Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraag follows Ranveer on the bike as Ranveer drives relaxes. He plays music in the car, smiles, looks out. He remembers his moments with Ishaani, he smiles thinking about worry in her voice when she had called him. He at once realizes that Ishaani was really afraid and now she couldn’t have connect to him. He thinks he can’t leave her like that, no work is bigger that her. Chiraag watches him turn the car back. Ranveer says she will be happy when he will reach surprisingly, then he will make his announcement as well. He smiles. Chiraag was driving ahead of Ranveer.
Derwash announces about Chaitali’s performance. Chaitali dances on Baby Doll. Amba and everyone is shocked to see her. Falguni was still waiting on the main door for someone. Ritika comes to Sharman, he was upset but she says his mom is so cool and she likes surprises so she is loving it. Chaitali hugs Ritesh at the end of performance.
Ishaani goes driving on highway, she says she hopes Ranveer is alright; nothing must happen to him. She thinks about calling his assistant, and asks Puneet if Ranveer has reached. He says RV hasn’t reached, he is waiting for him. She asks him that if RV reach here, he must tell him to call her. She stops the car, worried and is about to cry praying for Ranveer to be safe. She composes herself that nothing can happen to him, no one can set him apart her. She thinks he must be in the way and drives the car again.
Ranveer comes to take a turn, and notices a biker lying on the road. He gets worried and urgently goes to pick him up. As he removes the cloth above his face, it was Chiraag. He says Hello to Ranveer, and throws a handful of dirt in RV’s eyes. He gets unstable, Chiraag gets up. RV rolls over his car and fell on ground. Chiraag says he must take God’s name, as he is going to him now. Ranveer was in severe pain, Chiraag says finish Ranveer!

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In the Sangeet, Derwash was about to make an announcement. Ritika says she has a special request . Derwash says why not it is her Sangeet. She says thanks for reminding me about my Sangeet, and says she wants that today those people dance because of whom this day has come in her life. She asks Amba and Baa to dance together. Amba is reluctant but Baba says if she is getting an opportunity she must dance. Derwash and Pratik send Baa, Sharman also say that when Ritika wants this, should he deny her saying they aren’t on friendly terms. Amba and Baa come in between. Lakshmi bucks Amba up, while Chaitali says lets beat her. Baa says she will not let her succeed. Amba says she must win for the last time, then see what she can do. Both dance at an old song.
The dance ends. Ritika thinks she has a strange feeling, if she has eaten something wrong. He asks if she is alright. She says it feels like acidity, he calls lemon water for her, and hands her the glass. She feels nauseatic.
Ishaani drove worried saying Ranveer is nowhere to be seen and hopes he had gone from the same way. She passes the stall and come running to it. She asks the stall man about him, showing his photo. The man says he passed half an hour ago. Ishaani reconfirms, prays he must be alright and gets into the car again.
Parul comes to the bar, Derwash gets her the glass. He says he is… She completes he wants to impress her, he would say she looks beautiful. He says he hasn’t come here to say this all. She asks why has she come here for then, he knows she is from a village but not an idiot. He says he flirts but isn’t a liar, and she must let her dance with him, he must atleast know this. She says if he is challenging, it is accepted. They dance. Falguni, still worried goes to the door. Amba tells Lakshmi not to say anything now, Ritika is also Mr. Javeri’s daughter. Ritika feels nauseatic and goes inside. Falguni calls Ishaani, Ishaani was worried and says she doesn’t know where is Ranveer and she doesn’t want to make her tense for no reason. Falguni watches the call being disconnected. She calls Ranveer’s assistant, he tells Ishaani that RV hasn’t yet come and asks if he can do something. Ishaani says she is just a bit worried, he must let her talk to him if he comes.
Ritika goes to washroom, and pukes. Mr. Javeri comes behind her, knocks at the door and asks if she if fine. Ritika says she is fine, just give her a minute. She is worried what is happening to her, it never happened before. She remembers at Valentine’s day Sharman asked her that she didn’t like pasta, Ritika had said she has started to like it at once. She calls a friend and says she gave a test for swine flu, and asks for her reports. Mr. Javeri calls her if he should call a doctor. Ritika says she will just come out in a while. Neha tells Ritika that she downloaded her files, she doesn’t have swine flu but she is pregnant.

PRECAP: Ishaani finds blood stained number plate of Ranveer’s car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Please update fast

  2. plz fast…

  3. Plz fast waiting….

  4. year update it fast

  5. Plz fast waiting… knw chiraag will die…happy but after his death also he sperated ishveer

  6. Don’t worry to day only dancing . Rithikas pregnancy confirmed !!!!!!!!!!!. I can’t take it any more.

  7. Rithika pregnency…

  8. Ritika is the one who will push chirag to death

  9. Upcoming Twists in MATSH !!!!!::

    Ishani gets accused of murdering Chirag and is jailed, while the truth may be that it was a master plan of Chirag and Ritika to get Ishani in jail. Another twist in the story is going to be that Ritika is pregnant with Chirag’s child and she will be another negative character. It is yet to be confirmed whether Ritika is involved with Chirag in his fake murder scheme. It is alsoexpected that Ritika’s marriage will break with Sharma, and she will try to gain sympathy of Ranveer and his parents……..!!!!

    Aftr tat v can guess wt ll happen !!!!

    1. Pls tell me that ……how Rithik will get pregrant with chirags child

    2. but sproilers tell a diff story!!! r u sure of d news?????

    3. I do’t htink if Ishani will b da 1 2 go in jail but RV will go coz da spoilers say dat

  10. Ritika will save Ranveer by murdering Chirag…. Ranveer takes this on his head to save His friend Ritika….
    Ranveer Will has to go jail…. and there will be leap on the show….
    After leap. Ranveer and Ishami going to separate once again

  11. Wat happened to Rithika? Today I missed the show

  12. plz update fast …..! i think rithik is pregnant due to chirag …!

  13. Pls someone tell me….I m not getting it ….rithik is a good character and from where shaaz u got this news

    1. Itz thr in radhika madan fb page….i mean fan page…

  14. Ritika is pregnant and She will murder Chirag….. to protect Ritika Ranveer takes this on his head…. Now there will be leap on the show……. After leap, once again Ranveer and Ishani going to separate………..
    This my prediction….. News yet to be confirmed

  15. Pls pls…..someone tell me from where u all got dis news …..pls anyone……divya..shaaz pls

  16. please update fast

  17. Jagriti pls check the regular spoiler alerts in telly updates

  18. Who is the father of Rithika’s kid? I think it’s Ranveer because she loves only Ranveer. She can’t sleep with Chiraag.

    1. how cn he b ranveer????????????? i mean he only loves ISHAANI, !!!!!!

  19. Thanks growth….but from where I should check it…acutlly I m new to this

  20. Ritika is pregnant it’s 100% confirm….. Ritika calls Neha to check her blood test report regarding swine flue.Neha download Ritika’s test using Ritika’s user name… and Neha told Ritika that she has no symptoms of swine flue but She is pregnant………
    I don’t know who is Neha.
    Maybe Her friend

  21. oh my god!!! what predictions, plz guys, rest ur imaginations a little, ritika a negative charecter okay dats digestable, but d rest part is just shit. i ll bang d producers head if ishveer are separated dis time. i suggest khichri is bttr dan dis!!!!!

  22. I got to knw from spoilers …
    Thanks gowth

  23. Bingo thanks for sharing the link. It will help alot to new users

  24. but its really sad again SEPARATION!!!!!

  25. reader's diegest

    I’m about to puke like Rithka …. not that I’m pregnant, I’m getting sick of this story …. SORRY GUYS ….. NO MORE COMMENTS FOR THIS SHOW

  26. I don’t get it, how can ritika be pregnant! She can’t be a negative character coz otherwise she would have never got ishani and ranveer together. I doesn’t make sense. OMG!!!! I can’t digest that ritika’s pregnant…..wiv who’s child?!??!

  27. curse u chiraag! just coz u’re fate’s bad doesn’t mean you can ruin others people’s life. ARRG!…HE’S SOOO ANNOYING!

    1. Yr plz tl me how ritika kill chirag ?? Is ishani had met RV??

  28. Relax friends, it’s just a daily soap. CV’s have to add the twists to the story to make it interesting. Just enjoy the show. I’m very hopeful that IshVeer will be back together soon. Be positive…

  29. Don’t know to continue to watch or not another typical one !!!i hope our Ishweer will fight against the trouble together . Earlier itself I smell some thing fishy about Rithila any way.

  30. I don’t know if chirag is the father of ritika’s child……but I just hope ki something has happened between sharman n ritika on valentines day when sharman was drunk…….plzzzzz…… that there’s no more crap in the story of MATSH…..n sharman is father of ritika’s child…..plzzzzz Yaar I just hope my assumptions come true…..or else I will quit watching the show

  31. Guys may b rithikas report chance to change na…..?

  32. Sneha… Ur assumption s nt ryt… Aftr valentine dinner date oly sharman was wit rithika…. Bt she had cravin fa food n nausea bfr tat itself… So no chance fa it to b sharman s baby…. N tat day she n d washroom she spoke sayin sharman s askin whtr she loves some one else… I thnk der s someone n hr lyf… Coz of him.. she s pregnant

    1. Ur ryt n the chances are mostly of chirag being in her lyk…….I HV got all the points connected……first she came in rv life so that rv stops instigating ishani against chirag which would clear chirags way….then after ishani loosing the case….she let go off rv so that he could marry ishani n after fooling ishani chirag could get rv property…..on chirag n ishaani mehendi aur sangeet chirag complimented ritika not ishaani……when sharman asked she loves sumone else she never replied n the way she reacted after knowing she’s pregnant shows that she knows result is positive n if not sharman n rv……its only chirag…..this means from very first she’s a negative character….posing to be positive….n haa chirag always knew that rv is gonna help ishaani win the property back which was only known by ritika

  33. Come on people after all it is an EKTA KAPOOR SERIAL…WHAT MORE CAN WE EXPECT

  34. I think Ritika is a negative character . After all Chirags flop plan this is his real one. Amba deserves this shock treatment any way. After all now I feel it is a comedy serial. Common Ishani leave all these people behind get ahead with your life become a super successful business woman. You proved your self that you are worth it after all those insults you have gone through . If RV deserves you he will come looking for you .

  35. Any thing is possible it will be nice another handsome angelic milliniore is trying for Ishani. Why must female left out . RV will be start breaking glasses again . Ritika will get answers it is not a rule female lead only must take “Agni pariksha”. Common support females a bit . After she is the only female not pregnant before marriage in this serial.

  36. I’m sure dat Ritika is pregnant due to Chirag’s child….but she fooled Sharman by saying dat she is pregnant of his child…4 dat Sharman won’t doubt her…nd she will play her dirty tricks vry easily…….

  37. I don’t get it…but how can Ritika be pregnant….I think she involed with ranveer because she was always helping with him or she involed with sharman…uff whats nonsense…always must be shocking or always must be fight…. I hope it will be alright.

  38. How can Ritika be pregnant with chirags baby. It just doesnt makes sense. If she is a negitive character why was she helping IshVeer all along. Feel sorry for poor Sharman!!!!

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