Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parul tells Ishaani that Ranveer has planned a surprise for her today. She asks Ishaani not to worry, she doesn’t know the plan and won’t ask even. She wants them both to be untied again. She asks her to get ready, today is going to be as memorable for them as their wedding. Ishaani smiles saying Ranveer takes so much care for her, in such a busy routine he still cared what she has to wear. She finds a letter in it saying in our wedding there were rounds around fire but their meanings didn’t fulfilled, firstly she didn’t accept and then he took anti-rounds and when they tried to take those rounds together, family interrupted. But tonight nothing would go wrong, tonight I will announce that we won’t get apart and will fulfill the rounds and their promises. She hugs the dress he sent, and says I love you Ranveer, please come back soon.
Ranveer goes on the highway, he stops at a stall and buy a water bottle, leaving the change to stall owner.
At home, Mr. Javeri and Ritika come home. Baa and Chaitali welcome them. Chaitali says she may not get any bad eye. Sharman comes to touch Mr. Javeri’s feet, he smiles at Ritika. Baa asks him to take Ritika inside. Ritika asks Sharman to say something, he says he doesn’t know what to say. She asks him to say something she doesn’t know. He apologizes her for all that he did a few days ago, and says I love you and I will keep her happy always. She asks how much has he drunk. He asks if she thinks he is drunk. She says there is always so big among them when he is drunk, first time he became friend with her, on valentine’s day she had to take him home, and now if he gets more romantic she will marry him today. Derwash and Pratik come to tease them, and asks Ritika to come along. Sharman stops her and says tonight is their Sangeet so Ritika will remain with him. Pratik asks Ritika to come along, but she says she must stay with him tonight. She asks about Ishaani, Pratik asks why should they tell her Ishaani is getting ready.
Ishaani sits in front of mirror, and says tonight she will meet him just the way he wants her. She takes Sindoor, and says Ranveer will fill it by herself. She gets impatient saying he must come soon. The phone rings, she picks the call up and says I love you, I love you, I love you so much. Chiraag was there and says this is what she always felt, he has recorded it now. Ishaani says I hate you, and how stubborn he is. Chiraag says Ranveer can’t do anything wrong to him, tonight Ranveer won’t stay alive. Tonight will be RV’s the end. Ishaani drops Sindoor, Chiraag laughs. Ishaani says if he even touch Ranveer she won’t leave him. She asks him to stay away from Ranveer. Chiraag says it is too late, Ranveer won’t get to the conference today. He must have met her well, because now he will be no more.
Ishaani is afraid, Chiraag says Ranveer will not come back home but only to her memories. He disconnects the call. Ishaani was worried, she tries Ranveer’s number it was out of coverage area. Ishaani runs out, over the sindoor.
Chaitali asks the henna maker to put rich henna on Ritika’s hand. Sharman smiled at Ritika, Derwash and Pratik come in front of him and asks him for some gift. Sharman hold their ears.
Amba and Lakshmi come downstairs, Amba says she doesn’t accept this wedding. Lakshmi says these people have got a lottery. Mr. Javeri comes to Amba, she congratulates him. Mr. Javeri says his daughter is coming to their home he is happy about it. Amba says she will keep her as her daughter, if not daughter in law and takes leave to meet the other guests.
Falguni points the worried Ishaani going out. Some ladies take Falguni inside.
Derwash, Pratik and Parul were selecting their songs. Baa asks them to look after guests as well, she sends Chaitali as well and asks DJ if he has brought her song.
Ranveer picks Ishaani’s call, she asks where he is. He asks why she is so worried. Ishaani says Chirag called to tell her he wants to kill her. Ishaani asks him to return, as she is really afraid. This isn’t a joke. Ranveer says he won’t do anything, he is just making her worried. Ranveer says he thought she called him as she was missing him but she called him for that Chiraag. She asks him to ask police for protection, she asks him to keep talking to her. He asks if she wore her wedding dress, she says yes she did. He asks her to say the three words, he says if she has to keep on talking to him she must say the three words. Ishaani agrees to say I… Ranveer shouts ‘Oh shit!’.
Ishaani calls his name, panicked. She shouts asking him what happened, talk to her. She turns to come inside, Amba and Lakshmi watch her cry. She comes to temple, Falguni notices Ishaani again as she came inside.
In the function, Falguni stands alone when Derwash makes an announcement about singing and music unlimitied. He announces the performance of mom, Chaitali Parekh. Baa asks Ritesh to hide his face, his wife is going to ruin his name as Baby Doll. Ritesh says God will take care. Baa looks at Amba and thinks she has seen the whole game of her an her son, she must now see what he plays with her.
Ranveer gets off his car and saves the puppy. He asks where his mummy is and takes him to the older dog. He gets up and rejoins the pieces of his cell phone. Chiraag watched him there on the bike, Ranveer was worried that the cell phone didn’t work. His station was 15 km ahead, he gets back into the car. Chiraag is ready to follow him.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes to help the man asking is he fine. He removes the cloth from his face to find it was Chiraag. Chiraag throws dirt in his eyes, he goes on his car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Jalebi bna Diya show ko..

  2. fast pleeease….

  3. Garima salwan

    Plzz… Upload it fast…
    Curiously waiting

  4. Irritating yaar please speed up

  5. hey no more twists plz, why cnt d producers get ranveer n ishani united???? no chirag in dere life n neither do we want amba n baa’s interferance

  6. ekta mam ab bas rehne do

  7. Hope this leads to the end of chiraag xx

  8. Listen guys chirrag will die

  9. What about Ranveer? Will he saved? Can’t wait to see this..

  10. it was sad to watch , when they will be united

  11. Sad episode….ohhh nooo…

  12. I don’t know since they show Ishani’s sindoor foot steps leaving the house ghar ki Lakshmi or bahu is going out. So she may not come back , Ishani will kill Chirag & go to jail. Baa might blame Ranveer for putting Ishani in to this situation . It looks very complicated right now . Hope RV is safe

  13. Ishaani kill chirag show take 3 month leap…telly buzz update this….

  14. Is rv safe

  15. Yap RV is safe , but it seems he will move on in his life . Pity Ishani she will be behind bar suddenly I feel very bad for her. It seems some one else will enter RV life he will accept her because of family pressure . I may quit watching it for while it is too much of tension!!! I watched an interview of Shakti . I hope it is not true. They play “they quote Ramayana many times but Lord Sri Ram was different’. I can’t respect the character any more if has another patner… Poor Ishani ….she must prove her love after that nothing so sad . I feel really bad RV is safe & sound .

  16. Ishani to go to jail, chirag & Ritika’s master plan…
    Ishani gets accused of murdering Chirag and is
    jailed, while the truth may be that it was a master
    plan of Chirag and Ritika to get Ishani in jail.
    Another twist in the story is going to be that Ritika
    is pregnant with Chirag’s child and she will be
    another negative character. It is yet to be
    confirmedwhether Ritika is involved with Chirag in
    his fake murder scheme. It is also expected that
    Ritika’s marriage will break with Sharma, and she
    will try to gain sympathy of Ranveer and his

  17. Oh my god is it true? It is in deed a real twist . Now my head really spins. Why didn’t Rithika marry Chirag first place . I can’t believe it? this serials no other woman can be good typical crap . RV will fall in to this trap too worst to take Chirags child. Thinking wether to continue to watch or not!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. WTF…Ritika??? how could she do dis??? really I’m felling guilty nd angry for Ritika…No…now I can’t continue dis show…2day I’m quitting dis show…very very dissapointed…

  19. hello stop this talking, this is not true, ungalukku intha serial pidikalaina ninga quit panikanga ok, hello guys rithika is pregnant becoz of sharman and she is not a negative character. Chiraag will killed by ranveer. Ranveer go to jail. Sharman got a doubt to rithika,he and baa thinks ranveer is reason of pregnant and ishaani support her husband, she find out the truth and tells to all.

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