Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says she just wants to continue her studies which she can do in india as well, so she’s ready for marriage. All are happy while Ranvir is broken. He quietly leaves from there.

In his room, Amba asks him why he had to do all that. He’s doing all this for someone who doesn’t even know about his love and will never know about it. She asks him to cry it all out today. From tomorrow he won’t think about her. He sleeps in her lap and cries nonstop. Other side, Ishaani is searching for Ranvir wondering where he left quietly. Chirag comes and asks if she was looking for him. She feels shy. She says she was looking for Ranvir and asks if he saw him. Don’t remember what he answered, but anyway, they continue talking. he then says someone told him how love is important in any marriage and just yes is not enough for him. He wants the girl whom he marries to say I love you to him before their marriage. Ishaani again feels shy.

Inside house, the elders congratulate each other and talk about the engagement. Baa tries to avoid saying her calendar is lost, but Sharman says he will bright his tablet.

Ranvir is still crying. Harshad calls him and asks him to join them. Amba tells him he won’t join their happiness which gives him sorrow, but he still goes. The engagement date is in 2 weeks. Chirag and Ishaani continue looking at each other. Ranvir enters and sees it. He stops, but Harshad goes to him and asks if he won’t congratulate him. Ranvir says it with no interest. Harshad credits him for everything and says he earned many good deeds by bringing two people together. And he’s not done yet. He has to do all engagement preparations too and earn more good deeds. Ranvir says no, but Harshad says engagement is so soon and only him can do this job. Devarsh starts saying engagement should be top class. Harshad agrees. Disha interrupts and asks how he will do everything alone, she will also help him. Falguni is happy. Baa wonders what’s wrong with Disha. Ranvir is leaving. Ishaani stops him. He tells her congrats and leaves saying he has work. Ishaani is confused with such behavior.

Gauri is getting ready to leave. Romil comes to her and tells her to start a new life with Pranav as that is where her true love is. Gauri is confused. He tells her about Pranav’s drama so she can move on. He further says he enjoyed being with her, but they will be friends only as she loves someone else and hence he’s freeing her. Chirag, Ishaani, Ranvir hear everything. Ranvir tells Gauri not many people get second chance to make their love theirs. Chirag opposes Ranvir saying she won’t find partner like romil who is ready to let his love go for her happiness. Ishaani smiles looking at Chirag and so does Ranvir by looking at her.

Precap: Ranvir yells at Baa that he will get his mum 10 gold bangles like that. Baa raises her hand to slap him, but he blocks it. Baa is shocked. (Oh ye Ranvir get out of this place. You and your family deserve better)

Update Credit to: Niki

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