Meri Bhabhi 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaya saying even Kittu knew about this. Mummy scolds jaya. Anand says why are you meeting someone like this. Kittu says why are everyone angry on Shraddha. Bobby needed a reason to pinpoint Shraddha. Whats Shraddha’s mistake, that stranger helped Shraddha. Anand says our case is becoming worse because of such things. Kittu says Shraddha is getting hurt and asks him to end the talk here. Kittu takes Shraddha upstairs and asks her to take rest. Kunal is on the way to Kittu’s house. He calls Kittu but Kittu rejects. Shraddha says I m feeling Anand is very annoyed with me. I feel Anand is against me. Kittu says you are overthinking. Mummy says I will give you an answer. Mummy says Anand is annoyed with the situation, not with you. Anand felt this would end soon,

but the thing is getting long. Kunal reaches Kittu’s house. He calls Kittu. She says I will talk to you later and cuts the call. Mummy hugs Shraddha and says stop crying, go and freshen up.

Mummy asks Kittu whose call was it. Kittu says Kunal is waiting for me downstairs. Mummy asks her to go. Kittu says Shraddha needs me. Mummy says even your brother needs you. Kittu leaves. Kunal and Kittu come to see the girl with their parents. The pandit say the kundlis are matching well. Kamini is happy. Kamini is ready for the marriage. The girl says yes to Kunal. The girl impresses Kunal by her good wits. Kamini is happy. Kittu likes her and says the girl is really good, did you like her. Kunal says but.. Kamini says yes to the girl’s family. Kunal is tensed. jaya comes to Shraddha and says I would have helped you, Mummy is calling you. Shraddha asks for Anand and Kittu. jaya says no they did not come. Shraddha says I will eat with Kittu and Anand. jaya says Anand comes late and Kittu is with her family. jaya says everyone has food, but I did not eat as I was worried about you.

Papa is waiting for Kittu. Mummy says she will come soon. Mummy and Papa have a good scene. Papa says when will Kittu come and bring tea for me. Shraddha makes tea for Papa. Papa says why did you make. Shraddha says don’t you want my handmade tea. Papa thanks her. Kittu comes and says it was fun todat, Kunal chose the girl, the girl was good. Kittu shows the photo to them. Kittu sees Shraddha sad. She asks her to see the photo. Shraddha says she is very beautiful. Papa says the tea is strong. Kittu says I will make it good, give it to me. Kittu says I know Papa needs tea at 10pm, I would have made it. Shraddha says sorry Papa, I remember you liked strong tea. Papa says yes, but I changed. He says Kittu will make it good. Shraddha leaves.

Kunal is having coffee with his dad. His dad asks him what is he thinking. He says we liked the girl and I think you also liked her. Kunal says I can’t decide, I need some time. His dad says how much time. He says is it something else. Kunal says I want to think more, please explain to Kamini. Kunal says I m not ready for marriage to take up the big responsibility. His dad says you have to marry to learn how to manage the marriage. Kunal says why the hurry. His dad says not this time. Kamini wants you to marry. He says I want to see you as a groom. Kunal says think about me.

Shraddha thinks that Papa did not like her the tea she made and thinks Papa used to like the tea she used to make for him earlier. She gets sad. Dhruv comes to her and says I want to sleep in Kittu’s room. Shraddha says no need. Kittu says let him sleep with us, it will be a change. Kittu sends Dhruv. Kittu asks Shraddha what happened, are you upset with the court issue, forget it, or is there anything else. Shraddha asks about Kunal. Kittu says Kunal liked the girl. But my parents will make him agree. Anand comes searching for Kittu. He says I was discussing the case with the lawyer. Anand tells Shraddha about it. Kittu asks Anand to let Shraddha rest and takes Anand with her. Kittu leaves.

Shraddha sees her and Papa’s photo and cries. The next morning, Shraddha wakes up late and looks at the time. Its 8 and she panics. Kittu says Dhruv went to school with Ashish. Papa asks Shraddha to keep an alarm. Kittu says I closed her alarm so that she can sleep well. Kittu says I did not wish to disturb her. Mummy looks at Shraddha.

Kittu tells Shraddha that Dhruv got hurt. Shraddha says Dhruv is my son and scolds Kittu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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