Meri Bhabhi 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked as Shraddha says she won’t be going in the reunion. Ishaan gets angry and supports Shradhha and leaves from the hall. Kunal asks Kittu to ask
Shraddha why her decision changed. Mummy says she might have thought of something taking the decision, we must respect her decision. Kamini is in her room hungry and thinking anyone should call her. Kamini opens the door and is shocked to see Purshottam with the food. He asks her to have food. Kamini is annoyed. Kamini asks where did Kunal go. Purshottam says he is afraid of you, so he asked me to take care of you. She says I don’t want to eat. She asks the servant to call Kunal. He says he went to Kittu’s house. She gets angry again. She says why did you not stop him when he was going.

She says he went to meet Shraddha, she has taken my son from me. She says see she won’t be happy ever. Mummy comes to Shraddha and Shraddha is irritated seeing the room Dhruv has spoiled. Mummy asks are you missing Dhruv. Mummy says it happens, sometimes we react to other things. Shraddha says you did not tell me what Kamini said, if you told me then I would have not let it happen again. Mummy asks who told you. Shraddha says Ishaan told me what she said, why did you hide from me. Do you want me to go there. Mummy says I don’t care what she says, I want your happiness, I want you to go.

Shraddha says I care if anyone tells you and I…. Kittu comes and Shraddha stops saying seeing her. Kittu asks why are you quiet. Mummy says its good you brought tea. Mummy says Shraddha is missing Dhruv a lot. Kittu says yes, the house looks lonely without Dhruv. She talks about Kunal and sees Mummy and Shraddha upset. Kittu leaves thinking what might be the reason for all this. Papa talks to Kunal and says Mummy will take care of Shraddha. Kunal says sorry for coming without informing them. He says I will leave now. jaya asks Kunal will he come tomorrow. She tells about Mummy’s decision but Anand stops her and tells Kunal we will meet tomorrow.

jaya calls Kamini and tells her that Shraddha is not going for the reunion. Kamini is happy and asks why did Shraddha refuse. She asks jaya to get the information and tell her. jaya asks her to thank her. Kamini thanks her. Kunal comes back. Kamini says so you will be going for the reunion. Kunal says yes, I told you. She says he is very adamant. Kamini is happy as Shraddha is not going.

Purshottam praises Kamini and asks whats the preparations for diwali. She says I did everything. She says she will manage everything, we will send the sweets and gifts to them as they don’t want us to come to their house. Purshottam says no, why will they ask us not to come. Kamini says I know their reality. She says I go there only for Kittu. Kunal says what are you saying, I came from there, they made the diwali plan. She says you both don’t believe me, I will prove it to you. She calls jaya and asks jaya what Mummy said. jaya tells them that Mummy asked them not to come for the diwali.

Kunal and Purshottam are shocked. jaya says Kittu is upset. She asks are you guys coming. Kamini says I have to think. Kamini ends the call. Kamini tells them now you know the truth, now you have heard it yourself. Kunal thinks about it. Its night, Anand sees Kittu upset and asks what happened. She says nothing, and asks him will you take me to my parent’s house, I will wish them and come back. He says its your right to go there. She says I know, but… He says but what… She changes the topic. Anand asks her again and says even I know Mummy is acting strange, what happened to her.

Papa comes to Mummy and confronts her asking her to tell him what the real problem is. Anand says I can read your face, do you know why Mummy is annoyed with Kamini. Anand says I know there is some matter. Kittu says we know Mummy always take the right decision. He says we will go to Mummy and ask her what is the matter.

Papa asks her why is Shraddha not going to the reunion. He says did you ask her, she might have said something. He says why are you worried, why are you not telling me. Papa says you don’t let Kunal come to our house and does not want to celebrate diwali with her family. Mummy tells him everything about Kamini taunt’s on Shraddha. Anand and Kittu hear all this. Mummy says I won’t bear anything and won’t let anyone hurt Shraddha. Mummy and Papa are shocked to see Kittu and Anand. Papa asks why did you not tell me. Mummy says I want to take care of the relations.

Purshottam scolds Kamini for talking rubbish about Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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