Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani and RV stop dancing. RV says he has to dance further, she says no dancing. He holds her face and tells her he is really happy today. He faints, Ishaani helps him into the room.
Chiraag watches them go upstairs, from among the drum beaters.
RV says there is party going on, but she says the party has ended. She takes him to the bathroom, and opens the shower to get his addiction out. He opens his eyes, and cheers that it is raining. She says it is shower, but he says he wants to dance. She asks him to stand straight, he asks why. She says she is saying so. She scolds him for drinking too much, she tells him people were laughing at him. He says he feels like laughing as he is so happy today. He hugs her, taking her by neck and says today his wife sided him, said well about him, danced with him, and invited Ritika for him. He counts saying, he is happy 500. He asks why she did so much for him. She looks at him, quietly. He faints on her again. She holds her to the bed, while he keeps on asking her in dizziness. She fell oven him in bed, lie there for a moment. Then stands up, and takes his shoes off. She looks at him, sleeping. They bends up him, to relax his position, thinking what he had asked her. She says he has done a lot for her, and took care for her as he did in past. Now she trusts him again. Chiraag gets her straight by arm, she is shocked to see him and asks why he has come here. Chiraag says today is their anniversary, they met today. He says he knows she misses him, and has come to give her a gift. Ishaani says she didn’t remember the day, and don’t want to remember it. She asks him to leave, he holds her and says she has begun to like him at once. He says he will show him his true face, he is a murderer. He took her father’s life. Ishaani leaves Chiraag and looks at RV. Chiraag says he will bring her the proof, that RV killed his mota bapu ji. Ishaani says he is a liar, he has always lied to her. She tells him to go out, and pushes him out of her room. Nitin comes to Ishaani’s door, and confronts Chiraag. He asks her if he is misbehaving. Nitin asks if he came to steal in her room. He tells Ishaani to go into her room, takes Chiraag. Chiraag gets into his feet, and asks he came to take Bakhshish. Nitin says he will give him the bakhshish.
Ishaani closes the door, thinks what Chiraag had said and recalls how much her father loved RV. She looks at RV and comes to sit beside him. She says she won’t agree to what Chiraag had said, she knows RV considered him as father and he loved him too. He considered him his son, she felt jealous of him. She says she knows he has always been faithful to him, she promises to respect him always. She says he wants to pour poison in her mind, but she trusts him.
Nitin take Chiraag, but he says he is a poor man and has little children to feed. Nitin asks him to go out, and never come here again. Chiraag leaves. Disha hears this and says this was Chiraag. She wonders why he came here, in a changed get up.
In the morning, RV wakes up and says good morning to standing Sunny. He asks if he has a head ache. He says yes. She says did he think after drinking so much, he won’t even have a head ache. She gives him lime water. He takes it, and says it is so strong. He asks what time is it. She reminds him that he had a very important meeting, where she had to go too. She was angry, he asks why she didn’t wake him up. She says she did so much to wake him up, he has no idea. He stares at her, but she isn’t ready to listen and gives him clothes from the wardrobe to change. She gets Sameera’s call and asks has he left, one of them must reach there. She says she is coming.
Sharman asks Sameera if she has prepared with the meeting. She says he must not make her nervous. She asks how she looks. He looks at her, and appreciates her watch. She says it is her dad’s. Sharman says she loves her dad a lot, as she is wearing his stopped watch.
RV comes out of the washroom, and wonders if she has left with the saree on the opposite side.

PRECAP: RV greets the guests, Ishaani holds him back and hides behind him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thank God! Ishaani mind is working. Chiraag what do you want re? For wat you are trying ruin their life. During shower romantic scenes was soo adorable. Precap seems to be very good.

  2. innaiku episode romba nalla irundhadhu.. especially Ishaani Ranveer scenes were good.. at last Ishaani proved she is not a duffer..but i like Nitin & Chiraag scene.. Precap was interesting.. waiting for monday episode..

  3. Wat is ur problem Chirag
    Stay away from dem

    1. i hpe ishani gets to knw da killer of her dad…nd hpe chirag’s words go wrng…

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