Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Episode 11

Scene 1
The episode starts with ishaani was getting ready siddharth comes and teases her and asks where are you going maa ishaani tells that I am and your papa are going outside today is our wedding day…siddharth asks why you didn’t tell me maa..amba comes and tells that your mother told us not to tell you it is surprise for you .

Amba asks where is your gift for your mom and father He tells I have already bought gift and shows the gift siddharth tells mom you open this with father pls..

Ishaani tells OK and waits for ranveer but he was 2min late ishaani started to fight with ranveer they start their fight but Baa comes and tells stop fight and gives ticket for one place they both leave..while driving Ranveer and ishaani start their fight they reach the place ranveer ties one kerchief on her eyes he brings her

Scene 2

Disclosed location

Ranveer and ishaani comes to the table ranveer open her eyes ishaani surprised to see such a beautiful candle light dinner ishaani kisses ranveer on cheeks but ranveer takes her in arm ishaani tells him that we have 20year old son. Ranveer tells so..we should not romance I have rights on you so pls wait and watch.

He proses her with a flower and tells that I love you ishaani says siddharth gave this gift she says I will open it ranveer tells I will open it ranveer open and gets a doll coming out and making him afraid and says happy wedding day mom and dad.

Ishaani laughs at ranveer and says thanks for taking this beating for me both sit for dinner ishaani sees his hand Curt and fells for him ranveer asks this much love for me ishaani says nothing and starts eating ranveer laughs and start eating.

Precap: Ranveer and ishaani was going in car to home they were about to see siddharth going with a beautiful girl..

Guys can anyone suggest a name for the girl pls I don’t know good name pls give comments

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Narendran I like shivanya name i hope u like it

    1. Sorry but I already got name but don’t worry I have keep her name for new entry of a girl

  2. lovely……………..

  3. Aaradhya,Ananya,Sanjana,Ishita,Ishaana

  4. I think u take alia

  5. nice nd lovely update

  6. Name- amrita , sunny ,suhaani , ishita, anjali,joydeepa , prely

    1. Thanks but I have already got name but I will include in upcoming track

  7. shona will be nice

  8. You can give it mrittika

  9. It’s a nice episode thanks a lot for a good track love this trackthank a lot………… Names – Sanju,varsha,shivani,suhani,sakshi,neha,agalya,prathiksha,ananya,sathvika,madhu,indhu

  10. aiman, muskaan, arosh,gazal,parisaa,somiya

  11. Name -shalmali,auralia

  12. the name can be rosy

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