Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is shocked at Ishaani’s attitude, when she says no one can send her out of the house. Lakshmi says she is showing so much courage but Ishaani says she is calling her right. She says that they have allowed her family to stay here but she was authorized to live in the house. If they keep on behaving this way to her, she will have to take the help of legal authorities. She says she just wants a place in RV’s heart, not the house but family and trust. If she gets that, she will leave the world as well, if she is asked to. Lakshmi says this girl is mad, they must leave her. Baba says Lakshmi is right and takes Amba inside. Ishaani fells on the ground. Derwash and Sharman comes to her, she says she want their courage to gain RV back.
Manas tell Disha that she will live with his parents. Disha was worried, Manas says he has just started working. He was thinking about getting accommodation, but after watching RV’s attitude he doesn’t think he can get it. He says it is good that his parents will get to know her well. She says they will even know about her pregnancy, to make them accept the child as Manas she will have to stay away from them.
RV gets ready and has to struggle with the shirt. Ishaani gets tea to the room, shuts the door behind. RV thinks it was maid, and shouts how long it takes but when he sees it is Ishaani he turns away. Ishaani looks at him, and comes to help him. Her dress gets stuck in the shirt, he jerks to get rid of it. She says it is ok, she will make him wear it. He stares at her, and is rigid jerking her hand off. He takes the shirt off, and leaves. She asks will he go to office without shirt. He looks at himself, and then realizes the mistake. She smiles, comes to him and makes him wear the shirt. He takes his shirt in hand instead, and leaves.
Pratik was waiting outside, and asks to come with him. He is an entertainer and makes her smile. She says she will only be happy when RV’s hate turns to love. Pratik says he do so much each day. Ishaani says her love is with her, now. Pratik asks whose love. Ishaani says my love; it will now bring him to her. Pratik doesn’t understand anything.
The lawyer says to Amba that they can’t send her out of home, she can sue you people for this. Lakshmi says to Amba she read police took the mother in law to jail. Amba asks the lawyer for a way, the lawyer says they have to prove that her daughter in law has illegitimate relations and there is no relation between her and her husband. Furthermore, her son doesn’t want to keep her home too. Amba takes leave from the lawyer, and says Ishaani warned her and she won’t even warn her. She knows what she has to do.

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In the office, Ritika looks at Sharman, then asks him to look at her laptop the file doesn’t open. She manages bikes, but can’t handle a small gadget. Sharma gets up to see it, and bends on her. Ritika looks at him closely, and says the technology is for their help but it sometimes put them in trouble. Sharman tells her about it, but she says she doesn’t understand it properly. Sharman looks at her, she says she understands everything but he doesn’t. Ritika asks what has happened to him now, she says today she will try to impress him and comes closer to him smiling. RV comes talking inside, Ritika laughs watching him in the funky T shirt. Ishaani comes running with his shirts and says when someone is in hurry it happens, they must not make fun of her husband. Improving the mistake is bigger and hands RV the coat. He looks at Ishaani, takes the coat and throws it away. He says right now, dress isn’t important, presentation is important so let’s get to work. The people who aren’t needed must leave the room. Ishaani sits with him. She says she hasn’t still resigned; she is employ of the company and has business here. Sharman takes the people out with him. RV stops Ritika that he has to talk to her about the project. Ishaani says she is working for presentation. He says they will discuss in the cabin, and tell Ishaani she was an employee and isn’t needed anymore. He leaves, Ishaani looks at Ritika who nods. Ishaani comes to RV’s cabin and asks why she is being expelled. Her husband can leave her anytime, where she will go. Ritika says she is right, RV disagrees but Ritika defends her that she is honest and hardworking. RV says he will change the policy as this is his company. Ritika says she is his partner and it is her decision. He said, he isn’t bother by her presence, she says whatever a man does to a woman but a woman always help the other woman. She smiles at Ishaani, RV was helpless.

RV comes out of meeting; Ishaani was waiting and packs her bag. RV looks at her and says he has a dinner meeting and will attend it. Ishaani thinks there was nothing in today’s schedule. She says she might go with him. He says rudely, he doesn’t need her and had asked her not to interfere. He leaves; Ishaani says to RV that he is stressed out taking work. When boss is here, how can her duty be off. Ritika nods.
Ishaani arrives at the meeting in rickshaw. RV notices her arrival, she points him too. He was enraged again.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Eroju episode bagundi. Ishaani looks beautiful in pink saree. Sherman and rithika romantic moments were nice. RV please yar don’t behave rudely. Ur character is degrading day by day. Please makers unite the Ishveer couple☺

  2. Its realy funny to read today episode bt enaku ithu romba pidichu iruku their’s kadhal sandai

  3. Gowth do u knw wat happen in the precap

  4. Where’s the precap?

  5. Today’s episode was much better. I hope Ishani win RV’s trust soon. Lovely couple IshVeer. 🙂

  6. Good move… Nice turning in this epi… Love it..:)

  7. Well Today’s episode was a very gooooooooooooooooooooood one!

  8. Well we cannot wait much to see these dragging that raveer disliking isshani .

  9. Hi,Ishaani it was a good move and don’t worry whether it is legal authorities or Amba’s hatred nothing can harm ur relationship with RV.

  10. Hey Ishaani is Chasing me! But it is good to have wife following her husband.I was bored to follow her now she is doing same.Ha! Ha! Ha! I wonder that time changes soon.Isn’t?

  11. Today’s epi was comparatively a good one. But very sad to see Ishani being so mercilessly insulted by Ranveer.
    Ranveer you look so funny while an

  12. Today’s epi was comparatively a good one. But very sad to see Ishani being so mercilessly insulted by Ranveer.
    Ranveer you look so funny while angry , dude.:-)

    Plz reunite IshVeer fast.:-)

    Hope Sunny wins her Ranveer’s trust soon and shows Chirag his real place , viz jail.:-) :-*

    Bring Shainella in the story please. 🙂

  13. Sharman and Rhitika should marry.They look good while together. Don’t they? 🙂 🙂

  14. Yes Anjali they make a good pair. Rithika is a good hearted girl

  15. Where have all gone today. So less comments.

  16. abhay raichand

    no sharman & rithikas couple is not suits together & ishani will wins rv’s relai on her because she is leading character this is very good show memorable serial

  17. abhay raichand

    no sharman & rithikas couple is not suits together & ishani & rvs pair is good memorable serial

  18. abhay raichand

    very good serial

  19. abhay raichand

    very good serial & diff

  20. abhay raichand

    very good serial & different concept

  21. Hi Abhay , new commentator here:-) ?

  22. Y raichand?????? Too many same cmts

  23. Hi RV’s fan 🙂

  24. Hi anu , how are u? SS transformed to sss;-) 😀 😀

  25. Omg! I jst luv them. No wrdz 2 say n am ttlly mad of dem ♥♥♥ luv u IshVeer ♥♥♥ ഇഷ്ടമായി ഒരുപാട്

  26. OMG what a ”hearty” comment Hanan♥1D!! 😀 😉

  27. ishani deserves what she is getting, though feeling a little bad for her but she deserves it all right,

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