Meri Bhabhi 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini misunderstanding about Kunal and Shraddha. Kunal tells her that he has some work and leaves. Shraddha asks Anand to wait for some time as Kittu’s doctor is busy. Mummy brings a dress for Kittu. Kittu says I don’t need, I will wear the old dress. Mummy says you can’t. jaya shows her dress to Kittu. Kittu agrees with Mummy. Everyone are arranging the Lohri. Ashish and Ishaan are tired. jaya says my parents are coming as its my first Lohri. They ask about Kamini. Papa says I will call them. Kittu says don’t call them. Mummy says we have to call them, they should come.

Kittu says its different this time. Kunal calls Kittu and asks her to come and meet him now. Kittu says why, what happened, whats urgent. Kunal says you will laugh if I say you. Kittu says what, to eat panupuris, find a girlfriend, you always ask me. Kunal says I found, but she did not support me, anyway, you come. Kittu asks why do you want to have. Kunal says guys also have chat. Kittu says fine, I m coming. Kunal asks her to come near Lifeline nursing home. Kittu says fine, I will come.

Kamni cries and tells Purshottam that Kunal did not leave anything for them. She says we don’t want illegitimate children, Shraddha is pregnant with Kunal’s child. Purshottam is shocked. She says they went to clinic, I heard them talking. He laughs and says you misunderstood. She says am I deaf, I heard them. She says lets talk to Kittu. Kamini calls Kittu. Kittu says I m in hurry, Kunal called me near nursing home, I will talk to you later. Kamini again misunderstands.

Anand and Shraddha reach the clinic. Shraddha calls Kunal but his phone is in his car. She says come on Kunal, pick my call, we reached. They see Kittu and Kunal having panipuris. Shraddha says great and says see Kittu has cravings for it. The hide from Kittu’s sight. Kittu does not see them. Kunal asks what happened. Kittu says I felt Anand is here. She says but why will he come here.Kunal sees Shraddha and signs to her Shraddha says see Anand, I told you.

Kunal says Kittu you should think about your future, things have changed. Anand hides behind a newspaper. Shraddha tells Anand its sad Kittu is so much stress in pregnancy. Kittu says I m fine, everyone take care of me there. Kittu says I don’t want to force Anand. Shraddha says Kittu is right, Kittu is thinking to stay alone. Anand looks on. Kittu takes someone’s baby and smiles. The man says a baby needs both of his parents. Anand hears this.

Kittu and Kunal have a talk about fate and leave. Kunal slips and Kunal holds her asking her to be careful. Anand gives his hand and Ranjhana…………… plays…………… Kittu says I m fine. jaya is getting ready. Ashish asks for his kurta. She says let me get ready, my parents are coming, its my first Lohri after marriage. She says you wear anything. He says fine. Kamini calls jaya and asks how is everything there. jaya says well. Kamini asks about Shraddha. jaya says she is fine. Kamini says pregnancy symptoms and asks is Shraddha vomiting. jaya asks what happened to you, why are you caring about Shraddha.

jaya says Shraddha is bright, is this because of Kunal. Kamini ends the call. jaya says Kamini has gone mad. Mummy calls jaya and asks did you pack the gifts. jaya says I forgot. Mummy says I told you only one work. Papa says go and pack now and asks Ashish to help jaya. Kittu comes home and does the work. She says I have packed the gifts. Mummy says let jaya do some work. She says I went to meet Kunal. Dhruv says even I want to meet him. Mummy diverts him. Dhruv leaves. jaya says Mummy gave you clothes but your jewellery is in Anand’s room, wear mine today. Papa says why yours, she will wear hers, she can go to that room. Papa says come with me.

Kittu says I will take them later, now I have work. Mummy says go with Papa, there is no work. Kunal is talking to Shraddha and laughs as their plan is working. Shraddha says what would you do without me. He says yes, what could I do without you. She says I have to go now to arrange Lohri. He says fine and ends the call. Kamini and Purshottam confront Kunal when he comes home.

Papa brings Kittu to Anand’s room and leaves her there. Anand comes to the room and sees Kittu.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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