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Laksh’s POV-
What did Ragini say? How can Swara and Sanskar become lovers..
Swara used to consider Sanskar as her brother when I told her about Sanskar being dead in past. When he came alive she told “Whatever may be the cost we should help Sanskar bhai recover”.
I never called him a brother but thought him as a friend but Swara loved him like a brother..Love between a brother and love for a soulmate is being tampered today..
Is Ragini misunderstanding them or is she instigating me against Swara?
But why will she ill-speak about Swara-her sister? I’m finding something fishy and it’s high time I find certain answers for illogical questions which arouse just from my heart having no solid proof.

Scene 1:
Laksh knocks on Sanskar’s cabin..
Sanskar- Come in..
He looks at the door and is surprised to see Laksh..
Sanskar (bossy tone)- If anything regarding Kavya then I don’t want to speak..
Laksh- What if it is regarding Swara?
Sanskar- Swara..
Laksh- Yes..Do you love Swara?
Sanskar- Laksh have you gone mad.. (Angrily)
Laksh- You can tell me the truth..Swara is like Kavitha only na…Bengali girl,modern and independent types..
Sanskar- Mind your words Laksh..You can’t compare both of them..
Laksh- Why can’t I..Who knows spark did fly between you and Swara..Or both of them found solace in each other?
Sanskar holds Laksh’s collar and says- If you weren’t my brother then I would have smashed you..How can you think so cheaply that too about Swara who loves you like anything…
Laksh- Swara loves me but you..
Before Laksh completes Sanskar interrupts and says- I love her..
Laksh becomes sad..The color on his face fades away..
He frees himself from Sanskar’s grip..Just then Sanskar speaks- Yes I love her like a sister..We were all boys at our home and I badly craved for a sister..
Now I got Swara as a sister..Do you have problem with that also?
Laksh face glows up now and he says- Sachi?
Sanskar- I can’t give Kavitha’s place to someone else..and I even know you cannot imagine anyone other Swara as your life..
Laksh- Nothing like that (stammers)
Sanskar holds Laksh by his arm- Then why are you concerned if someone loves her..
Laksh heads to leave but turns back and says- Because Swara considers you as a brother and I didn’t want you to develop feelings and lose your love once again..
Sanskar- Why are you so concerned about me suddenly?
Laksh stands at the door speechless..
Sanskar- Laksh come here..
Laksh goes to the table and Sanskar hands over some paper to him..
Laksh- Hospital bill?
Sanskar- Hospital bill of Swara on the day of your marriage..
She didn’t leave you intentionally but someone trapped her into a evil plan..I won’t tell you what happened..Try finding out the truth if you want Swara back in your life..
Laksh- I know you will frame..
Sanskar- I didn’t mention anyone’s names..If they are the culprit their name will be automatically revealed.
Laksh leaves the cabin while Sanskar looks on hopefully.

Scene 2:
Laksh returns home and looks out for Ragini..
Laksh- Ragini..I need to talk to you!!
Sanskar thinks- Now will they ask the thief did you do robbery..What kind of person is Laksh..I hope he doesn’t show this bill to Ragini otherwise she is expert in tampering proofs!!
Ragini looks at Sanskar who has made a tensed face..
She feels happy thinking her plan of instigating Laksh against SwaSan is being successful.
She replies- Anytime Laksh..Tell me!!
Laksh- I’m thinking to take you out..
Ragini becomes overwhelmed and instantly says a “Yes”.
Sanskar becomes confused seeing the recent turn of events…

Scene 3:
Laksh takes Ragini to a restaurant and says he has booked a table for both of them..
Laksh-Ragini order something!!
Ragini- I’m so happy Laksh that you became normal.
Laksh (laughs)- In this happiness will you keep me starving..Order something
Ragini (smiles)- Sorry!!
She calls a waiter and orders something..
Laksh- You know what…Sanskar loves Swara!!
Ragini is shocked by the statement and suddenly her face color fades off..
Ragini- What are you saying? (surprised expression)
Laksh- I confronted him and he himself said he loves Swara..
Ragini thinks- I just conspired making it look like that but seems like Sanskar has really fallen for Swara.. Thanks to God for making everything in my favor..
Laksh- What happened?
Ragini- Nothing..
Laksh- First she destroyed my life and now she is back of Sanskar’s life.
Ragini- Leave it na Laksh..Why spoil our dinner by thinking about that girl..
Laksh thinks- That girl? Wah Ragini..In few days ago you could give your life for Swara and now she seems to be no one to you..Somewhere my doubt is becoming true..
The food arrives and both start eating..
Laksh- Ragini look behind they seem to me SwaSan..
Ragini turns around and just at the moment Laksh adds something to her soft drink.
Ragini looks at Laksh and says- Seems like you can see them everywhere..Stop thinking so much..
Laksh- I’m sorry!!
Ragini sips the drink and after sometime she starts feeling dizzy..
Ragini- Laksh I’m feeling drowsy suddenly..
Laksh- I guess you over-ate..
Ragini- Laksh..Let’s go home..
She walks unbalanced and Laksh makes her sit in car.

Scene 4:
Laksh drives off to some hospital and says I’m Laksh Maheshwari..I have a appointment with Riya Khanna..
Receptionist- Yes sir..Madam is waiting for you!!
Laksh places hand over Ragini’s shoulder and takes her to a room.
Ragini- Laksh why did you bring me here?
Laksh- Seems like you are getting unwell..Let the doctor check you!
Ragini- That’s so sweet of you Laksh.
He makes her lay on the bed in the hospital room and calls out- Riya..
Riya character is played by Drashti Dhami.. { She is one of my favorite actress so I gave her a guest appearance in this ff :P}
Riya- Laksh what is all this?
Laksh- Do as I told you on the call..She is semi-conscious..Get the information soon..
Riya makes Ragini sit on a chair..
Riay- What is your name?
Ragini- Ragini Maheshwari..
Riya- Ragini Gadodia right?
Ragini- No..I married Laksh that’s why became Ragini Maheshwari…
Riya- You thought of dying so Laksh married you right..
Ragini- Yes..
Riya- Otherwise it would be Swara Laksh Maheshwari..
Ragini- No..She can never be Laksh’s wife..I pushed Swara into river so that she wouldn’t come on time and I can manipulate everyone’s mind..
Riya and Laksh are shocked..
Riya composes and again asks- What if she died?
Ragini- My feelings died daily..Did anyone care? Why should I care for others then..
The episode ends on shocked faces of Riya and Laksh and sleepy face of Ragini.

Precap- SwaLak Romance 😀

Credits- To all those loving this ff 😀

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