Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajaram/Raja comes home with Kalyani and happily informs family that he may not have to sell Ranga sangeet and tells how Sohrab met him in Pune and helped him meet his boss Chaddaji. He continues praising Sohrab for his help. Aayi says Parsis are very helping nature and they sacrifice even their dead bodies to birds.

Everyone sit for lunch. Ketki sings Afsana likhrahi hoon.. song in a nasal tone and asks Rajaram why people sing in nasal tone. Kalyani says aayi told they have cold, but how can they have cold whole year. Raja explains her technicalities of singing and says one should sing by heart…

At night, Devika tells Raja how their son fell ill today and what doc told. He applies ointment on her leg wound and says till today, Ranga sangeet did not give her anything, but from today she will get a lot.

Ketki fights with her classmate Shivang for spreading news that her dad is selling Ranga sangeet. Kalyani interferes and takes Ketki home.

Aayi stitches clothes for Kalyani and Ketki. Devika tells she does not have to stich now. Aayi says she has promised children and Kalyani told she will help her after coming from school. Devika takes food for Raja to Ranga sangeet and sees him busy in rehearsals. She tells Raja that she brought food for everyone and brought even aayi’s chilli pickles. Raja gets happy and calls everyone.

Money lender scolds Raja’s traitor friend that his plan failed and Raja did not meet Dave in Pune. Traitor friend says Raja got a sponsor, but he wll spoil his plan and force him to sell Ranga sangeet.

Ketki comes to Raja’s Ranga sangeet and sees him busy in practice. Sohrab comes and Raja happily greets him. At night, Sohrab tells Raja that he should fill whole Ranga sangeet and Dave should get amazed with his act. Raja says since 1 year very few people are coming. Sohrab shows him pamplets and says now people will come. Devika and everyone surprisingly look at pamphlets. Kalyani and Ketki paste pamphlets all around the village and throw one in moneylender’s home. Traitor friend picks it and sees them running on street.

Precap: Ketki fights with children for tearing pamphlets. Raja’s traitor friend promises him that he will spoil Raja’s upcoming drama. Devaki consoles Raja that Chaddha saheb will like his drama.

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