Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and Sherman’s office
Ishaani calls up sherman and tells him that she couldnt arrange for some advance and asks himt o try for some. he asks her not to bother as he would manage something. sherman asks where’s she. she says that she going towards Chirag’s hosue to pick him up. He asks her to hurry up and leave. She calls chirag yet again, and again the lady picks up and says that the meeting is still going on, and due to the traffic he has kept the meeting at home only, and she cant disturb him. ishaani is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Chirag’s Residence
Chirag is flirting around with his latest prey, after their lustful encounter, as he promises her too of marriage. She leaves, while he eyes her lustily. The same lady comes and tells him that ishaani called him 20 times. he asks who. His mother tells that she is talking about ishaani, his fiancee. chirag says that he wants to forget her, but they dont agree. He asks when would this drama end. Chirag’s mother tells chirag to put up with this charade for some more time, as if the Parekh family wins the case, they shall get married soon, and if they dont, then she would herself go and call off the relation. Chirag says that she is a bore, and he is unable to tolerate ishaani anymore, who doesnt even allow herself to be physical with him. chirag’s mother reminds him of the greater plan, and asks him to continue for a couple more weeks, by which the court shall decide on the case. chirag’s receptionist finds ishaani at the door, urgently asking if his meeting is over. she asks ishaani to wait in ther lobby, while she herself goes to see. She informs chirag about ishaani’s arrival. he disinterestedly walks down. As he sees ishaani, he pretends to be caring and concerned. when ishaani mentions about disha’s marriage to be finalised, he pretends to be nauseous and dizzy, she starts giving him a head massage. he asks her to stop and let him get ready and then again pretends to have a dizzy spell. She asks him to let be. She says that she would manage alone. He says that he knows his going is important, and he shall just pop a tablet anfd come along, as his family would understand him wrong then. But she says that she would manage, as she has doubted him once and wont do again, and that she would make everyone at home understand. she asks his mother to come along, but he says that it would be awkward if he doesnt go, and his mother does, moreover she is a high BP patient. she says that she would manage. He says that he is lucky to get her. she says that she is indeed lucky. She asks him to go and take rest, while adding that if anything happens to him, she gets bothered and troubled. She kisses him on the forehead and then leaves, while chirag plays along romantically. He tries to kiss her, but she again says that it would happen after marriage. she gets falguni’s call, and leaves. Chirag wonders where is she trapped.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Sherman gives money to baa, saying that if she needs anything else, she shouldnt hesitate to ask. baa compliments him for his good qualities. He asks about others, as baa tells that they have all gone for Ganesh Immersion in the locality. baa comes out with sherman to meet the groom. The prospective in-laws’ ask if chirag shall come with his parents. they start talking about how harshad had a huge affair of the engagement ceremony of ishaani and chirag. He says that they have decided that they wont ask for much, and that they just want a 15 lakh car, and a 56 inch TV, adding that it would be in disha’s bedroom only. baa understands about the dowry. Falguni is tensed. baa agrees to giving what they want, and again goes back to the previous times. falguni wonders why they have to show off, and how would they arrange for their demands. they start asking about ishaani and chirag, and baa makes an excuse that they must be stuck in the traffic. Just then, ishaani comes in alone, and they are tensed to see him alone. They ask about Chirag, while falguni distracts ishaani to come along in the kitchen to arrange some snacks. falguni asks why they didnt come. ishaani explains what happened. falguni says that she knew they would refuse at the last minute, while ishaani starts convincing her, that she asked him not to, when he wanted so much. falguni is unconvincved. Ishaani says that she doesnt want to hink wrong about him, as she has made that mistake once. Falguni asks her to forget, and serve snacks. Disha’s in-laws ask about chirag from ishaani, and falguni says that they refused owing to the traffic due to the immersion. the groom’s mother senses something wrong. Baa covers it up somehow and serves them the snacks. baa asks them to eat as disha has made it. they ask about disha, and baa says that she would just come.

While disha is getting ready, prateik starts talking about how she would miss this house, once she is married. she says that she wont miss this matchbox, as she is going for a better life than this atleast. Prateik says that he wishes they could have her married in their old house. Disha tells prateik that they wont win the case, nor would they get the house, as it lies hanging. Prateik asks what if they do win. she says that she would cancel the marriage, as she would have her backup plan ready then. prateik asks if she likes the boy. disha says that she likes him if they lose the case, and wont if they do. He asks how can she be like this. Disha says that even chirag is like this and explains what he actually wants. prateik is shocked. ishaani comes in saying that disha is wanted downstairs. She leaves, while ishaani and prateik watch her.

All welcomes disha and make her sit alongside the groom, whiloe she shyly complies. Baa asks if they can then finalise the marriage, as the groom and the bride accept each other. Baa tells them that formalities or rituals have to be performed. Disha’s mpther in law gives her a gold chain of hers, as a shagun for their marriage to be finalised. Baa heaves a sigh of relief. disha shyly smiles. All congratulate each other and share sweets. falguni presents her shagun to the groom, a gold chain but thinner than disha’s. Disha takes everyone’s blessings. ishaani is very happy for her too. The screen freezes on ishaani’s tensed face.

Precap: The same guys who had come at the parekh mansion, for its auction, look in bewilderment as a guy comes in the dark, with the ganesh murti, entering the parekh Mansion, as they wonder about the state that parekh family is in today, and how this guy raised himself from rags to riches in these two years. they actually are talking about ranvir.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I m waiting for ranvir re- entry

  3. me too eagerly waiting for ranvir …

  4. i guess ranvir will bcm rich nd ishani’s whole family will be schocked and baa will treat him nicely for her benifit or smthing like that …

  5. this ishani is REALLY easy to fool i mean can’t she learn frm her past mistakes or jst think twice b4 doing smthing ???

  6. and by smthing i mean going back to that stupid chirag once mr !!!

  7. 2days epi was AWSOME !!!!! wow rv the king cool jst going nuts thinking about him !!!

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