Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraag asks his father where he has brought him. He tells him this is the place where each month big deals and partnerships take place. Mr. Sanjeev doesn’t leave his old ways, but has so much money that he can fund any business idea. Mr. Javeri comes there and says that he always do the new partnerships because he believe in forwarding helping hands to others. He says he always sit on floor because those who sits in air, leaves their origin and can only talk. Chiraag yawns. He asks the people there to give their proposals to the assistant, he will announce his partner soon. He stands up to meet Chiraag and father. RV and Ishaani arrive. She asks to stay out, RV says she will go inside. She sees Chiraag and smiles. Chiraag thinks there is something interesting here, finalyy and winks at her. RV notices this. The assistant comes to welcome RV and calls him inside to meet Mr. Javeri, who was waiting for RV. Mr. Javeri says to RV that he looks tired. He says that he bought the company whole-heartedly and those who are close to heart are taken care of. He notices Ishaani and Chiraag continuosly flirting with actions, as they sit down to discussion. Chiraag notices that RV is disturbed.

Disha follows RIshi on the jogging track. She asks has he forgotten her. He says he concentrates on one thing at a time. She thinks about grabbing his attenting, and shouts about a turned ankle. He says it is strange, as it is a flat track. She asks his help, but he says that she should sit on the road for ten minutes, as twisted ankle can get damaged but instant standing. He leaves while she thinks she will attract him.

Mr. Javeri tells them to submit their proposals to his office, till tomorrow, after making amendments. The meeting ends. RV tells Ishaani to get a letter from inside as he waits out in the car. Chiraag watches the file in Ishaani’s hand, and thinks about looking at it. He takes Ishaani aside by taking away her pony and tells her that they are going to marry soon, and she looks beautiful in open hair. He asks about the file, and says he wants to know what is in it, as he got financial set back. She says that shed doesn’t know, but she won’t have told him even if she knew about it. He says he will come to her home, till 9.

RV drank beer in his car, thinking about Chiraag and Shanaila and Ishaani’s happiness. Ishaani comes to hold him up on seat and asks if he is ok. He says she had to reach home at 9, he will drop her. She watches him drinking, and was unable to hold concsiuosness. She recalls that he told her that when he is drunk, he gets unconscious. She had taken away his glass, and helped him get into the room. She looked at him now.

Ishaani asks him to come down the car, as they aren’t going to her’s but his home. He helps him to the other side of the car’s seat. She gets into the car, and to make him sit comfortably they get intimate. She ties her seat belt, when he calls for an ice-cream and puts it on his thumb. She recalls her childhood memory, when he used to say that whenever it hurt one should put ice-cream on it. He pays extra to the ice cream man.

Ishaani takes RV home. She asks him to stand up straight, as he was heavy. She says there are a lot of servants at home, but of no use to him. She thinks she should get him to his room. He bends down behind her, She asks what he is doing. He says he was taking his dupatta up the floor, as she might have fallen down; and if she fell down, he will also fell down and he hates it. She holds him up, they look into each other.

PRECAP: Ishaani helps un button Ranvir’s jacket in his bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. plz update quickly…

  2. The writer of this story dont have mind? the writer making audience fool. Eventhough ishani saw chirag truth why she trusting again. Dont show more between chirag and ishani .otherwise story will be ruin away

  3. i don’t lik RV suffering for dat brainless ishani…

    1. me too poor rv…

  4. true.. that ishani doesnt use mind of her own

  5. WHAT ????????????????? ewwwww i thought that chirag chapter is closed FOREVER but why r they revising it yaar soooooooooooo boring !!! 🙁

  6. pyaar mein anda hothe hue suna hai par pyaar mein log brain bhi use karna band kar dethe hai yeh pehli baar hua hai !!!! ishani is cute par uske dimag mein hawa ke alawa kuch hai hi nahi !!!

  7. same precap for 2 days !!!

  8. Hahahahahhahahaha dishas gun fall flat on her face for she finks dah rishi lyks her wah a fool hahaha she gets wat she deserves i hope ranver walks in n see her openin his button but it looks lyk dere kissin n den hell get blammed buh wild he cum to his houser

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