and play outside. Bobby tells Anand that I asked Papa for permission, I have hurt you all but I won’t be able to prove myself if you don’t permit. Anand says you can’t take them. Anand asks him what has he done for Shraddha and Dhruv. Anand questions Bobby saying Shraddha was in pain in Mumbai. Bobby says what should I say, I have cheated her. Its true that I have hurt her, I wanted to earn money. You can punish me if you want. Bobby speaks his heart out and says how much he has suffered alone. Everyone listen to Bobby. He says he got a small work, and he hoped that everything will be fine, so he thought of returning to Shraddha. Then he came to know that Shraddha came here. Anand says don’t act infront of me. Anand says Shraddha won’t go with you. Anand says we won’t forget everything by your sweet talk. Mummy says everything has changed now. Anand overreacts and says Bobby won’t change. Bobby tells him don’t be angry and tell me what can I do to get Shraddha and Dhruv.

Anand says if you want to be good, then go from here silently. We are here to take care of Shraddha. Papa scolds Anand saying I’m alive, I will decide about Shraddha’s life. Mummy says leave this talk and come for breakfast. Anand says I’m not hungry and leaves. Shraddha goes after him. He tells Shraddha I don’t want to talk, leave from here. Shraddha says I know you worry about me, but I am worried about Dhruv. Dhruv always missed Bobby, Anand says Bobby will not change Dhruv’s life. He kept himself away from you for one year. Shraddha says he was frustrated and could not handle his failure. Shraddha takes Bobby’s side. She says when you are in tension, don’t you be angry on Kittu, it does not mean that you don’t love Kittu. Anand says if Bobby loved you, he would have not left you alone.

Shraddha tells Anand that she agrees Bobby made a mistake, but he repents and now he has come back for Dhruv. She tells him that she has full faith that Bobby will keep her and Dhruv happy. She asks Anand to give Bobby one more chance. Anand takes his bag and says I don’t have to say anything, go and ask Papa. Anand leaves. Shraddha stops him saying please give another chance to Bobby. Anand says I was fighting for your happiness and you are worrying about Bobby, even Kittu and Papa are taking Bobby’s side. Shraddha cries. Anand says I m left alone and everyone made me an issue. Anand cries and leaves.

Papa is worried because of Anand. Ishaan comes and says I need your sign on these papers. Papa is in bad mood. Kittu comes to Papa to uplift his mood. Papa says I would have scolded Anand, what happened to him. He is not respecting Bobby. Kittu says I will explain Anand. Papa says yes explain him, else I will kick him out of the house. Kittu says we will talk to Anand once. Papa says even I was annoyed with Bobby, but we have to change our view about him. Mummy says Anand is much worried about Shraddha. Papa says I m most worried about Shraddha. Kittu gives him the tea and leaves. Papa asks for his spects and Bobby gives him. Papa says I asked Ishaan, he would have given me the spects. Bobby says what happened if I gave you. Mummy stops Zor from saying anything. Bobby says he wants to talk to them something important. He apologizes for whatever happened. He says if Anand is still angry on me, I m ready to wait till Anand trusts me.

Papa tells Bobby he will talk to Anand. Anand loves Shraddha a lot and he has seen Shraddha’s problems in Mumbai. Papa asks Bobby to promise that he will not let any trouble come towards Shraddha. Bobby promises and says he won’t repeat his mistake again. Papa nods yes, Bobby smiles. Bobby thanks them and says shall I book tomorrow’s ticket. Mummy says whats the hurry. Bobby says I want to start a new life with Shraddha soon. Mummy gets worried.

Kittu thanks Lord that everything is fine. Shraddha says you are like me, you know to smile when you are unhappy. Mummy says Bobby is saying he will take Shraddha, why so hurry.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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