Meri Bhabhi 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal talking to Purshottam. Purshottam asks where are you going in the morning in hurry. Kunal says yes, I had some work. Purshottam says I told you that I will be with you in your every decision but it does not mean that your decision will be right. Kunal looks on and says I did not understand. He says if I think about the consequences, I won’t be able to take any step thinking negative. He says life is a challenge, and its fun to move over obstacles.

Purshottam talks about his experience. He says you should not be adamant to marry Shraddha, we meet many people in life and they look good, but you should be practical. Shraddha won’t be able to survive in this house. Kunal says if Shraddha has faith in me, if she really loves me, then she will live

me anywhere. Purshottam says fine, my work was to explain you and I did, but I know that you are smart and knows whats good for you, you are my son, you will do what your heart says. Kunal says yes, we will see what happens, but if I don’t listen to my heart, I will regret all life.

Purshottam says you should not regret in life. Kunal smiles. Kunal calls Kittu and says bring Shraddha there at the mandir on time. Anand warns Kittu to tell Kunal to be away from Shraddha. jaya and Ashish are also ready for the trip. Anand says we have to reach the airport at 12. Papa says yes, I will with Mummy for some shopping. Shraddha and Kittu have a talk. jaya overhears them talking. Kittu says we should leave now else it will be late. Shraddha says what will you tell everyone, everyone will be annoyed if I marry by lying, we should wait for some days, maybe they will agree.

Kittu says everyone will agree but after marriage. They know that you both love each other. Shraddha holds Kittu’s hand. Kittu says don’t be tensed, I know you and Dhruv will be very happy with Kunal. She says lets go now, its late. jaya hides. Kunal is waiting in his car. Kamini looks out for Kunal in his room and thinks where did he go in morning. She asks Purshottam what are you doing, we have to go to meet my mum, where is Kunal. Purshottam does not reply and does his work. She says tell anything. He smiles. She says I will call Kunal.

Anand asks Ashish to cut down his luggage. jaya asks Kittu and Shraddha are you going somewhere. Anand asks Kitu where are you people going. Kittu says we will go to parlour. Anand says what, is this the time to go to parlour, you will miss the flight. Kittu says we will come in half an hr. jaya says even I will come with you. Kittu says you stay here, do the packing. Anand says Kittu, take jaya with you. jaya says I will be back. Shraddha and Kittu look at each other and get worried.

Kunal comes to the mandir and talks to the pandit. The pandit asks will the girl come on time. Kunal says yes, she will, fasten up the rituals after she comes. Kunal messages Kittu askign did you leave. Kittu gets Kunal’e message. Shraddha says what about jaya. Kittu says lets go. Anand says Kittu, and stops them. He says take the keys of our room from Mummy. He says ok, I will do it myself. Anand leaves. Kittu and Shraddha leave from the house while jaya is getting ready in her room.

Kamini calls jaya and asks did Kunal come there. jaya says no, I m getting late as have to go to the parlour. jaya sees Kittu and Shraddha missing and thinks they left her and went. jaya calls Kittu and asks where are you. Kittu says we left as Anand was getting angry, sorry. Anand asks jaya why did you not go with Kittu and Shraddha. jaya says they left me and went. Kamini calls jaya and asks is Shraddha at home. jaya says no, it means Kunal is also not at home.

Anand hears this. Kunal is waiting at the mandir. The pandit asks him where is the girl, call her. Kunal says yes, I will call her. Kittu comes and Kunal is happy to see her. Kunal asks where is Shraddha, did she not come. Kittu says no. Kunal asks what happened. Kittu smiles and Shraddha comes. Kunal is happy to see Shraddha. He smiles seeing her. Music plays……….

They have an eyelock and share a smile. Kunal comes to Shraddha and looks at her smiling. He gives her his hand and says lets go. Shraddha holds his hand. The pandit asks them to come fast as the mahurat time is running by. Kunal and Shraddha walk towards the mandir looking at each other, holding hands and smiling. They sit near the fire and start the rituals. Kittu ties the Ghatbandhan.

Kunal and Shraddha are getting married. Papa comes there with everyone and speaks against Shraddha. Kunal and Shraddha are shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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