Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani and Ketki come face to face in Protima’s office. Sohrab sees Protima and drags Ketki towards her. Protima says let us go to cabin and talk. Kalyani walks away. Protima takes Ketki and Sohrab to her cabin and says she saw news about him in paper. She asks Ketki if she saw Kalyani and spoke to her. Ketki sits silently. Protima says Kalyani is a great singer and better than Ketki, asks Sohrab if he agrees. He says yes. She says good he accepts and asks why they came here. Sohrab says he is Ketki’s husband and manager and wants her to give Ketki work in her banner. Protima says she knows well about Ketki
Devika goes to Ketki’s house with Rose and knocks door. Servant opens door and says madam is not at home and has gone to studio. Devika asks if she can come in and searches Ketki. Servant gives her water and she drinks and in lieu of keeping glass in kitchen searches whole house and then leaves sadly with Rose.

Protima says she does not have work for Ketki. Sohrab says whatever Ketki can do, Kalyani cannot. Protima asks what is that. He says Ketki will sing item number, which Kalyani cannot. Protima says she knows who can do what and says she can prepare an exclusive contract for promotional songs and item numbers. He says he will send terms and conditions. She says she told already with her terms and conditions, else he can leave. He says he is okay. She says her office will contact him for contract.

Kalyani reaches home and sees Aji drawing rangoli near door, asks if something is special. Aaji says yes special, but she forgot. She jokes with Kalyani. Devika comes and says she went to Ketki’s room, but could not meet her.

Sohrab takes Ketki to hotel and says he will look at her contracts and she should just sing. He starts abusing her again.

Precap: Sohrab fights with a man who stares Ketki and says he thought she is his daughter.

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