Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi says the noise if from RV’s room. Everyone runs upstairs. Ishaani and RV watch each other across the fire. The girl shouts and tries to run out that there is fire in RV’s room. Baba and Amba run inside to RV. They try to put the fire off, while Ishaani and RV keep staring at each other. Baba comes to RV and asks how this fire got burnt. Ishaani says it was a mistake, there were candles who fell on the bed. RV asks how much she will lie, just stop it. She was saying a few moments ago, that she is saying the truth. She must tell them all, she put it there. If she has the courage to put on fire, she must also have the courage to be true. He tells everyone that she put on the fire, as he denied considering he as his wife. He broke her bangles, and took anti-circles with her. He has got himself rid of a relation which could never give him happiness. In order to celebrate, he brought a beautiful girl along him. She couldn’t see it, and burnt the bed. She doesn’t understand him, that she is no more his wife. He has nothing to do to her. Baa loses her balance. RV says he doesn’t care whether she lives here or not. When there is no relation, there is no right as well. Sharman goes to Ishaani and asks her to come with him. Ishaani looks at him, RV asks Ishaani to listen to what her brother is saying. Go with him. RV gets cough. Amba is worried, and tells him to calm down. Sharman takes Ishaani. Ishaani says she can’t let RV be ruined, it is their personal matter. They must let her handle this. He isn’t alright now, he doesn’t know what he is saying. She asks them all to go, please. Amba moves to her, Baba stops her and says that talking right now will be useless. He takes her along. They all leave Ishaani alone.

Rishi meets Chiraag and asks how he got the bruise. CHiraag says there are differences between RV and Ishaani, it is time to give him a knock out punch. Chiraag says he won’t do it, but Shaniella’s brother will do. He loves her sister. RIshi asks how will he help, Chiraag says that the enemy of an enemy is always friend.

Sharma says to Ishaani that this isn’t the way to solve it. They can’t see her like this, she says he is just doing to her what she did to him. He has been her friend, he loved her a lot. She threw his family away from house, and when he married her she betrayed him considering his care as drama. Now she understands how it feels to know that one you love doesn’t love you. She has lost RV’s trust, not her courage. Sharman says what about the girl with him. Ishaani says she only recognizes RV’s good.

Amba is worried. Baba asks her why she’s worrying. nothing will change by that. She asks him did he see what happened. RV is totally changed. She doesn’t trust Ishaani at all. RV wasn’t like this. That Ishaani changed him with hatred. She tells him he was always talking about their love. What did it give to them? This is not their RV. Baba tells her to calm down and have faith on RV. He’s hurt, he’s in pain and that is why he’s doing all this. He will overcome of this. God does bad only with those who have done bad. RV comes and says Baba is right. Amba asks him if he’s alright. He says what will happen to him, but it might happen like Baba said. He’s paying for his bad deeds. He never listened to his mum. She was showing him right path, but he didn’t listen to her. He went behind someone else leaving his mum and she broke his trust. First his heart, then trust, and now relationship. All broke. He tells her not to worry, he has realized his mistake and he will correct it and make everything like before. He leaves. Amba says he won’t be able to become like before because Ishaani has made him stone-hearted like herself. She gets furious and says she won’t let Ishaani stay in this house.

Ishaani was watching a saree, that RV had brought for her. Amba comes to the room angrily and drags Ishaani from her arm. She shouts at her to stop day dreaming and leave the house. Ishaani asks what happened. Amba says RV has broken all the relations, so she can’t live anymore, in this house. She drags her into the corridor, Ishaani pleads that where she will go. Amba says she won’t stay here. Ishaani says she is RV’s wife, Amba says she was the wife. Dewarsh comes there. Ishaani asks him to bring RV here. Amba takes Ishaani, Dewarsh runs to RV. He was listening to music, Dewarsh says Ishaani is calling him downstairs.
Ishaani asks Sharman and Baba to stop her, Amba doesn’t listen.
Dewarsh says to Ranveer that he is listening to music, so he didn’t listen. RV says he listened everything. Dewarsh asks why he didn’t come downstairs. RV says he don’t care. Dewarsh leaves.
Ishaani gets to Amba’s feet. Amba says she is RV’s mother, and she had gone by crossing the door to her friend (Chiraag). Ishaani says he wasn’t in his senses yesternight, but Amba says he has come to his senses now. She throws her out, Ishaani gets firm and jerks Amba’s hand. She says she did the mistake once, she won’t repeat it but will try to make up for it. Her papa taght her, that making families is very difficult. She only needs place in RV’s heart. She plead her, but she didn’t listen, she needs now to be reminded that she is legally Ranveer’s wife and no one can take her out of the house.

PRECAP: Amba asks the lawyer, the lawyer says she has to prove that there is no relation between Ishaani and Ranveer, and that Ishaani has relations with any other man as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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